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  • Hello,

    Can anyone get in touch with Dr.Greger and forward this message please?

    There is a small group of children suffering from Cancer at the moment in Syria: at "Cancer Care Syria", where Children are dying due to western sanctions towards medicine and aid etc. Here's the report from RT on the situation :

    What we would could do is get in touch with that organization and guide them about plant-based diet and healing their cancer. We could literally help these kids with the knowledge we have here. We don't need western medicine!

    Thank you.. Please thumbs up this comment so DR or his moderators here on youtube can hopefully forward this message to Dr.Greger.

  • Hi Dr Greger
    Could you please speak about sea salt, and/or Himalayan Pink salt. Is there a difference between these salts from regular table salt? I have been eating clean I just have been getting tired of not having any taste. It was fine for awhile.. Plus doesn't the body need salt in order to survive, or workout? I have been on an all potato diet, and it helps me to lose weight. But finding ways of trying to eat it without salt is getting monotonous. Thanks!

  • My baby is 4 months old and on doctor's recommendation I have given her daily drops of Biogaia Protectis (probiotic solution) also known as Gerber Soothe in US, to help relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, for the past 2 months. It seems to have helped her open her bowels more frequently and she is not in as much discomfort. However, Biogaia Protectis is formulated in sunflower oil and medium chain triglyceride (palm kernel). What are the benefits or disbenefits of sunflower oil and palm oil in babies and / or adults? She has been exclusively formula-fed since 3 months old. From personal experience, I believe in the healing power of probiotics but I don't know if I should continue giving this solution to her on a daily basis. Any advice/guidance welcome. Thank you

  • I love Dr. Gregor but I can't listen to these because of all the "ummmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh" as he reads the screen. Will stick to his scripted videos. Great information!!

  • I'm a cyclist and I take only dried fruits with me (self made bars with nuts, oat and cocoa). I don't get hungry. In my water I add organic juice and nettle powder. I think I should try adding organic berry powder too :))

    I get sick of those who add half a bag of sugar in their water…

  • Hello! Recently my mother in law's dr told her that her potassium levels were to high and she needed to eliminate all the food that she was eating that contained potassium. She's a vegetarian, and mostly consumes fruits and grains. He warned her if she does not cut down on her potassium intake, she's at risk for a heart attack. I find this to be an exaggeration, and wanted to know if what her dr is telling her is accurate. Is there such a thing as over dosing on potassium?

  • I'm just finishing reading your wonderful book 'How not to die' and I'm very thankful for it. What do you think about the induction cooking. Wouldn't that electromagnetism spoil the natural properties of the food? For that reason I usually regret the use of the microwave, although I've read in your website that is considered healthy. Thank you so much.

  • Dr. Greger: Since you addressed a question about warfarin and vit K in greens, I'm wondering how vit K affects folks with clotting risks who aren't on blood thinners. I have factor V leiden and have never had a clot or been on any drugs for it (aside from heparin when I had my appendix removed). I'm active and I check on my daily dozen most days. Should I be concerned about getting too much vitamin K from my greens?

  • Dr Gregger you bring so much sunshine of enthusiam into otherwise grim medical topics that I feel in a kind of mystic trance. i would be very grateful if you could do more detailed video on men's health in the light of plant based testosterone and nitrous acid enhancers. Again, thanks for carrying on the knowledge based battle against commericial merchants of pseudo health.

  • I saw you in a documentary and I please have a question in relation: you
    said we should go for plant-based foods & plant-based-PROTEIN, but I
    saw at some page from Harvard (…/what-should-you…/protein/) that plant based protein
    doesn't have amino acids. And animal based protein is more close to
    what we need and much easier to absorb. I care since I'm trying to gain
    some muscle while burning my fat with exercise, and changing my diet to
    vegan, but I don't seem to get enough protein from my new vegan diet
    life style.

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