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  • If you're going to say "go check facebook, I've already answered it there" when someone asks a question then why not just always answer questions people ask in advance on facebook in the first place? I thought the whole point of this youtube video was to answer questions so the entire audience could hear the answer? We don't all read your facebook answers.

  • I'm very excited to see your lecture in Stockholm next week:) In Sweden ground flax seeds are actuly not available in stores, the are prohibited because of hydrogen cyanide. Could you talk about that when you come? I Think a lot of sweeds are woundering about it:)

  • What about a video regarding how much money you can save in the long run by taking care of your health? I've known people to stop their medications completely and have completely turned their health around by switching to a plant based diet, I'm just so curious at how much money it would save to NOT have been sick in the first place.

  • Did anyone get the source Dr Greger mentioned re: smoothies? I listened several times, but could not get the source for the smoothie info as he was talking. Thanks in advance to anyone who got the source.

  • Regarding cholesterol on a WFPB diet- I was able to get mine to great levels with the diet but was not seeing consistent levels below 150 (Total) and 80 (LDL). I started using Cronometer and found that I was eating too much food/ too many calories most days. I cut my food intake a bit and my total and LDL cholesterol levels dropped down to the optimal levels.

  • Thank you, sir!

    I add 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric now to my little chia seed mix, and with a pinch of black pepper, because of your videos. It's food so I'm good with it. I don't take any other supplements but b12. I'm in the Mcdougall camp for now regarding supplements. I am very excited because I believe since it is anti-inflammatory I will have less problems with my rhinitis, which is mostly from allergies which I control through behavior change only now. It's minor, but it's always there.

    Your references to studies really is nice because I am scientific minded in a general sense, and I like to evaluate the proof for myself, and continue to learn how to do so, such as randomized controlled trials versus cases studies, and such.

  • We all know that oil is bad for XY and Z reasons, but how does flax oil hold up? Does the omega-3 to 6 ratio hold up? Or is the concentrated fat just always detrimental to our health?

  • you should do a video about plant based diets and collagen deficiency, as well as collagen supplements. i don't think a diet that's 100% plant based is sustainable. b12 is only part of the story. in the long run you'll start seeing lots of problems with your body, no matter how much b12 you supplement.

  • not only does roasted peanuts taste better but generally speaking most peanuts r roasted cuz of potential aflatoxin contaminiation
    "ate the healthiest low dAGE diet possible – died of aflatoxin poisoning" sounds pretty dumb to me

  • max daily manganese was 20 mg iirc (which is higher than what chronometer recommends)
    the doc talked about manganese before and how the body is a bit retarded when it comes to liquid sources of it
    u probably can eat much more if the source of manganese is not a liquid he said before too

  • HELP ME. I AM ADDICTED TO BANANAS. It startet 4 days ago and my body is demanding for bananas like crazy and i cant stop thinking about bananas. what does that mean?!

  • I have a question about the video about how we can eat as much fruit as we want and how this is effected by the spillover effect. If someone is overweight and has fat spilling into their bloodstream, should they limit fruit until they reach a healthy weight?

  • "But look, some people don't respond to evidence. And for those kind of people, y'know, I forget, there's some crazy percentage of Americans that believe in angels." (13:45) Yeah, like every faithful Jew, Christian, and Muslim, the kinds of people who make up a large share of Dr. Gregor's audience. Wow, what condescension, what contempt he shows for people of faith.

  • Water question – with all the new studies published on the plastics showing up in our water not to mention the arsenic and everything else… what is the best water to drink if you don't own your house and can't put in a whole house filter.  Wouldn't distilled be the best?  I know you lose the minerals but I'm thinking the not drinking plastics and other toxins outweighs the benefits of trace mineraLS

  • you must have never made homemade soymilk with Laura Soybeans. It's not gross or beany at all. It taste better than store bought. I haven't bought any plantmilks in over a year since I started making my own soymilk.

  • Hi Dr. Greger, would you do a video on the health benefits of fasting? I've been watching the youtube videos of Dr. Jason Fung, and Alan Goldhammer (of the True North Clinic). It would be great to have you do what you do best, look at all the research and pull it together in one video.

