Microbiome We Are What They Eat


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  • World class video. I just came from Denver's ACSM science meeting AND the gut microbiome was a BIG area or research. Lots of really cool new discoveries coming out and as always, Dr. Greger is ahead of the game 😉

  • You know some of you vegans support Monsanto right? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that vegetables and fruits are all made in a laboratory and are virtually impossible to digest and to get any kind of nutrients from it; vitamins and hormones A, F, D k2 b6 b12. The animals that solely you love care for actually need to fertilize and to cultivate the  ground soil for organic produce, so you don't have to use monsanto seeds/soil, they don't want to keep growing it yourself and eating it like nature indented to do so, Try growing organic solely, the plants will be eaten, infected and poisoned as soon it's planted on regular soil it's hard to maintain, but can be ultimately grown like naturel intended. They want you to use their soil/seeds.  That is why it is slowly killing your body from no meat and to say that plants will just flush right out of the digestive tract system is a good thing, false that's a bold faced lie because, it doesn't know what to do with the microbiomes it will not ferment or glycation will form and AGE's an ultimately it will be destroyed by your gut flora weak strain of molecules against one thousands preventive biomes will fail when sugar is added to any kind of acid has nothing to absorb. The vegan agenda is in full effect as with the brainwashing that meat is a not the way to go, no freaking shit processed cooked meat or factory big meat is cancerogenic so is pasteurized milk, go to your local organic grass fed farms where they raise animals on grass fed pasture with no spray or gmo fertilizer, an which raw milk is illegal, btw that's your governmernt for you and worldwide effort is to promote agenda 21, go fucking eat your legumes,  veggies and nuts. Soon enough theyll have you starving for starberry jam or grape jelly so youll think its nutritious. When monsanto will run out of your favorite seeds? The answer is they never run out and will keep planting chemicals right up your arse as long as you give them your money. How's that six figure salary Greg!

  • does this mean phytic acid doesn't negatively impact vegans in the long run? I soak my food anyway, but odly enough I feel like my food doesn't cook as well when I soak them or taste as good.

  • People keep thinking that veganism is the only way to go… HOWEVER, if you read between the lines you can see that these studies are far from definitive…. the first one only showed a link between typical American diet and high incidence of inflammatory markers, if you want better data then they should exclude one food group at a time. The other study he showed said meat , dairy , and eggs are totally fine to eat provided they don't account for a bulk of the calories consumed….humans are omnivores, this trait has allowed us to infest every part of the globe. So if you tell me that a healthy human population can only follow 1 type of diet then I'm gonna be wanting better data than this.

  • Red meat and tmao has been thoroughly debunked. I had severe dysbiosis on a plant based diet, switching to a low carb, high fat, moderate (animal) protein diet has literally given me a new life. I hope you can all keep an open mind and know that everyone is different.

  • so does this mean its okay to eat fish once or twice a week? since i wont have the bad gut flora, or is that to often (specifically asking in regards to the gut flora)

  • Dr. Greger, I grew up with the notion that we need yogurt for lacto-bacillus. Is that a myth as well? Please elucidate as I just turned vegan and am worried about the gut bacteria.

  • Wait a second… We had our gut bacteria update it's software and thus updating our hardware?!?!? Oh wow. I'm willing to bet that we have a lot of DNA in common with our gut bacteria.

  • Such a load of bull. Descended from generations of vegetarians I cannot vouch for any of these findings. The nicest, healthy, generous ( in their late 80s ) people I know simply do not fit into this vacuous model. Tripe!

  • this has to be one of the strongest indications that we haven't evolved to be able to properly digest meat as a species. It isn't a coincidence that all of the animal products spawn bacteria that are bad for us. We simply haven't had time to adapt to these bacteria evolutionarily. They were never there while we were still fully herbivorous monkeys.

  • This should be updated. We now know that the ratio of human to microbe cells is about 1:1.3. 30 trillion to 39 trillion. The 10:1 ratio stems from a miscalculation in 1972.

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