Low Carb Diets and Coronary Blood Flow


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  • There is a drastic difference between low carb+ high protein and the keto diet. Viewers must make that distinction and read into the research or else this video can be very misleading.

  • Its all about the sugar intake , Bottom line! NOT FAT. I bet the low carb / high fat diet people that had decrease artery function had a diet coke every other day!!

  • I just watched an Australian study of the benefits of a high fat diet. Very convincing, and I hope it's erroneous, because I could never eat all that fat cheese and meat

  • I've been following the keto diet and practicing intermittent fasting for about a year now and I'm in WAY better condition than I was before.

  • the title of the second study literally sais high protein diet, not low carb. Majority of your studies don't seem to be look at being fat adapted, just because you're on a low carb diet doesn't me you are really low carb.

  • Do you know what bothers me? When Dr. Greger refers to studies are done with 'healthy vegetarian diets'. That would include dairy consumption. I wish they would use WHOLE FOODS, PLANT BASED DIETS in studies.

  • Sorry but this seems very vague, what is the demarcation of what is considered to be low-carb and what is considered to be high carb? what is the composition and quality of these carbs in which we can draw such conclusions as high carbs are good for our diet. The Standard American diet when comparing it to relatively low carb diet, is much beneficial and practical to society and something to recommend would be a low carb whole food based diet versus high carb diet. Personally I utilize ketogenic (unprocessed) vegetarian diet and I have seen my BP drop by more than 30 pts and my heart rate is borderline on bradycardia, while feeling absolutely amazing and having the energy to work and exercise like no other point in my life. My personal definition of low carb (net carbs excluding fiber) is about 50-70 grams for my size and activity level

  • Going into ketosis and am getting very sick. Have the keto flu and it hurts so much. Im going to eat a plant based whole foods diet. There are healthy carbs like sweet potatoes and beats. And I need to eat bananas to get some potassium. The keto diet may cause weight loss, but you're basically killing yourself to do it.

  • A high protein diet isn't what is classically called a low carb diet. Low carb diets are moderate in protein and high in fat. Sadly, there was no definition of what a high protein diet was among these participates. So, the results are useless as a comparison. And since the average 170 pound male was supposed to be eating 1,700 calories and very little weight loss was seen that should tells us both groups ignored what they were expected to do and they ended up eating a lot more calories. All we know is that those showing better results probably ate more fruit and vegetables and less junk while the high protein group continue eating the typical SAD diet which we all know is dangerous. For a guy who likes to take studies apart and point out weaknesses I'm surprised that Dr. Greger didn't do a better job with this one. A study from Israel's major medical university five year ago showed heart disease reversal on three different diets including a low carb diet. The mechanism for reversal wasn't what the subjects ate. It depended on systolic blood pressure drops based on weight reduction. There was a direct correlation between the drop in systolic blood pressure and reversal of heart disease. The correlation wasn't direct between either simply the weight lost, or diastolic blood pressure. I find this very interesting.

  • I've noticed you talk about low carb diets as bad because of their high protein and fat, but those studies only talk about animal fats and protein. What about natural protein and unsaturated fat sources (seeds, nuts, avocado)? I spent a year on nutritional ketosis, plant based, and my diabetes is so controlled that I don't need insulin even with my type 1 diabetes diagnosis. The body has something called gluconeogenesis, which generates carbs from fat, making carbs not so necessary (not entirely unnecessary, but just enough to stay healthy with a low carb diet). Could you address this subject?

  • Wait…these are high protein diets at 1:07, 1:28, and 3:51 which we already know are dangerous. That’s not the same as low-carb, high fat, moderate protein, keto style. Plus the first study was excellent for low carb diets but it was bypassed quickly and equated to cocaine, TB, and twinkies. This video is very not cool.

  • I can't hear this low-carb bullshit anymore. My room mate lives low carb to lose weight; a few weeks ago she ended up in the hospital, becauce her circulation is bullshit with low-carb. My uncle lives mostly low-carb for years now and started having massive problems with his gut and other organs the last year. He is 38 years old and his dad (my grandpa) just died last year, he had colon cancer. I lived low-carb 2012 in order to loose weight. It worked, I lost a lot of weight, but felt like pure shit most of the time and got massive problems with circulation. Please stop this madness, low-carb is pure bullshit.

  • "Low carb diet" defined as <45% of total daily calories from carbohydrates? That's not the same thing as a ketogenic diet people have been linking me here to look at.

    I've never made it into ketosis with more than 5% of my calories coming from carbs and less than 80% of my calories coming from fats. I don't know if this video is intentionally misleading, but I don't think you can really compare a diet where the carbohydrate content is over 8 times what it should be to a ketogenic diet. It truly is apples-to-oranges.

  • ppl on low carb lose weight, so they confuse weight loss with good health. well, you can lose weight with a healthy heroin addiction.

  • Dr. Grieger maybe entertaining But he is essentially A fraud. The last study on the video He quotes from He conveniently Leaves out The conclusion that there was no Increase in death from cardiovascular disease for people on the low-carb diet. In the earlier portions Of the video he makes the case That there is a link betweenCardiovascular blood flow and low-carb diets. Yeah he makes no effort to explain The discrepancy Between These studies Because that would undermine the whole point of the video. What a dishonest And manipulative Man he is.

  • If you start with claiming that low carb means a high protein diet then you are already changing the data to fit your desired conclusion.

    So you've proven that high protein intake is bad and that moderate protein intake is good.

    Now do a video about actual low carb high fat moderate protein vs high carb low fat moderate protein. What you will find is that it makes no difference. Humans have evolved to do great on both these variations in diet.

    And I think if you keep processed foods out (sugar, HFCS, bread, etc.) you will be healthy on a mix of the 2 as well.

    Ofcource, vegetables are required on all these diets.

  • Flemings research didn't mention carbs, but high fat and protein, that's some misinformation there, most low carb dieters also eats lots of veggies and moderate protein and fat

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