Mercury in Vaccinations vs. Tuna


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  • what about home grown fish in my aquapionics system fresh clean filtered water with no heavy metals or mercury or pesticides. Had my Tiliopia, Bass, Bluegill tested and they tested 0.0002 ppm vs Tuna 0.353 ppm in mercury. They eat Duckweed and worms that I raise my chickens eat black soldier larva and worms and Duckweed, my rabbits eat sprouts, duckweed, hay, a pellets with out hormones which last a year. I have straight A kids, we don't get Flu shots and only had the sniffles..Plus a pigmy Goat

  • Interesting discussion about how much mercury is in one serving of tuna as compared to vaccinations. I wouldn't have thought that tuna would contain that much mercury.

  • Have you gotten all of your booster shots, Dr? You can't go anywhere without constant advertising to get your flu shot and shingles shot, as well! And after years of obeying the CDC's recommendations, I hope you don't suddenly develop Alzheimer's, Doctor. God forbid.

  • Muscle retention of mercury injected into the muscle causing slower elimination vs food consumption. Any comparison studies? Food has a chance to have a binder to prevent absorption. Any hope for muscle injection (vaccines)?

  • You of all people should know there is a huge difference between ingesting and injecting. You of all people should know vaccines should not be mandatory… and you, of all people, should know the necessary studies for vaccine safety are not being done, (or are falsified.) How very sad that you, of all people, would release such a misleading, and dangerously suggestive video, (including your one on aluminum as well.)

  • Lots of respect for dr Greger..but where is the indept and true scientific look into this item?.. injecting a 2 month old baby cant be right. Autism is on a rise..and so are multiple other neuro degenerative diseases.. i to believe we should only eat plants…but Greger take a true scientific look at those 38 vaccines for babies.

  • 1/Most orally consumed mercury is excreted. All injected mercury is absorbed. 2/Methyl mercury in fish is FIFTY TIMES LESS TOXIC than ethyl mercury in vaccines. 3/Thimerosal IS STILL USED in many, possibly most vaccines. It's in all multiple vaccines, and all flu vaccines. The individual vaccines that no longer have thimerosal are UNAVAILABLE. 4/ Mercury together with the aluminum in vaccines has a synergistic effect, thus is EXPONENTIALLY MORE DANGEROUS. 5/Much more ethyl mercury ends up permanently in the brain than methyl mercury.6/Pregnant women are warned to not eat fish, but are PRESSURED to get a mercury-loaded flu shot. DOCTOR GREGER, YOUR POSITION ON VACCINES IS SEVERELY HURTING YOUR CREDIBILITY!

  • Don't eat big mercury contaminated fish and don't inject adjuvants which are known toxins directly into your bloodstream because that is absolutely retarded by any standard. Just because they tell people it's a toxin and they want it to have a toxic effect to stimulate the immune system makes it ok for them to inject it? Seriously people are tricked way too easily these days.

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