Marijuana Legalization and the Opioid Epidemic


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  • I just LOVE your videos! I am career hospice RN, now retired. The somnolence from starting opioids or increasing the does goes away quickly while the pain control lasts. Also “more opiates” isn’t always the best plan of care anyway to manage pain. Very often adjuvant meds for nerve or bone pain are required along with opiates, which help to keep the opiate dose down. A good hospice team can indeed successfully manage pain and other symptoms while affording the patient physical comfort and facilitating a high quality of life without “gorking” them, as you put it. It’s all in having that particular skill set. And it would be great to have cannabinoids to use for patients too. By the way, I am really enjoying your new cookbook! Thanks so much for it’s creation!

  • The private prison industry tho… that's breathtakingly amoral. The beer and drug companies are trying to kill off the competition, so yeah, not nice guys at all. But private prisons are lobbying to imprison people for using an herbal remedy so they could profit from their incarceration.

  • Lesser of two evils, but still evil. Marijuana is a drug, has a plethora of negative health effects (especially when smoked) and is addictive. Besides, most of the so called "pain" people are in self inflicted from poor diets, self induced stress from trying to keep up the Jones'", working 9-5 jobs with no fulfillment, etc… Most maladies that opioid and marijuana are used for can be cured with a change of one's THINKING and Lifestyle.

  • Maybe pot can help when there is truly a need for pain relief, but most of you pro-reefer people just want it legal so it can be used recreationally. Most all of the long term recreational pot users I see end up being losers. Sorry, but it's true. Why use drugs recreationally at all? Face reality, people. This is life. Get with it. Eat a good plant based diet, exercise moderately, work hard and most of us will be happy and well.

  • I’m happy Doctor that science has proven that weed is useful. Definitely not harmful, and that you are putting some effort behind getting the federal gov off people’s backs

  • Big Pharma can't put patent on it and crank up the prices so it's not in their benefit to legalise it or even do any studies. Once they will be able to manufacture familiar substance ( please read patent new formula….) they will promote it as the most natural thing ever and I bet it will be pricey. I doubt though that it will have the same wide spectrum treatment with very little side effects as the real thing.

  • Can we talk about micro plastics in food. Should we start substituting sea salt for table salt? Or should we just accept that avoiding micro plastics is impossible.

  • Odd that Greger made no distinction between THC and CBD. THC is the intoxicant, CBD is the analgesic. Is Greger advocating that people get stoned or simply get their pain relieved?

  • Link this video and send to your state senators. Legalize, tax it, grow it organically, its a win win, plus I hate having to buy from "my guy" all the time, he is starting to creep me out.

  • I have seen people completely lose their personalities due to recreational marijuana use. Of course, this is just my subjective opinion. I’m also concerned about what I see as a growing trend of people “numbing” themselves, with all kinds of things, not just weed. Politically, I support the decriminalization of all drugs. I also don’t think medical marijuana is a bad thing. But I do think that viewing marijuana as harmless could be dangerous.

  • My friend is currently finding relief from his backache from pot, especially a heavier pot like indica. Of course it's the drug companies that want this illegal. Profits over people every time. Thank you for this video.

  • THANK YOU Dr. Michael Greger for adding a rational voice to the discussion of marijuana legalization! Dr. Michael Greger, I would guess that you do not necessarily advocate marijuana use but would absolutely be opposed to people being put in prison for life for a third time marijuana possession conviction.

  • Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. You can make a drug from an herb, but you can't make an herb from a drug. Drugs and herbs are not the same thing. "Laws" against herbs are anti-Constitutional, a violation of the First Amendment, because our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom.

  • Ironically, the US Government holds 2 patents on future uses of Cannabis for neuroprotective drugs and anti-oxidants. That means that at least one branch of the government knows that there ARE benefits to Cannabis. I have had tremendous results from medical Cannabis that I never achieved with opiates.

  • Great vid dr gregor. It helped me alot dealing with a chronic autoimmune condition. Also eating a vegan diet my symptoms improved by about 8o%. Reduced my meds from once everyday to once every 10 days. 😁

  • Currently suffering from chronic pain from endometriosis doctors prescribe me meds that make it even harder to work, my pains still there I’m more nauseous than I’ve ever been and my chronic fatigue is even worse. I hate to think what it’s doing to me long term, I’m only 20. Now I live in a non legal country but if I can get my hands on some mj the pain almost completely disappears which has never happened with any pills, i can eat without feeling sick and actually get hungry it’s awesome. Now it’s obviously not ideal to smoke all the time health wise and I can’t exactly go to work stoned. It’s risky to buy & I don’t know where it’s coming from/what it could contain. I’m trying to get my hands of some cbd but not having any luck. I hope we can fight enough that the next generation doesn’t have this problem but at the moment I’m just losing my youth & living in pain.

  • Since it is a potent appetite stimulate (with is great for some people) it’s not something I can use since I have fibromyalgia & can’t get enough exercise to counteract this food intake

  • I’m not a fan of recreational cannabis use. But for medicinal purposes why not. But to have the science and the financial interests laid out so clearly it’s quite shocking the level of corruption there is in this world. 😒🌶🌶

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