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  • On the topic of cooking without oil: My experience is that you can tell the difference. Oils tend to help bring out the flavor of foods, so cooking without oil might make foods seem bland, especially if one is used to eating everything with oil. Certainly my mother felt that way when I stayed with her over Christmas. That's why I like to add walnuts to many warm meals. Not only do they taste great in their own right, but they also help bring out the flavor of vegetables and seasoning. My mother certainly was a lot happier with a meal of cabbage and potatoes after adding some walnuts.

  • In this Q&A Dr Greger briefly answers a question about taking digestive enzymes. He states our pancreas makes all we need. Right and wrong. There is more to this. Yes Our pancreatic enzymes are secreted but they are secreted in the duodenum which has a pH of 6.3. This is where they are active (except for one of the amylases in the mouth). Unfortunately, this is after our food has left the stomach. Here's the potential problem: as we begin eating the stomach divides itself into upper and lower collecting areas. The cardiac portion, or upper portion, and a lower smaller area where stomach acid will be produced. The stomach holds the food in the upper section for up to an hour HOPING the enzymes that came with the food liquify the food before it drops it into the lower stomach where the acid finishes the protein peptide/ poly peptide conversion. There are in essence, multiple form of each enzyme in raw food. Example: Proteases, Amylases, Cellulases, etc each active in different pH's from 2 to 12. The enzymes our pancreas produces are only active in 6.3 pH. If there are no enzymes in the food, the body must compensate. When we first start eating, our stomach pH is 1 or 2. As we add more and more food the pH of our stomach rises to as high as 6.4. After we eat a meal of cooked food we can measure the following: a high white cell count in the blood: the immune system is being used to help digest the cooked food. After years of eating mostly cooked food we see that the pancreas enlarges to 3 times its normal size. The body steals proteins and other metabolic enzymes to compensate for the lack of enzymes in our food at the beginning of our meal. The body does not make some of the enzymes found in food such as cellulase, an enzyme for digesting fibre. The lack of this enzyme causes gas and bloating. This enzyme is also the enemy of candida.
    If you are going to choose a digestive enzyme, choose one with NO animal enzymes (unless your pancreas is not functioning well). Choose one with only plant enzymes to replace the ones you just cooked out of your food.
    There are also metabolic enzymes in raw food: SOD, Catalase etc These are not food in cooked food. You can Help your pancreas and your immune system and protein conversions by taking plant based enzymes with each meal of cooked food.

  • I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis, IBS and colitis. I have been plant based vegan eating foods for 4 weeks and I can tell you that it has calmed down ALL my symptoms! And I have at least 10 lbs weight loss to boot!

  • I came here to this site to see what you think of Miso, which my guy and I thought was healthy. Anyway it's apparently a Q & A site. Could you please tell me what to do for lymphadenopathy? I'm mostly a health nut vegan, but cheat once in a while, white bread or sugar and other unhealthy foods. For 2 years I've had swollen lymph nodes in my neck, the HMO told me not to worry about it, now that it started hurting (in Nov '16) doctors have told me that the HMO wrote in my files "benign". Well a pot dr. told me it felt hard, so suspects that it's a tumor(s). Haven't taken any cannabis yet, but heard there's some that does wonders for your health but doesn't get one high. All the blood work, Xrays, CT scan are all normal, the only proof that I have that I'm not a hypochondriac is the severe swelling, (a dr. in urgent care said They're HUGE.) Pain meds or booze don't seem to alleviate much pain either. Even morphine in ER didn't do much. My boyfriend thinks it could be psychosomatic, well my cats ran away from this place, and I feel too stressed out here too, even though it's a strict vegan household. Even if I move out I'll still have this sore neck (and right side of head). Any ideas besides a biopsy? I'm going in for that next. Thank you in advance.

  • I took a good quality cyanocobalamin b12 supplement daily, as well as eating some foods fortified with it and I still became b12 deficient with the symptom of sore tongue. The dose was right. Where did I go wrong? I felt better when I started taking methylcobalamin,, alternating with adenosylcobalamin and hydroxycobalamin.

  • Are the cold hands related to B12? As i noticed this also after some time on a vegan diet. ….. Well it seem they are, damn.. i was eating 1000mcg of b12 per day. But wrong kind. This is pretty dangerous that this info is not spread properly.

  • Hi ! You talked about eating strawberries for the esophagus problem, can they be fresh ? The studies against cancer are done with dried frozen strawberries,
    Thank you

  • Can you make a video about corydalis yanhusuo? I'm very interested in its pain relieving benefits because I tore my acl two meniscii and crushed my lumbar disc. I think there were some studies about a constituent of it called THP (Tetrahydropalmatine) I have some but am afraid to use it because I've found nothing but pseudoscience and first hand experiences and like to be fully educated with anything I supplement my diet with. ANY INFORMATION about THP or corydalis would be awesome!

  • here's something on egg whites.. i thought that they were a doable thing to eat until i bought some that hadn't been properly refrigerated.. as a result of this mistake, i became very ill

  • A lot of conflicting information about cyanocobalamin vs. methylcobalamin. Most sources claim methy is more readily absorbed, while a few point out the better absorption is for injections not oral intake. There’s also disagreement over how effective the body uses either for specific conditions such as eye health (methly useful, cyano ineffective). Where are the studies though? Has Dr Greger provided evidence for his recommendations?

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