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  • I 've got a question.
    What exactly happens to dietary cholesterol in the digestive system ? doesn't it get broken down to HMG-CoA and fatty acids? so why does taking dietary cholesterol being directly correlated with higher cholesterol (HDL and LDL ) levels in blood?
    Doesn't human body naturally make cholesterol from almost everything (fatty acids, Carbs) ?
    so if the body at the end makes its cholesterol itself why should we monitor the cholesterol intake ?

  • I have been eating whole plant foods for 3+ years and I have an abnormally high LDL. I am wondering if the starch solution way to lower the intake of fruit would be beneficial… I really enjoy my fruit so I don't really want to do that. I understand that I have destroyed my body for many years, but wonder if there is something I should be aware about?

    I don't add any oils in my cooking, but there is a bit of oil in the bread I sometimes buy in the stores. And recently 1% oil in the date and fig mix i also eat when on the run.

    Thanks any way!

    Here are my blood results (Danish spelling):

    24. februar 2014:
    Kolesterol;P = 4.6 mmol/l (Max. 5)
    Kolesterol HDL;P = 0.86 mmol/l (Min. 1)
    Kolesterol LDL;P = 2.2 mmol/l (Max. 3)
    Triglycerid;P = 3.5 mmol/l (Max. 2)

    22. januar 2015:
    Kolesterol;P = 5.3 mmol/l (Max. 5)
    Kolesterol HDL;P = 1.0 mmol/l (Min. 1)
    Kolesterol LDL;P(fPt) = 2.7 mmol/l (Max. 3)
    Triglycerid;P(fPt) = 3.6 mmol/l (Max. 2)

    Kolesterol;P = 4.7 mmol/l (Max. 5)
    Kolesterol LDL;P = 2.9 mmol/l (Max. 3)
    Kolesterol HDL;P = 1.2 mmol/l (Min. 1)
    Triglycerid;P = 1.3 mmol/l (Max. 2)

    Kolesterol;P = 5.0 mmol/l (Max. 5)
    Kolesterol LDL;P = 3.0 mmol/l (Max. 3)
    Kolesterol HDL;P = 1.1 mmol/l (Min. 1)
    Triglycerid;P = 1.9 mmol/l (Max. 2)

  • the scope of the problem is more than cholesterol: its emotional!
    1. the ability to have understanding in times when its needed the most.
    2. experiencing fulfillment in life (within self & others)
    3. meeting basic needs with lots of energy left to do more and more and more!!! (less feeling stuck in a routine)

  • Thank you Michael, a Jewel of Information! Sad that on low carb forums people complain with their total cholesterols in the 250-400 range. Sad that everyone around me walks happily with their 150+ cholesterol telling me that mine is too low. It is indeed murder.

  • I've been Vegan for about 8 months now and my LDL is sitting at 45. Since it's lower than 50-70 is that considered 'too low', i'm sure this is a good thing, right?

  • what's the point of reducing heart attack risk by 5% if you're going to increase cancer risk by 20%. you didn't look at all cause mortality so this video is meaningless.

  • Spot on. My doctor who's a well meaning, nice guy said my LDL was fine because of my HDL/LDL ratio. I know better than that. I'm willing to do the work to lower it, why not just tell me the truth.

  • Isn't it more costly to overwhelm the medical system with a high number of people getting heart-attacks and needing by-pass surgery? Seems short sighted to be cheap on trying to get the public cholesterol level down to a truly safe level, and instead pay for the cost of treating major cardiac events later in life.

  • High LDL is an indicator of free radical damage especially in arterial walls. The cholesterol deposits are your body's attempt to repair the damage by "patching" it up so you don't have an aneurysm and bleed to death. Vegans don't have any particular protection from high LDL because its from rancid oils & high temp cooking. If cholesterol was so bad for you then statin drugs wouldn't cause dementia, erectile dysfunction & low testosterone.

  • I've been vegan for almost 10 years… I am not a junk food vegan and very rarely eat rubbish fried foods as I don't really like them. I am more of a WFPB vegan but until earlier this year I also used to use oil, vegan cheese (made from coconut oil) and coconut milk products. I had a blood test and found out my cholesterol was really high in January so cut out all of these things. Today I got my results and they are as follows; serum cholesterol has gone from 5.9-4.1 (228-158), HDL 1.5-1.4 (58-54), LDL 3.9-2.4 (150-92), triglycerides 1.08-0.66 (95-58)! Pretty happy with that! I would like to get my LDL below 1.8 (70) if I can. Any suggestions? I eat nothing but whole grains, fruit, veg, legumes and seeds and the occasional raw cacao chocolate bar! Maybe cut out the chocolate? 🙁

  • What's normal cholesterol? Well, for a baby exclusively on breast milk at six months of age the number is 220. Mom should be ashamed of herself starting her child on the way to heart disease with her breast milk. Average cholesterol of adults in the United States is around 200. According to Dr. Essy you can make yourself heart attack proof at 150 or under. Dr. McDougall and Jeff Novick have cholesterol levels of 156 and 154. So, a 25% reduction in cholesterol makes the other 75% left over suddenly benign. I guess the particles talk to each other and simply decide not to stick to the artery walls essentially saying, hey guys this person is doing it right, let's not mess with his arteries. Maybe a new theory of heart disease is required that's more believable. Something closer to what science believes today. Perhaps, when there isn't any damage to the artery walls in the first place no matter how much cholesterol is floating around as in a baby's case cholesterol doesn't matter.

  • So is it possible/more likely for cholesterol to be much TOO LOW from a vegan diet? If so how would you bring your levels back to normal (without consuming animal products of course)?

  • My LDL is 60, my total cholesterol is 121. I just got my blood work done last week. I'm 44 and have been vegan since 2010. Can't wait to look at my 2010 blood work! It's in the mail! 🙂

  • Based on your recommendations I was able to get my cholesterol down to 136 !!!!!! Still working on getting it lower !!!Thank you so much for all that you do!!! You are literally a lifesaver ❤️ I’m a huge fan. I’d love to meet you and get a copy of your book signed ! I’d be more excited than a school girl meeting a backstreet boy in the 90s!!!!

  • Thank you for these facts! I am around a lot of keto crazy people. They tell me 160 to under 200 is the best, which kinda scared me. Had to check out the real facts and sure enough they were wrong.

  • Cherry picked data WITHOUT addressing the confounders ! At 2:10 the abstract dumps into win humans other mammals too ! Talk of bad science ! If the Vegans really want to convince the rest of the population then stop using crap science ! The same people who gave the USDA food pyramid— and since 1980 increases in BMI, type 2 diabetes, dementia and other “modern “ diseases! So we can exchange dueling papers and not convince each other or a better use of time and resources and do REAL SCIENCE such as Dr Gardener .

  • I eat vegan Whole Foods….can’t solve my problem of inherited Lp(a) which PREVENTS me from having optimal lipid numbers no matter how hard I try. So I have no option.

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