Omega-3’s and the Eskimo Fish Tale


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  • Hey, I'm trying to switch over to being vegan but I'm a competitive weightlifter as well so I do need to make sure my protein and other supplements are at appropriate levels. I found a good replacement for proteins through supplements and certain vegan foods as well, however, I cannot find too great of an Omega 3/DHA/EPA source. Can someone help me? Most I find only have like 200mg of EPA/DHA and are 5x the price of fish oil DHA/EPA. Any help would be appreciated!

  • and so the nutrition research cycle continues… it's healthy, it's not healthy, it's healthy, it's not healthy, it's healthy, it's not healthy, it's healthy, it's not healthy… ad nauseam…

  • well I look at nature the bears eat salmon and berries and they weight 1500 to 2500 pounds and they seem to do well so I make sure that I eat berries blue berries strawberries flax seed and have salmon, tuna, mackle one of these fish 2x aweek

  • How did they get 5000 studies to show benfits? Even if the premise was wrong in wouldn't affect the results, just like it didn't in the heart study that shwoed no benfit from omega 3. So it's like 5000 to 1. How can we explain this?

  • Whether or not that particular study is true, that doesn't mean Omega 3's aren't good for you. They clearly help with inflammation, which in turn helps your heart. . .

    Maybe you should look/speak with Dr Barry Spears, and/or look at his work with Fish Oil and Pro Athletes, not to mention sick and obese people. You simply cannot make his work/studies just go away.

  • Assuming that Omega 3 does nothing for heart health –

    Regardless of its effect on cardiovascular health, do you believe Omega 3 is an essential nutrient?
    Did our beliefs about Omega 3 as an essential nutrient rest on this same false premise about the eskimo, or are they unrelated?

  • I used to have leaky gut and gastritis. I used fish oil for 2 month and all my stomach problems are gone.
    Hair growth is now twice as quick as it used to be. Maybe Dr. Greger if you did fish oil in the past you
    would still have hair. So please don't vilify something just because it's your decision to live vegan.

  • Absolute scum have taken over the food and health industries,the very things we need kept good are being manipulated and made bad-then sold to us,
    Fish Oil is a scam
    Whey and Casein protein powder is a scam
    Most supplements are a scam
    All of the above products come as the by-product of another item,the fish oil from the fish industry,the protein powders are by products from the cheese industry,and many many supplements come from animals,most Vitamin D3 for example comes from PIGS BRAINS-imagine that,you think you are vegan and take your daily vitamins only to realize that they are from processed animals.
    We are being poisoned by toxic food and it is not enough for them to make us sick and make profit from that,they want more,they sell the waste by products to us aswell and laugh all the way to the bank.Many states in America won't let you grow your own healthy food,they don't want you to collect rainwater and they won't sell plant seeds that are not GMO.They want to make sure that what you are breathing,eating and drinking is their toxic poisons,it's absolutely crazy but this is what happens when you get lazy and put your trust in other people to deliver your food.

  • If you read the actual paper (Clinical and other Observations on Canadian Eskimos in the Eastern Arctic) and think about what is said in it, the answers are a bit more complicated. It's true that SOME Eastern Arctic Eskimos have evidence of cardiovascular disease. However, it's only those around the Hudson Bay and Straits area. The author, Rabinowitch points out himself that they are the only ones that eat a large amount of flour because of close contact with Westerners. The Eskimos who live farther North, don't eat much flour and about them he says: "NO ARTERIOSCLEROSIS was found at Clyde River, Pond Inlet and Dundas Harbour." Almost all of the disease Rabinowitch found was in the Bay and Straits areas, and not the North. This article has been cited over and over, and other papers citing it have been cited over and over, as evidence against Eskimos not having healthy cardiovascular systems, when the truth is that their health state depends on their diet and how much refined carbohydrates they're eating. The more flour they eat, the unhealthier they are. When this is taken into consideration, the reports of Townsend and Urquhart that Eskimo in Western North America (which are far from the trade routes that would bring them flour) are apparently free of arteriosclerosis, makes much more sense and is no longer contradictory.

