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  • Congratulations! You look great, and you emit peace! I don't know you, outside from Youtube, but I feel so happy for you! Best wishes to you and your beautiful family!

  • Sweet congrats Alba and Manny!!! Thanks for sharing your story!!! Take all the time you and take it slow as you already know with little manny that time flies and they grow up too quickly!!! Enjoy every single moment ♥️♥️🌷

  • Divine Inspiration
    Sat 09 Jun 2018
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  • I also just recently had an all natural birth but at the hospital. My daughter, my second child, is now 7 months. I got to the hospital 12am. My water broke 30 minutes later and after 8 minutes of pushing (which actually felt like much less), she was born. She was born at 12:38am! I cannot believe how fast everything was. By the way, although I originally didn’t want an epidural, when I got to the hospital, that’s the first thing I asked for. However, bc of how fast I progressed there was no time for that and I’m glad! So I totally agree with what you said about being in a vulnerable state. Btw I now feel like a superwoman. If I get handle that, I can handle anything!

  • Beautiful story. I will say that I am lucky to have such an awesome hospital that does all the things you mentioned as standard (skin to skin immediately, finding the nipple, delayed cord clamping, etc.) and my husband did skin to skin first with my oldest because I was having a bad reaction to medicine after my c section. I loved seeing him weigh that baby on his skin ❤️

  • This was awesome! I had my son in the hospital and had a great experience. I had previous spine surgery so the epidural didn’t work. I completely felt everything from his head coming out to the stitching. I wish I was able to afford a doula because I think that would have made it better but overall I pushed about 3 times and he was out no problem. Next baby I would definitely like to look into a midwife.

  • do you think you would have still ripped or it may have been less painful if you didn't push as hard but for a longer period? Also, what do you plan to do with the placenta cubes? Do the stitches break down on its own or you have to take them out?

  • I like how you are very simple, just like many of us. you kept it private and I like that. And oh girl you are inspiring me to have a healthier life and you have me thinking about giving natural birth also! You are so beautiful. I like watching you and your family! GOD BLESS YALL. I cant wait to see ALMAAAA!

  • This was such a beautiful video! The end of the video got me, when you said ""you do what you have to do" –On Feb 5th I gave birth vaginally to girl/boy twins after giving birth to my older daughter only a year earlier. I vlogged my experience on my channel–giving birth and carrying twins was SO difficult–people think I'm so strong but honestly having three kids under two wasn't planned, I just do what I have to do to get through each day. I didn't have a home birth but I exclusively breastfeed both of them and it was so challenging in the beginning but its been so worth it. I'm a SAHM to all three, and every day is a challenge, but I love them more than anything. As moms, we just do what we must–we are stronger than we realize. Go Alba, so proud of you!

  • Guys! I think you got something wrong because the first day of spring is actually March 21!!! March 20th is the last day of winter. so the dream was accurate :)) so cute.

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