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  • Great videos.Thanks for all the details in an easy to digest manner but the audio quality is not great. Do you need a new microphone or is the video recording quality low?

  • Bob Harper stopped his plant based diet in 2013 and had a major heart attack 2 weeks ago. He blamed it on genetics and exercise and not stopping his plant based diet even though his cholesterol dropped by 100 point in 2010 when he first went Vegan.

  • Don't your legs get tired on the treadmill? Isn't there a risk of varicose veins from being in one upright position so long? Maybe not on a plant-based diet?

  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! It cannot be overstated just how much of a difference you have made in my life. I didn't even realize I was sick until I started watching your videos and taking your advice. I do still eat meat, but not much, and I've given up sugar, deep fried foods, and processed meats. My health has improved dramatically. Your research is impeccable and very valuable. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • You don't need to eat all foods not ground in to powder. But you should eat a lot of veg and fruit that isn't. 🙂
    In other words if you never eat food which isn't ground up, than that is bad.

  • if you used a passive treadmill that is one without a motor but contained a generator which provided some resistance and connected it to a battery storage unit you could put all that walking to good use

  • Dr Greger / moderator, regarding the lady who mentioned patches on her skin, there is a very popular, current trend for using colloidal silver as a natural health remedy. WebMD plus a PubMed search shows it to be unsafe, with the skin colouring being a side effect. Also, excess copper has the same side effect.

    Dr. Greger, I feel very sad to have received such a dismissive, under-mining response by your facebook message helper, which I would not think would reflect a response by yourself. I guess personal over-work may have been behind it. I do hope you will get to see the message yourself.

  • I'm hoping to get information on what a 16 month old baby should eat if she can't have breast milk from her mom. she was 4 months premature and eats through a G tube because of complications with a surgery when she was first born. the doctors have been extremely pushy about having her on formula and as of six months ago she's finally off the dairy formula but I know any formula isn't ideal for her to heal. she has a collapsed lung as well. where can I find nutrient requirements we can try to hit with different plant foods? and what are the overall best things for her to eat (we'll liquify them for her G tube of course) so that she can heal as fast as possible and get stronger? especially since she's still learning to crawl, she's a resilient one though! happiest baby I've ever come across and she deserves better nutrition than formula!

  • My dad's thyroid went bad and developed diabetes about a year before he was diagnosed with SCJDMM1-2. He was a butcher for 47 years and supplied BEEF by Tyson Foods.

  • Kombucha video on NutritionFacts is a single case. Not good evidence of overall science. Been drinking kombucha for 4 years daily blood levels are good. I will say blood sugar may jump up because of sucrose added to the kombucha and it might affect teeth and cavities. So these are probably more concern. Also, don't try to make your own without extensive knowledge of bacteria fermentation.

    Spirulina from Natural lakes is a concern, but man-made ponds are less of a risk because they are usually 3rd party tested and like mushrooms, there are different strains of Spirulina not all created equal. So do a lot of research before you buy Spirulina. I have taken both Hawaiin and Californian.

  • All these questions about what kids need makes me wonder how I ever made it as a kid. Growing up I pretty much lived on white bread and syrup. Now I'm 44 and trying to live off doctor Gregor's daily dozen. As a child I was much more resilient I guess because the older I got like in my thirties the more my diet seem to affect me.

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