Live Q&A with Dr. Greger of on March 22nd at 1 pm ET.


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  • Hi, Manuel, I have struggled for years to reduce my blood pressure. Gerson Therapy, vegan, WGPB. FINALLY, in the last 2 weeks following WFPB AND, by adding in a huge green smoothie with 11ozs of greens, 2 bananas, 1 cup blueberries, 1 qt water, and 2-3 TB flax seed daily, my bp last evening was 110/65, I haven't seen that in 35 years!

  • Just got back from holidays and I couldn't wait to get home just so I could pig out on POTATOES, they have become such a big part of my diet that I started to really crave them while away especially boiled sprinkled with pink salt, pepper, nutritional yeast and lemon juice served with some kind of greens.. yum!

  • There's high levels of contaminants in most of the Vegan Protein powders, I naturally stopped consuming it because I thought it might be bad for my kidney (I only have 1 kidney, born with 1) before I found out about contaminants.. Even though I have to put up with mild hypo's (3.2) average most days a few hours after I eat breakfast when I leave it out of my Oats.

  • ​What are the facts with regards to green tea blocking iron absorption? How long do I have to wait between eating something before I can drink green tea again?

  • Does it make any difference if I eat regular buckwheat or if I eat kasha, which is the same thing as buckwheat except that it's roasted and has a darker color? What would Dr. Greger say? I know he says not to eat roasted nuts and seeds. but what about buckwheat? You still have to cook it in water, so it's not roasted to the point where you could just eat it out of the bag. Can someone please give me an answer? Will eating kasha be dangerous in any way? I would ask on the live chat but I can never get on for some reason.

  • Those who have read Designed to Move by Dr. Joan Vernikos, former Director of Life Sciences at NASA, understand that the amount of exercise Dr. Greger advocates is neither necessary nor beneficial. Instead, the key is to maximize regular movement and never sit more than 30 minutes at a time during waking hours.

  • He's working from home with a shirt and a tie.
    What do you think, is he wearing pants too?
    I know, I would not.

    Thank you for everthing!
    Sincerely, your pant less from home working fellow.

  • I can't believe Dr Greger is only 45 years old, i thought he was in his mid to late 50s. Having said that, he does look younger clean shaven. Great advice as always.

  • Im trying to find a daily seaweed snack of Nori (because it’s my favourite) for iodine, but I’m worried about Japan’s radiation. Where should I source my Nori snack from?

  • Doctor I asked my wife today why you're bald? And she said it's because you have too much stress currently or in the past. We are disappointed that all your health knowledge has not given you hair. why not? Does epigenetics work?

  • Hello, can you please make a video on premature greying on beard or head? Some people in their 20s have lots of white hair on beard. I don't think it's healthy. Is it a symptom of a disease?

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