  • My mom is currently doing a low card keto diet to lose weight, eating mostly fish and milk products.
    I always try to convice her that it is unhealthy, but she just doesn't want to hear anything about it, stating that she is infact losing weight, but when i tell her that is due to her immense restriction of calories and not the type of food she eats, she just ignores that.
    I am seriously concerned for her health and it feels kind of shitty to be in a position of knowing the truth, but not being able to talk sense into her.

  • Great vid but key thing Confusing..debunking fish oils…ok (I'm long-time vegan)..until at the end, seems to debunk ALL (including vegan) omega-3, at 3:12 "To date more than 5000 articles..on alleged beneficial properties of omega three fatty acids…whose benefits are] questionable" so does this mean vegan omega-3s are not recommended either? Then why not removed from Dr. G's website this 2011 page ""2011/09/12/dr-gregers-2011-optimum-nutrition-recommendations" which say "updated 2/4/16" so I assume current, but they recommend "250mg daily of (vegan) long chain omega 3"….so therefore contradicting statement in the article in this video claiming all "omega three fatty acids" (not just fish based) are a "questionable" recommendation…the quote at 3:12 is wrong then in dismissing all "omega 3s"??

  • Not only is fish oil bad for you, but so are all PUFA's incl. flax, chia, hemp, CLA, GLA, krill, algae and all bottled oils incl. olive oil which is 10% PUFA.. Coconut oil and dairy butter from grass fed cows are the healthiest b/c they are the most saturated.. And anyone who doesn't agree w/ me is an ass clown : )

  • Good thing they got lots of vit. K-2 from grass fed animals. Bad thing is no Vit. D-3. Today they eat processed foods just as bad as us.

  • Using a quote from Francis Bacon this video seems like a either a deliberate tongue in cheek pun or a hilarious coincidence. But seriously, the fact that the erroneous and scientifically invalid study is being still being referenced is astonishing. This tends to confirm the old research maxim, garbage in garbage out. All the more reason why the work you are doing is so vitally important. Here's hoping you continue doing what you do so well – shinning a spotlight on the value of a plant based diet to human health.

  • Calling out cherry picking while blatantly cherry picking in video after video.. Now for some balance.

    A 2011 study carried out by researchers at Michigan Technological University, found that fish oil consumption can improve blood flow by reducing triglyceride levels, as well as slowing down the growth rate of atherosclerotic plaques.

    Fish oils help patients with stents in their arteries. People with stents in their heart who took two blood-thinning drugs as well as omega-3 fatty acids were found to have a lower risk of heart attacks compared to those not on fish oils.

  • Am J Clin Nutr. 2014 Nov;100(5):1232-43.
    This scientific article proves that fish oils improve blood lipid levels and improves the endothelial lining of the blood vessel wall. What say you?

  • What he says about the Eskimos may be right, but what he says about omega 3s is wrong: there is a mountain of evidence supporting the value of omega 3s to our health.

  • ok so everything that was said to be healthy, about many things, not just fish oil here is being disproved!!! ok so whts good for brain function?

  • So if the Eskimo diet is so bad and they live in the harshest climate on the planet how on earth did they manage to survive for more than 5000 yrs? And why has their health been so negatively impacted since the introduction of processed garbage like grains and starch?

  • As I remember there is no data on living Inuit population before introduction on junk food, but there is on african tribes. Think it was Masai. They checked population that lives in wilderness (mailnly hi cholesterol, blood and milk diet) and compare them to people (with 'same' genome) that moved to the city and start eating western diet. Those in the wild have healthy hearts (and move more) and those in the cities have same metabolic problems as westerners (and same stationary lifestyle).
    According to low-carb diet crowd, insuline resistance (fasting insulin level above 3) and triglyceride to HDL ratio above 2 are most important predictor of cardiovascular failure. Other markers are: waist circumference indicating overweight or obesity, High blood pressure, High iron levels, elevated Lipoprotein (a) levels.
    And Masai have hi blood pressure and abdominal fat, but good insuline resistance, and they seem to be healthy even if obese.

  • Funny, the UpToDate article on this very subject titled, "Fish oil and marine omega-3 fatty acids", last updated Aug 24, 2016 (8 months after this video) continues to recommend " 2 servings per week of oily fish" or supplements. And… the very first article listed in the references? … from Bang and Dyerberg…

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