Oil Pulling for Teeth Whitening and Bad Breath Tested


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  • 4:26 "they put slabs of cattle teeth in their mouth" NOPE, no, no no, hell no, nope! The notes on the screen says they had the cow teeth in their mouths for a total of 30 minutes. "We're going to have you hold these cow teeth in your mouth for… why do all our test subjects keep running away? Don't they want the $5?"

  • maybe swishing with oil or water or whatever isn't important as I find swishing with anything creates a LOT of natural saliva in my mouth and it may be compounds in the saliva that are anitbacterial so anything that increases the amount of saliva would work.

  • My teeth got exponentially whiter when I stopped oil pulling but it was at this same time I started incorporating extra greens, brassicas, k and k2 food sources. Switched to a cinnamon, clove, neem , sls free/flouride free toothpaste and mouthwash combo. Hard telling which it was but I'll take it

  • I listen to no man about what is best for health. I simply understand that food which grows in good fertile soil and is non processed can be eaten without having any understanding of sat fat,MCT, etc etc. Because everyone seems to have an agenda and finds it important for others to believe in them ! This guy is different to the rest and has value in his books and channel. Food should be simple, little cooked and has color variety.

  • My experience with coconut oil is that it always gave me a sore throat and laryngitis. However, after 2 weeks of oil pulling my teeth WERE much whiter … so I disagree with this one. Interestingly, even eating too much coconut oil in cheese or ice cream can give me the same sore throat and laryngitis … not just the oil pulling, but I have read other accounts of a sore throat from pulling.

  • Oil pulling WORKS!! I have tested this over the last five years repeatedly. It has cured any toothache that I had, teeth DO get noticeably whiter and breath better. Gums feel great and any teeth sensitivity was removed. I get lazy and stop doing it, but once I go back I always see the same results, so I know it works from experience. Don't know what kind of shit oil was used for these experiments, but if you buy good quality raw, virgin coconut oil (sometimes I use sunflower oil with similar results) it will WORK.

  • well I disagree – I have noticed a definate difference in the whiteness in my teeth, as well as a minimization of plaque – my mother who is 88 also noticed a definate tightening of her gums around her loose teeth..not to mention if you use coconut oil it is anti microbial and antibacteria – so cuts down on crap in your mouth – in any case – people have to find this out for themselves – it works for me – I brush my teeth with coconut oil, baking soda, silica and essential oil – people have to do their own research

  • After reading the comments below, I am 63 and had 2 upper rear teeth that were loose and painful, after 1 oil pull the pain went away, the pain comes beck every so often, but my gums feel better, and my teeth are not as loose, and getting better. This guy in a white lab coat, seems to be saying oil pulling does not work, read the comments below and you be the judge. He reminds me of doctors giving you a prescription and then the doctor gets his cut ($). This guy does not want you to get better gums/teeth, he probably represents the dental association and stands to loose all your money. You can heal go to you tube (Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits and How to Do Oil Pulling by Dr Josh Axe)

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