Lowering Our Sodium to Potassium Ratio to Reduce Stroke Risk


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  • If lowering BP by 4 points in a week seems significant, research water-fasting. I saw minor BP benefit on a whole foods raw vegan diet consuming 2 pounds of spinach per day for 3 months, but my BP permanently dropped over 60 points during my first fast.

  • Not trolling, just curious, would a low dose NO2 supplement like weight lifters take have the same effect?

  • New Study out:

    Type 2 diabetes can be reversed, say Canadian researchers
    May 5, 2017

    'Adult-onset, or Type 2, diabetes has long been considered a chronic disease that lasts a lifetime, but Canadian researchers believe they may have found a way to actually reverse the disease, putting it into remission.

    “We used to think that diabetes is irreversible and a progressive disease,” study author Natalia McInnes told CTV News Channel. “This new research suggests that it’s possible to reverse it.”


  • But don't we need about 2500 ml of salt a day? I understand if one eats a lot of processed foods, but I don't. As a vegan, If I don't sprinkle some salt on my food, I'd be 100% sodium free. After all, the action potential of the brain neuron works with sodium and potassium. It seems that you're suggesting totally sodium free diet which couldn't possibly be healthy and is in fact even detrimental to one's health.

  • This makes sense but how come some people are apparently too high in potassium despite eating little potassium and a very high sodium diet? like my diabetic uncle who just got one of his kidneys removed because of cancer, he adds salt to everything even fast food meals, but when he went to the doctor for a hernia operation, the doctor said he was too high in potassium?

  • here we go. more liberal scum fake science propaganda. typical of vegan scum to try and brainwash people by using biased sources to make a desperate attempt to push their fascist marxist agenda. conservatives seem to be the only sane people left on earth smh…

  • I prefer your older videos with less scrolling and animation. This newer style of animation is distracting and makes it harder to relax while enjoying your videos.

  • is storing water in copper a good idea?
    I'm hearing a bunch of buzz about plastics and the tap water where I live isn't so good either, we're recommended to bottled water than the tap due to high rates of people getting kidney stones said to be caused from the tap water
    could I buy water and store it in glass jars or copper pots?
    would it make a difference?
    is it safer?

  • OK Dr. Greger, it's fair that you reference ancestral diets for Potassium / Sodium ratio, but do remember that our ancestors of old also ate the flesh of wild animals. Just saying.

  • wait a minute. in how not to die you were going on about how bananas weren't that high in the list of high potassium foods. now you're going on about bananas and potassium. WTF!

  • Sound advice but the main reason for our Na/K imbalance is added salt. Yes get more potassium from fruit and veg but if you are getting 15 grams of salt it is going to be difficult to get the balance to 1 to 10 Na/K !

  • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/751080 –> "The high potassium, low sodium diet of the Gerson therapy has been observed experimentally to cure many cases of advanced cancer in man, but the reason was not clear. Recent studies from the laboratory of Ling indicate that high potassium, low sodium environments can partially return damaged cell proteins to their normal undamaged configuration. Therefore, the damage in other tissues, induced by toxins and breakdown products from the cancer, is probably partly repaired by the Gerson therapy throught this mechanism."

  • Was wondering if people who have muscle from working out would show a higher BP reading because it would take more pressure to squeeze their arm for the reading do to the muscle? Also if the body is upping the blood pressure to get it through the problem area, wouldn't taking blood pressure meds be adding fuel to the flame by artificially lowering it preventing the body from trying to help it self and then restricting oxygen to the brain etc?

  • Correction, 1000 year ago there was no Persia. It was part of the Islamic nation (capital was Baghdad) and that was the golden age of the nation. I know, nowadays, people avoid mentioning "Islam", but, in world of research, integrity is a must.

  • Is Potassium Chloride a safe salt substitute?

    Marketed as "Nu-Salt" by the Cumberland Packing Corporation, makers of the famous pink "Sweet'N Low" saccharin packets. (Over 500 BILLION of those packets produced according to wikipedia)

  • I CANT LOWER MY BLOOD PRESSURE . It pisses me off I can’t get into contact with any plant based doctors and I freaking eat no salt no oil Whole Foods plant based. Whole flax seeds ground up freaking daily dozen and nothing lowers. I’m 16!!! I’m thin!!! I’ve taken blood test and there’s nothing wrong with me except I have pre hypertension and fast pulse and I feel weak. My thyroid is finne! Wtf is wrong with me I swear

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