Male Fertility and Diet


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  • I've yet to see a study convincingly linking sugar to obesity. In fact, I went through a stage of eating between 1-2 kg of sugar per week for an extended period of around 6 months and noticed no weight gain.

    I understand artificially sweetened products induce obesity, but I have yet to see any evidence of sugar being an actual problem.

  • Yeh same here i worked there for about a month and couldnt stand it, you think it would be a little more organized and friendly for one of the largest corporations on the planet, its like a chaotic fend for yourself war zone in there, whether store front or back kitchen, company owned ones anyway. and the meat does smell after a while.

  • there are genotypes that have a hard time breaking down animal fats…eating meat and dairy from hormone injected cows fed grains instead of hay and grass will most likely effect your sperm quality…you are what you eat eats.Lactose in food (such as dairy products) is broken down by the enzyme lactase into glucose and galactose…close to 90 of the population make anti bodies agianst D Galactose

  • Not to mention the BS orientation when you first start and how u have to remember a thousand things right away and they dont teach you properly or give you enough time to learn! everythings a mess in there! And they dont put enough fucking labels and shit on the goddam products so it becomes a guessing game of what to find when you have to refill your station etc!! they dont give a shit about you, just the fucking $!

  • That's probably part of the story, yes, but the likely actual cause is low key inflammation instead. Fat only helps inflammatory substances diffuse via colon into the bloodstream.

    That's why a few studies showed no real direct link between fat intake itself above a certain level (I remember in two groups) and insulin resistance.
    No such thing was found for meat intake – the more, the likely higher problems.

    Dr Greger presented the results in one of the earlier videos.

  • It is problematic for an unrelated reason – atherosclerosis.
    In fact the low key inflammation is key there as well, immune response is part of the plaque buildup process.

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