Mercury vs. Omega-3s for Brain Development


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  • Yup. The conclusion of this video is exactly why I stay away from fish (don't care for the taste anyways). It's just like those clowns who think drinking wine makes you healthy. They get a drop of antioxidants while getting damaged by all the alcohol. In the meantime, there's supplements out there with 10,000 times the concentration of resveratrol.

  • I grew up on seafood, and it was the bulk of my diet as a kid ( I grew up on the ocean of Rhode Island). I had seizures as a kid that I eventually grew out of, and I was in gifted classes at school. I was told by nutritionist to eat seafood but to limit it while I was pregnant, but no one told me I was harming my children by consuming seafood. I wonder all the time how much I took away from their start in life with those choices,its a bummer. I wonder where I would be with a better start,too.

  • Dr T. Colin Campbell was the doctor who came up with a great analogy regarding consuming animal based foods for health benefits … "it's something like going through chemo therapy to lose weight". Fish is just more crap to avoid entirely for so many reasons. I hear people say things like, I'm a vegetarian, but I eat fish, as if that's something wise! Kale and spinach have more protein calorie per calorie and NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS … 

  • What about seaweeds? From what I understand, sea vegetables absorb heavy metals, yet vegan doctors never mention seaweeds as problematic. Any comment? It's a question that has long bothered me. Thank you.

    What about seaweeds? From what I understand, sea vegetables absorb heavy metals, yet vegan doctors never mention seaweeds as problematic – indeed, often advocate eating sea veggies. Any comment? It's a question that has long bothered me. Thank you.

  • Algal DHA is waking up coma patients and is very helpful for anyone effected by brain injury/concussion.  Better for mom to pop algal DHA and maybe put some in baby's bottle too than eat toxic, mercury seafood. 

  • I think regardless of how 'good' ones diet is, it's more important than ever to naturally detoxify the body, through sweating with exercise and saunas. Intermittent fasting for a day or more with or without liquid nourishment only would also be beneficial. AGAIN all this talk of mercury in fish is with regards to TUNA. Personally I only eat and really like sardines and sometimes wild salmon. Much ado about nothing if you ask me. VERY INTERESTING to note Dr.Greiger at the end of the video is promoting ALGAE supplements for brain health when I am quite confident one of his own earlier videos implicates spirulina and other algaes as having NEUROTOXICITY in humans. lol

  • Well. I'm a vegetarian, so I'm basically all for the non-animal-eating way. But all these supplements… I don't know. By now we know that certain synthetic vitamins are harmful for our health. Please don't ask me for sources here, it's really nothing that's too hard to google and find confirmed by reliable sources, studies etc. I don't know about these specific supplements here, but many DHEA/DHA-supps have vit e added to them, which, when produced synthetically, might provoke degenerative states like cancer. So if you choose supps, they better be as natural as can be, cos natural vit e exists also for supps.

  • So how does this account for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indians eating fish for thousands of years? Because you know we Asians are known for our tiny stupid brains… Get out of here with this crap. Just like anything if you eat in moderation (meaning shark and dolphins) you're fine.

    Fear mongering @$$

  • My parents fed me tuna for months on end in school lunches, this occurred for years. They literally fucked me up, my IQ should probably be over 120 but I'm only 111. Not to mention I had horrible problems with concentrating in school and chronic procrastination/motivation issues.
    Thanks Mom!!!

  • I just wonder how much of the brain problem is from mercury, or whether it is from the PUFAs. PUFAs, whether Greger wants to admit it or not, are fats that have a high rate of oxidation causing destructive issues wherever they are found. I would like to see the same study with fish high in mercury, and fish with no mercury, to see if the brain problems are the same, if so, we now know the real villian (not that both of them aren't). Read Brian Peskin's book for more info.

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