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  • So what can I do if I'm a strict vegan who eats well, but has an inherited cholesterol issue? My total cholesterol is currently 203 with elevated recommended HDL levels, though my mother and sisters' are much higher. What can I do besides exercise more?

  • @richieandmona Just to clarify, my mother and sisters' total cholesterol levels are much higher. I don't know the specifics about their HDL/LDL levels. In addition, my triglycerides are below recommended levels.

  • @richieandmona It'd be great if you could post your questions to the videos specifically on nutritionfacts. org. This way lots of people benefit from the responses, and I can actually provide you with links (which I can't do on Youtube).

  • And I suppose the Inuits are falling over with heart attacks day in and day out.

    And about your little chart that shows babies with lower cholesterol…

    I'm curious if that chart took into account that babies are smaller and hence going to have less total cholesterol running in them.

  • Inuit were historically among the shortest lived people on the planet—they are rife with chronic and degenerative diseases. Watch primitive nutrition's video below—an amazing education on the matter.

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