Methionine Restriction as a Life Extension Strategy


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  • Whats is the optimal amount daily consumption of usable antioxidants ? What form would be easiest, Cinnamon ? Oregano ? Sage ? Anyone one know of any antioxidant skin care lotions ?

  • Can you make a video on optimal protein requirements for sedentary vs. athletes/bodybuilder. The amount of protein that is proposed in the bodybuilding sector is off the charts (sometimes 200 gram per day). But it is hard to find good scientific evidence, at least for me…

  • It should be easy to test this theory with short lived animals , like fruit flies and the likes…

    Edit : apparently it has already been done, with rats and fruit flies ! It works but under particular conditions for flies : "Reduced methionine (Met) intake can extend lifespan of rodents, … Here we report that Met restriction extends
    lifespan in both fruit flies and yeast, and that this effect requires low amino acid status. Met restriction in Drosophila mimicks the effect of dietary restriction and is associated with decreased reproduction."

    So it requires associated low protein intake, and causes decreased reproduction, must see the rat experiment to compare.

  • My question is whether methionine restriction actually just slows down all the cellular processes (methionine being essential to cellular activities) and benefits us by slowing the progression of diseases like cancer. Is it the methionine restriction per se, or could you get the same benefits by restricting all proteins? Is the longevity effect attributed to caloric restriction diets really conferred by caloric restriction, protein restriction, or methionine restriction???

  • But life span of animals is not solely due to methionine. If you studied animal biology you would know that mice have a relatively high metabolism per unit body area versus horses who have a low metabolism per unit body area. Each animal undergoes the same amount of metabolic respiration in their lifetime, but at different rates, which is why mice have shorter lifespans than horses do. So it's not exactly the effect of methionine, but body size and metabolic rate as well. That is why elephants live such long lives and mice live very short ones.

  • I am confused.
    First vegetarians/Vegans die at the same rate of Mi's as meat eaters, because they have higher homocysteine levels, because of a relative B12 deficiency. This is reversed by supplementing B12 which lowers homocysteine which it does so by converting it back to methionine. Now methionine reduces life span because of increased cellular oxidation damage, and also stimulates cancer cells. Which then means B vitamins are pro oncogenic and pro-oxidative and are bad for you and will shorten you life span. I have come to the conclusion, where not going to get out of this one alive!

  • Dr Greger, I haven't found anything re possibly negative effects of methionine in creatine. Do life-extending effects of methionine-abstention also apply to abstaining from creatine?

  • Methionine is used in the body with various methyl groups. It also metabolizeds into homocysteine. Homocysteine causes oxidation to occur in the arteries. This inflammation allows cholesterol to stick to the walls of your artereis. This is one good reason to not eat meat which is high in methionine.

  • IF YOU EAT ENOUGH B12 AND FOLIC ACID AND CHOLINE RICH FOOD THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEMS IN THE METHYLATION CYCLE. IF YOU HAVE NOT ENOUGH CYSTEINE(Methionine->Sam-e->S adenosyl homocysteine->homocystein->cysteine) , your body cant make gluthatione and taurine). glutathione is the master antioxidant of the human body. 2nd reason, methionine is the first amino acid in protein chains. if you have not enough your muscles will collapse.
    FUCKIN IDIOTS!!!!!!!

  • does cystine have the same effect, if not you could figure out what foods have the most cystine for every methionine since the two are interchangeable. I know carrots have a lot of cystine but carrots barely have any protein

  • Methionine is an essential amino acid involved in the creation of cartilage and may also help prevent hair loss and strengthen nails. A deficiency of methionine can lead to inflammation of the liver (steatohepatitis), anemia, and greying hair. However, a diet low in methionine may also extend lifespan and reduce risk of cancer. Die young with a full head of hair or live a long bald life?

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