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  • Excited to see the info on Hearing Loss. Good topic because I have been interested in it and no one ever talks about healing their hearing, eyesight or teeth. Back when I moved to Alaska I was able to harvest the wild Alaskan blueberries. It was several years of including them in my diet that my eyesight improved 2 diopters in each eye and I got to decrease my eyeglass rx. I never got to fully regain perfect vision though.

  • Gord Downie, lead singer of The Tragically Hip rock band, has died recently from a rare brain cancer called "glioblastoma Multiforme". Is there a maintenance cure for someone who is born with this DNA? As with those who are born with the DNA of breast cancer, you have solved with a maintenance cure by one who needs to eat foods with omega-3 to keep cancerous cells from 'erupting'. What can you suggest for those with GBM since it affects adults with this DNA mutation?

  • Since fasting has been postponed for a year, decided to add my 2 cents here. I believe in an earlier Live Q & A Dr. Greger hinted at an interest in intermittent fasting and Circadian Rhythms. I believe he was referring to a study by Salk Institute's Dr. Satchin Panda. There are YT videos of Dr. Panda covering his research and any number of articles on it online. There is also the actual study online from the Cell publication. You can read the science and theories behind this approach in great detail there. Have a medical dictionary at hand for reading the actual study. It is fascinating and makes sense. But it is granular science.

    I have adopted the following approach for well over a year with great success. It echos what I learned from Dr. Panda's work. What I do is fast nearly every night at least 12 hours. Stop eating by 6:30PM most evenings. I follow "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper" approach. This allows the body to be finished with its digestive and processing of blood sugars early enough in the evening so that during the balance of your evening and sleeping the body can devote its energy/efforts to cell repair etc. and not to digestion. Also do not eat close to bedtime. I eat a whole plant based diet and incorporate much of Dr. Gregor's information also. Good luck.

  • Aww dang… I had posted a question when I signed up for notification, I thought questions could be posted in advance…but my question wasn't addressed… what happened? It looked like other people were posting questions in advance also, I dunno if those got addressed either. I wasn't able to be present for the live streaming this time… maybe next time!

  • Hi Dr. G–loved the video, I'm so excited about your new book deal on obesity and thanks to you, I hope to have already taken off my excess weight by the time it comes out. I'll still line up at the bookstore for that one when it hits the shelves, though!! πŸ™‚

  • I actually thought it's the probiotics in miso that offsets the negative effects of its sodium content.
    In Japan, we actually make a conscious effort not to cook miso too much. So when we make miso soup, we turn the heat off first, wait until it stops boiling, and then add in the miso paste.

  • Yeah… He s so" healthy "yet has thicker eyeglasses than my grand grand grandmother.. Keep getting health lessons from this genius and you will end up fat, bald and blind like him..

  • Hi Dr G! Such great stuff! Do you think you could do a condensed summary/initial overview of the fasting literature?! Really keen to find out about this, thanks so much!

  • Dr. Greger, I wanted to send you an e-mail through your website but the advice was to post questions under your videos. Let's hope you can see this! I have a question regarding a 2007 Study by Dr. Gardner called 'Comparison of the Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and LEARN Diets for Change in Weight and Related Risk Factors Among Overweight Premenopausal Women' – which states that an ATKINSDiet is the best for weight-loss and body fat loss (measured with a DXA scan). The participants following the high-fat diet lost significantly more body fat than the Ornish (high-carb) diet. After checking through the study, the only error I found was that the high-carb group consumed between 21-29% of the calories from fat, not the promised 10%. So slightly more dietary fat, which wouldn't classify it as a low-fat diet in my eyes. However, the differences are extreme – could you please clarify this study and the potential problems with it as it conflicts with other studies I have read. Again, I am not asking in terms of overall health (as LDL-C levels plummeted in the Ornish Diet vs Atkins) but simply body composition. Thank you!

  • Hi, Dr. Greger. Please advise regarding the rate at which fruit and especially veggies lose their nutritional value after being chopped. I usually prepare a big salad and/or fruit 'n veggie smoothie in the evening to take to work the following day. If I am losing just a few percent of the nutritional value by doing so, that's not so bad, but if it's a significant loss, I guess I'll have to change my routine…Thanks!!!

  • The questions!

    0:00 Introduction
    0:59 What is Dr. Greger's opinion on genomic testing for estrogen receptor-positive cancers. What can I do to learn about hiccups in my genes that could cause it?
    2:27 I have aquagenic pruritus. What can I do about it [in relation to diet]?
    3:19 Starchy foods make me extremely tired immediately after eating them. What do you suggest?
    4:13 I have heard freezing fruit damages the fibers. Does freezing affect digestion and our healthfulness? What's the relationship between actual fibers and its fiber?
    6:28 I have a very sensitive digestive tract and eating mostly anything causes intestinal gas. Is it possible that a whole food plant-based diet will pass too quickly through the intestine that I lose vital nutrients?
    7:32 Is it more helpful to use miso as salt replacement than it is to leave out salt in miso completely? Does heat and baking deteriorate any of the healthfulness in miso?
    8:28 Can't find miso without rice as an ingredient. Should we worry about arsenic in miso?
    8:47 Is chickpea miso a green light or does only soy-based miso overcome the salt issue?
    9:32 Is lemon juice still a green light?
    10:40 If you use a whole stevia leaf straight from the plant, is that a green light sweetener?
    11:30 Have you come across any research related to preventing or reversing age-related hearing loss?
    12:11 Are there any concerns about eating 100 grams of protein a day from protein from healthy sources. Is there any research done on the effects of high plant-based protein intakes?
    13:24 I'm starting to eat more potatoes and I'm getting a pain in the hip. Could it be because of nightshade vegetable consumption?
    13:48 Can I take two vitamin D3s every 5 days instead of everyday? Does your body only store vitamin D only for a day or does it store them for longer?
    14:47 If the crust on my bread is browned, will that crust contain AGEs? Should I cut it off?
    15:42 Why do I have a buffer on your videos?
    16:02 Are there any studies on the differences between raw cacao and roasted coco? Is there any reason to have concerns about theobromine in coco or cacao?
    16:54 If I get my beans from a non-BPA can, is there any problem with the fact that they are still canned?
    17:10 Do you have thoughts on Ashwaganda? (None)
    17:15 Any reason to rotate my nuts and seeds so as not to get exposed to the same protein every day?
    17:52 Any calories If I take 250 mg of algal long chain omega 3 fatty acids and a tablespoon of flax seeds everyday, can I eat or eat however many nuts I want without adversely affecting my omega 3 to omega 6 ratios?
    18:43 If you dilute high-sodium foods by adding extra ingredients with little to no sodium, can you get away with eating the sodium of processed foods?
    19:59 What about the freshness of spices? Many spices sit on store shelves for months and have multi year expiration dates. Does age affect potency?
    20:59 Any problem with eating raw squash seeds?
    21:46 After discovering the eco-Atkins diet, what is your stance on it? Is it safe?
    22:23 Is the BPA in canned beans enough to worry about?
    23:24 People worry vegetarian diets are hard and many people think adding meat fixes everything. Is a vegan diet harder to get right than an omnivore's diet?
    25:06 What dietary recommendations do you have for hypoglycemia?
    26:39 Does it matter for healthy digestion if you sit or stand while eating?
    27:03 What do you think about Moringa?
    27:45 Is it true that the Seventh Day Adventist study didn't adjust for drinking, smoking, and other risk factors?
    28:26 When will the fasting videos come out? Project updates, etc.

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