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  • Dr. Greger, have you heard of ketogenic diet for cancer as well as to decrease inflammation to help with diabetes? My sister has been recently diagnosed with mmmt of the uterus. Since then she has been on a plant based diet and following your advices, as well as chemotheraphy. Thank you for providing such useful information.

  • We've been to Sri Lanka this year and it's really easy to eat vegan on this beautiful island! 🙂 I highly recommend it. If someone's interested, I made a Video about our Sri Lanka Trip. PS: Thanks Dr. Greger for all the informations!

  • Don't get me wrong, I have been a vegan for 15 years but I just dont get why all these doctors look so sickly???!!!??? I'm a vegan and I don't look sickly at all, just the opposite. They all look pasty and gaunt. They are missing something important in their diet, it's obvious.

  • What is your take on doxycycline. I was prescribed this for some bacteria/rosacea. But I'm not a hunter percent sure on all the side effects and long-term use.

  • Hello Dr Gregor, can you please do a video on vaccines and side effects, do preventive medicines have side effects? If there is video available already can you post the link? Thanks

  • What do you think about the studies coming out saying tje keto diet stop the prolifiration of cancer cells because cancer cells cannot feed off ketones? Take that effiminte plant eaters.

  • Does anybody know whether green tea powder (matcha) is safe for consumption/better for you than regular green tea? I figure there's a chance toxins could get concentrated however I do make sure it's organically grown in Japan. would appreciate some feedback

  • Inductive argument against vegan diets: my hope is Dr. Greger will address this in a video.

    "On the flip side should we judge the benefits of a vegan diet (as they do live longer on average) for the overeating of calories, lack of vitamin C, fiber, folate, omega 6 fatty acid…etc supplementation of the omnivore/carnivore community? Vegan, omnivore, and even carnivore diets could theoretically optimize themselves in the health department with the ideal supplementation and modulation of different types of foods if we knew every single compound one should supplement in and what types of foods one should modulate.

    But the truth is we probably still don't know all the compounds a strict diet in either direction would make one deficient in. We know the major ones, like the ones that literally cause frank medical diseases without intake (ex: subacute combined degeneration in B12 deficiency, megaloblastic anemia in folate or b12 deficiency, osteomalacia/rickets/osteoporosis in vitamin D deficiency…etc) but there are probably many other deficiencies we still don't know about that although may not cause frank disease, may still not be OPTIMAL for your mental or physical health.

    For example, it was relatively recently that vegetarians were found to not only be deficient in creatine, but when given creatine showed an improvement in cognitive performance (indicating a legitimate deficiency), an effect that was not found in omnivores (indicating no deficiency). Could vegans get around this by simply supplementing with creatine? Sure! But in light of the fact that we are still finding new vegetarian deficiencies, could vegans reasonably claim that in the year 2015 we are at a point in our knowledge of nutrition that we probably know every important compound that we will be deficient in after such a drastic limitation of diet? Probably not. Maybe one day we will, but I doubt we're there yet."
    "In all likelihood you will find more compounds that are harmful and more compounds that are beneficial in meat per the track record. But diseases are always made by the dose.
    Generally (but not always) the beneficial compounds in food become beneficial at lower doses and the harmful compounds in food become harmful at higher doses. Obviously there are exceptions (poisonous foods), but inductively this would hold up.
    Thus, making both equivalent arguments, the inductive conclusion would be to limit ones intake of meat but not completely."

    "As previously stated, the track record is that meat provides beneficial compounds that take effect in low doses including B12 (even eating at little as 34g of meat per day gives most of a daily requirement of B12 at 2.0ug with a daily requirement of 2.4, the amount of meat needed is even lower with fish, especially mackerel fish, and even lower with clams in which as little as 5 grams of clams will provide enough B12), creatine (in which apparently as little as 30 grams a day is enough to not be deficient in the cingulate cortex per your friends study, although higher doses are likely needed for muscular optimization and the rest of the brain was not studied), vitamin D (in which many are deficient in despite sunlight and in which only 1 3oz serving of salmon will provide enough, and just a tablespoon of cod liver oil will provide over twice as much as required) and carnosine, another compound involved in prventing glycation end products and preventing degenerative diseases

    Now, there are harmful compounds when consumed in high doses in meat as well. Examples include homocysteine, high doses of carnotine (especially when converted into TMAO), and high doses of saturated fat. These compounds can increase the risk of athlerosclerosis and therefore acute coronary syndrome (heart attack). But this is only above a certain DOSE. For example, compared with no meat intake, low red meat intake (up to four portions per month) and low white meat intake (up to 8 portions per month) seem not to increase the likelihood of acute cardiac events (P>0.05)…/v62/n2/full/1602713a.html... [Editor's note: still looking for this full link – sorry!]

    Thus the inductive conclusion here is that one should limit meat intake but not completely, as the track record is that there does not seem to be a harm in eating low doses of meat but there are benefits of eating low doses of meat. The inductive argument would suggest further discoveries of beneficial and harmful compounds will likely follow this track record. Do we know this for sure, of course not. Is it likely based on extrapolation of the track record? Sure!"

  • First off, let me start off with the good part. You are awesome for doing these videos for people. I plan on watching each video as a reference. Now the bad part. You were born in 1972. You are not old but you do not look any healthier than somebody else that was born in same year. The part I especially find distasteful is not having eggs and butter (saturated fat). Does not saturated fat feed the brain? When I find someone who looks and is especially healthy for their age (at least 40 years old) due mainly diet I might take it more as unconditional truth. Honestly, I think you need some more muscle on your frame. Having said that, I really, really appreciate your hard work and I wish you all the best. Thank you!

  • ​In the video 40 Year Vegan Dies you seem to suggest that a vegan diet has issues. Studies suggest a whole food diet plus fish could be better. What is your current view on fish vs vegan?

  • ​In the video 40 Year Vegan Dies you seem to suggest that a vegan diet has issues. Studies suggest a whole food diet plus fish could be better. What is your current view on fish vs vegan?

  • recently you mentioned in a video that high blood pressure causes small holes in the brain leading possibly to memory issues. Is there any chance this is reversible?

  • My cardiovascular doctor said I need to have 5000mg of sodium a day is this what I should be doing? He said it's to help the blood pump and help my POTS because I struggle with low blood pressure. Is there anything else I can do?

  • does anyone know if he talks about digesting legumes and beans? after switching to those from meat i have had intense intestinal pain with muscle and joint pain. this is the cause i have tried before and given up. are there certain probiotics that help? will my gut adjust and if so how long will it take?

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