  • Hi Dr Greger, recently I've been making walnut pie crusts through combining flaxseeds, chia seeds (made gelatinous with water) and walnuts, blending the mix together and then coating in whole brown rice flour. I then pre-heat the base in the oven close to max temperature, later adding the filling and baking further. Is this a problem in terms of the nut/fat/protein exposure to heat?

  • Questions:
    1:50 1. Nuta like almonds have a high omega 6:3 ratio, but their consuption seems to reduce CV disease, Does this ratio no matter? No all nuts are good for us, we have to worry about oils rich in omega 6 rather than nuts like almonds, etc, walnuts is the healthier.
    2:55 a person followed the advices of Dr. michel greger and his mother in law is better
    4:16 Do you still sleep 7 hours each night? yes, it is very imporntant
    5:16 What are the implications for getting fiber and the resulting grate of sugar absoption within a smoothie?
    7:03 Don´t Roasted peanut form acrylamide? the problem is the AGE
    9:32 Nutirtional advice for someone who had a hepatectomy
    10:42 Can acidic food destroy some nutrients?
    11:07 all dairy milk alternatives when made in factory but not in home
    12:34 My dad is in a high fat ketogenic diet, can you tell the benefit of a plant based diet? share evidenced
    14:20 is stevia good for us in the tea?
    15:00 what about peanut butter, which are always roasted?
    15:50 Grains are acid forming? yes, a little, but nothing compare with animal products
    18:50 my cholesterol is 177 even in a plant based diet? 177 is not optimal, add nuts, soluble fiber rich food oats, flaxseed,
    21:00 Capsules of spices are good for us?
    22:50 What about eczema?
    25:00 should we avoid some spices?
    26:00 are children produced enough cholesterol, if they need to drink soy formula? we produce all cholesterol we need.
    26:35 Manganese is too high, is it bad?
    27:30 are people who can't produce enough beta carotene to vitamin A? everybody can procude enough vitamin A if you eat a lot of greens, fruits, etc
    28:45 What is the minimun sodium intake?
    29:18 Iron stores never be too low without anemia? if you make enough hemoglobin you should have enough iron.
    Bye please put like to put this at the begining

  • Can anyone explain why someone who doesn't care about a proper plantbased diet clicks on "Q&A With Dr Greger…"? The only answer I've come up with is that they're morons.

  • Cubpuff (spelling)
    Ive been following esselstyn for 13 months…just my idea…and sure…i have no nuts at all…just 1-2 tablespoons of flax is what he recommends

    I doubted i had significant artery disease so rang him to ask re nuts..avocado…he ummed and aahed and finally saud.".ok…id .perhaps limit them to havung a qter of an avocado..maybe 3 walnut halves..every few days or so…no more"….but his secretary told me privately that NONE of his staff have these foods at all…even though very healthy etc

    In the end i decided to play it safe as a 56 yr old and forget avocado and nuts….today im very glad i did…had a cardiac ct angiogram out of curiosity and found out i acrually have a 25-49% blockage in my LAD (Widowmaker) artery….???

    My hubby couldnt believe it bc i ate a supposedly very healthy diet prior to going plantbased

    Hubby then asked for one too..he gad a 46% blockage

    My dr waz concerned but not esselstyn.. told me as long as i keep eating wfpb with no added fats. Other than flax or chia ill be fine…probably reversing

    Btw…my cholesterol has stabilised at 155….im pushing for below 150 but am satisfied im probably ok here

    Hope that helps…having the cardiac ct angiogram was an even greater motivator for me. .i definitely dont need to go eating anything that could add to that blockage as i aim ti live to 120 😉😂😋

  • Anything on chronic urtacaria dr gregor?….ive been strictly plant based for 13 months…no added fats only 1-2 tbsp flax or chia…following esselstyn

    I still gave to occasionally use an antihistamine for it…espec in winter…also have a trigger finger still…taking 1 -2 tsp ginger…and turmeric and cinnamon a day….any suggestions for those 2 conditions?

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