Morning Sickness May Protect Mother and Child


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  • I read or heard years and years ago that morning sickness was a good sign that all was progressing well (too much morning sickness was not good) too little was not good either

  • I was quite sick through out my second pregnancy. My first one also made me sick and gave me migraines but I made it through okay.
    Second time I was SO sick I just threw up everything and lost 18kg just the first 3 months. That's when I, on a vacation at my parents in-laws, discovered that if I ate just Som Melon in the morning it stayed down and I could eat some more fruit later in the day as well.
    To cut a long story short; a basically over a period of 3-4weeks found out that if I just ate fully raw fruit and veggies I was fine 🙂
    It felt like my body was being very precise in telling my what foods it definitely didn't want. At the end just about 2 weeks before my due date I started craving heavy foods like potatoes, meat, cooked veggies and gravy. Like my body was preparing for what was to come as harvesting up ekstra calories and storing them for when it was time to give birth. Until that point I would get sick every time I ate cooked food and that one time I tried to eat some McDonald's food for dinner I felt just SO sick and even the next day I felt like I had a VERY BAD hangover so I never did that again 😉

    So to me that makes perfectly sence 😀

  • Really good video except for the ridiculous bits about evolution. Evolution does not exist. The changes we observe in nature can be attributed to Intelligent Design, not evolution.

  • Then came Evolution which states, that you came down from the trees as Apes to cook your meat and dairy, causing your women folk to loose most of their body hair so the Babes could no longer cling to mother up high in the canopy, so now you've been forced to live in caves, and burn trees for warmth.

  • I used to be sick every morning before I started eating only human food. After that it disappeared. Eating human food also cured me of crohns disease and eczema. I'm male but I can see how eating animal food could do this to a pregnant woman.

  • I had problems when eating eggs, then when eating lasagna (so I stopped eating it for 2 years!) and I had to walk very quickly past the meat department. The smell of smoked meat was terrible for me. I guess one of the problems, like in the case of lasagna, was due to the high content of fat in the cheese used in this dish as well.

  • For the first 6 months of pregnancy, I was unable to eat vegetables at all. I was devastated, I would cry over it. Natural remedies never worked, like ginger. Here's hoping that the next pregnancy goes without a hitch.

  • I had no morning sickness with both pregnancies. I was vegetarian very (loosely vegan as i could never tolerate dairy milk) at the beginning of both pregnancies. I did however end up eating meat again during my 3rd trimester I still don't know exactly why I craved meat when in general it repulses me my guess is calories. I do feel it is protective and some women may not need the protection thus the reason they do not have morning sickness

  • I had my three children before going vegan. I was sick for the first four months with my first and second pregnancies. Nausea, vomiting and food aversions. My third pregnancy I was sick for three months however I didn't vomit even once but because of the severe nausea and food aversions I still lost 10 lbs at the beginning. One thing stayed very consistent through all three of my pregnancies which was my craving for eggs, avocados, and peanut butter during my second and third trimesters. Also, I've had a miscarriage at three months and during that pregnancy I didn't have one bit of "morning sickness" which to me was a sign something was wrong since for me morning sickness was normal in my three full term healthy pregnancies.

  • This is amazing! It makes so much sense. My significant other who has been pregnant in the past would always get sick when visiting her parents, but when she would stay home with me she would be just fine. She might now be pregnant again and she has been nearly hospitalized after spending a week with her parents once again, but as I asked her the other day "Why is it that you don't vomit when you stay home with me?" which she responded by saying "I don't know". Well… Here at our home she rarely eats animal products because I'm a vegan. I know right?! It makes so much sense now, after watching this video. I want to thank you for the making of such great videos. Once again. Thank you.

  • WTF? Is this man a real Dr. ? I doubt it.
    This is so misleading.
    Meat is OK, raw meat is not, not for pregnant women and not OK for any person.
    For me, all women around me are eating lot meat, and all are normal.
    And we never heard this shit anywhere, not from any doctor.

  • Dear Dr. Greger and Nutrion Facts Team,
    Thank you, thank you! This video saved me from the sheer misery of morning sickness that I had been experiencing. Starting at week 6, I had severe morning sickness, extreme aversions to most foods and odors, no desire to eat, gagging several times per hour, throwing up multiple times per day. It was horrible. I was exhausted and physically incapable of doing much of anything. After I saw this video, I began zealously avoiding anything with saturated fat (meat, cheese, eggs, peanuts, processed foods, etc.) in favor of plain potatoes, plain pasta, etc. Within a week, I was no longer throwing up, I was able to eat soup, tomato sauce, salad, and many other things that I hadn't touched in a month, and my energy levels dramatically improved. Of course, in the back of my mind I wondered if it wasn't just the passage of time (week 11), but yesterday, for Valentine's Day, I had a single frosted cupcake and a handful of chocolates, and by bedtime I was feeling very nauseous again, with the first throwing up episode in several days this morning! So, back to the straight and narrow for me, no food in the world is worth feeling like a chemo patient! And thanks again to you all, I couldn't have made the change without this excellent video!

  • I was just showing this to my mom and when I typed your name Dr. Greger, it got autocorrected to “Dr. Greater.” 🙂 Love what you’re doing Dr. Greger, currently reading through How Not to Die and have been vegan since September! Loving it and NEVER looking back! I am exercising everyday and despite adding more weight to lift, I’m never sore like I used to be! Just like you said how many plant foods can reduce muscle aches post exercise. So happy I found you!

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