Natural Treatments for Morning Sickness

Can cannabis and ginger be considered safe and effective treatments for hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness during pregnancy)? Subscribe to …


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  • Wow! I was definitely one of those woman with severe nausea, the whole pregnancy. Though I would never have thought or wanted to try weed, at some points of my pregnancy I probably would have entertained it. I had to resort to anti nausea and antacid medications with both my pregnancies. Just so happens, both my children have developmental delays. I thought all along that it might just be genetics but perhaps not. What can you do when you're throwing everything up, even water. This is why I do not want to have another child! It was TERRIBLE! I wish I had known about the changes in diet I could have made back then though!

  • I wonder what studies have been done on marijuana and pregnancy child development ??also if the mother orally ingests it vs smoking. ?? Be interesting to know.

  • So what about the cannabis that is used a medicine that doesn't have THC? Is this also harmful? Is it effective for this problem? Are we just lumping all forms of cannabis together for lack of knowledge?

  • My pregnancy morning sickness was horrible nothing helped not even the prescribed medication from my gyn after that pregnancy I was traumatized 😂

  • Great information as always. Just wanted to point out that since women in India complain less frequently of nausea during pregnancy it doesn't mean the prevalence is lower than other places. There are lots of factors involved in a pregnant woman reporting nausea to a professional that ends up reporting the statistics.

  • Are there any medical arguments for or against the consumption of honey? I've been searching not only online but in our university's library (and the Charité's; you might remember all the Charité students on the VegMed), but couldn't find much on the topic other than it apparently did help healing wounds when applied to the skin of rats, I think.

  • There is so much misinformation about fruit making people fat in the UK. An article came out saying we should not eat fruit at all. Can you do a video on fruit again please?

  • I hate cannabis….the smell alone so disgusting, urgh!…… infect I hate all mind altering drugs, I actually know of 2 women who smoked it while pregnant and before as did their boyfriend/Husband and both of their kids ended up born with down syndrome and one also with a whole in her heart….and I just watched a judge judy episode where both mom and dad had done cannabis before they got pregnant their baby also ended up not only with down syndrome but also a whole in her heart……coincidence? I think not

  • I was plant based before during and after pregnancy. My morning sickness was so horrible! It lasted the entire time and up to 6 months after she was born. Vomiting during labor and all. Even the smell of ginger brought on vomiting so I couldn't drink it. I also couldn't take any vitamins cuz they just come right up. And weed is out of the picture since I live on a military base. Medication saved my life after being hospitalized.. I wonder if there's more reasons why some women get it bad and others don't.

  • I have successfully used no to morning sickness tea to cope with nausea and vomiting during early weeks of my pregnancy. It soothed me and I was able to keep down my meals.

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  • first pregnany was awful and anything I took including ginger made me hurl, 2nd I used the travel sickness bands which seem to take the edge off, when I took them off to shower I vommitted on my feet. good times.

  • I had zero morning sickness in my first trimester. I attribute it to a very regular exercise regime with weight training, yoga and cardio along with a super healthy vegan diet. Strong muscles and empty bowels keep nausea at bay! 😉

  • I'm vegan and have been for over 2 years, I'm super nauseous and I'm 16 weeks. Can you do a video for pregnant women who are already vegan? Also is it safe to drink soy milk during pregnancy?

  • I've been vegan for over a year and I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I have HG and I've lost 30 lbs. I'm on three medications just for the nausea alone, have tried sea bands, ginger, crackers, everything. It's hard to keep anything down. It's more than severe morning sickness.. it's hell

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