Olive Oil and Artery Function


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  • Life expectancy is much higher here in Spain than in other vegan countries like India. And that's because we consume a bit of everything; meat, healthy fats, and vegetables.

    Start from there instead of making a biased vegan propaganda video.

  • Keep in mind that the addition of fat (like olive oil) to your salad or greens helps absorb some vitamins (liposoluble: ADEK) and antioxidants.

  • There's some thing called common sense, and you need to start using it. For one, get clues from historical trends, and see that moderate amounts of good olive oil in a good balanced, diversified diet are not bad for you.
    Secondly, try to understand how statistics works. Proving even an obvious statement can be extremely challenging. Conversely, there are several tools to make bogus facts look real to the unexperienced eye. Let's make 2 examples to prove to you the following statements.
    1. It took decades to ''prove'' that cigarette smoking causes cancer. Why? because although any researcher or any person with common sense knows it, how do you prove it? How can you isolate a set of people, and subject them to only cigarette smoke? there are always other factors, and you can never say with 100% certainty that it is the cigarette smoke that caused that cancer. Even if it's obvious. Statistics means gathering a bunch of data, making a model where you assume 1 or 2 or few more relevant factors, and run a regression. In reality of course, there are an infinity of factors. So it's really really hard to prove things that are even completely obvious in front of you.
    2. It's very easy to make bogus correlation. One important principle of statistics is, statistics doesn't mean jack sh it by itself. It doesn't prove anything. It does not, at all, imply casuality. That is the first thing you will learn if you study statistics. Even if you find 2 factors have an almost 100% correlation, it does not mean they cause each other. One textbook example? The increase in divorce cases is almost perfectly negatively correlated with the decrease in murders in most given areas. So, by bogus anectodal thinking, you would conclude they must be related. But they are not. The reality is obvious, as we have progressed, we are not stuck into having to live forever with the same person… we have the choice of divorcing. On the other hand, increased welfare from our progress has lead to a general decrease in murder cases. However, as you can see, it is not that the divorce cases are directly related to the decrease in murders.. although the correlation function might suggest so.

    One of the main lessons in statistics is that you must use your common sense. Some studies may show 99% correlation between two factors, and they really mean nothing. Others may show 5% correlation, and you may truly infer a 5% effect of one factor on another. By itself, a statistic means 0.

  • This is the 5th video I've watched of this doc. So far no coffee, beer, eggs, olive oil, and avocados. If your rite about this and you do live longer it must be a really sad and pathetic long life you will live. Good luck with that.

  • Do these studies take into account the food the olive oil is served with which could have a big impact on the outcome of the study? The first chart you showed indicated white bread was served with the olive oil. Might it not be that the bread is impacting the results? I think a study showing a green salad served with lemon and cold pressed organic olive oil dressing versus the same salad being consumed with "regular" oilve oil vs a third served without any dressing would be a more credible study of the impact of olive oil on health.

  • We have our own olive trees and every year we make oil and soap from them, 100% natural, I rarely use it now as a food and it feels better, I am wondering about topical use of it, is it bad?

    Still there are many other uses for it, and I hear olive leaves tea is good

  • What about natural peanut butter then? It has peanut oil. Is that unhealthy?(edit): Peanut butter is healthy in small uptakes. (2 tbsp)

  • OK, so in conjunction with other healthy foods, it appears at worst that there is a neutral effect to using a nominal amount of extra virgin olive oil. Is anyone chugging extra virgin in hopes of improving their health?

  • Dr. Greger! Thanks for this. At some point, could you address whether these studies on olive oil differentiate between using the olive oil in it's raw extra virgin state, which as you suggested, might be protective due to it's closer proximity to plants compared to refined products. Some people who teach about the volatility of oils under heat conditions argue that these extra virgin oils are volatile and not for cooking is because they contain chlorophyll, which is very heat sensitive and can take what could be neutral or less harmful than refined oils and transform it into a highly risky form. In these studies, as in many cultural cuisines, is there any differentiation? The meditteranean diet also seems like it might be more olive oil in it's raw food form, whereas Italians might incorporate it a lot more into cooking etc, as a cultural norm. Curious to see if this has ever been empirically studied!

  • Endothelial function is not impaired by oil. What you are calling dysfunction is nothing more than the normal physiological response to eating fat. The arteries open wide after eating a high sugar candy bar meal. Does that mean that candy bars improve endothelial function? No it doesn't. That opening of the arteries is the normal physiological response to eating high carb meals. The body is trying desperately to dump out as much glucose as possible since high levels are damaging to the body.

  • If you listen to this guy you won’t eat anything at all. I know guys that have smoked worked in a factory and ate Bologna sandwiches every day of their life and live to be 90. While the vegan dies at 40. Enjoy life, it’s too short. 40 or 90.

  • If you listen to this guy you won’t eat anything at all. I know guys that have smoked worked in a factory and ate Bologna sandwiches every day of their life and live to be 90. While the vegan dies at 40. Enjoy life, it’s too short. 40 or 90.

  • Hello Doctor Greger, how about this study that came a month after your video? Would love to hear your thoughts on this, maybe an idea for a future video https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4586551/ with conclusion "The present systematic reviews provides some evidence that olive oil might exert beneficial effects on markers of inflammation and endothelial function. Since improvements in these parameters have been described in individuals adhering to a Mediterranean diet, olive oil might represent a key ingredient of this dietary pattern"

  • Does it really matter if olive oil has an adverse effect on arterial function on its own if the Mediterranean studies show that it is counteracted by a diet consisting mainly of fruit, veggies, beans, seeds, nuts, and whole grains? Nobody with a brain eats olive oil on its own. You can show glucose and fructose have adverse effects on insulin, but who eats those on their own? Should we cut out all carbs because of it? No, because you eat fiber and other macronutrients with carbs which slows the digestion and mitigates the insulin response. Eat a diet with a proper omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, and consume the majority of your calories from nutrient-dense plant-based meals and you'll be fine with the inclusion of olive oil.

  • I never really understand what he is saying und would like to have alsways a short explanation for dummies and what I consequently should do or stop to do. 🙂

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