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  • Why oh why in the name of the comfort of your own home would you not use the treadmill BAREFOOT?!
    Jeez, isn't barefoot the healthiest and most natural option?!
    Doctor Greger, please LOOK AT THE STUDIES on this.

    Best wishes from sunny Africa.

  • i thought flu shots had a bunch of weird shit in them and cause health problems, and with all the flu shots going around, people still are getting the flu, so it's confusing.

  • Sleep is amazing after listening to Dr. G's Q&A on Dec 28, 2017 about foods with melatonin and taking advice from Motivationaldoc who says algae oil lowers cortisol for 8 hours after taking! So…Every evening with my delicious vegan dinner i am eating a dozen unsalted pistachio nuts (on cooked greens), sipping on a 1/4 cup organic cranberry juice (by Patience – not from concentrate) and a bit later taking1/2 tsp NutraVeg Extra Strength Algal Oil from algae 200 EPA 300 DHA……then last but not least one B12 1,200mcg methylcobalamin by Kirkland….this has worked wonerfully for friends too…so happy. Have loved Dr. G ever since finding him in April of 2011.

  • Hiya, I'm a bit late for the Q&A but I have a question I can't find the answer to in your books or on Nutrition Facts – I love having oats for breakfast, but does it make a difference if they are raw or cooked? I love oats with blueberries and oatmilk cold/not cooked. Are the benefits the same?

  • To the guy who has high blood pressure…bloods… thats not reducing.
    .you may consider checking out dr caldwell esselstyns book Prevent & reverse heart disease….check him out on ted talks on youtube under "heart attack proof"

    We got very big drops in both blood pressure and cholesterol after 3 weeks of following his diet….its a strict, very low fat ehole dood plant based diet and he stresses no nuts whatsoever…no peanut butter…no oils at oil…not even olive oil and no avocado

    He works with very sick heart patients and is only 1 of 2 doctors in the research literature that have reversed heart disease…athlersclerosis…

    You can contact him through his secretary at the wellness institute at the Cleveland Clinic

    This stricter approach may just do the trick for you as it did for us

  • Hello, Dr. Greger! Thank you very much for you video. But I have question. In the previous videos, you said that blue-skinned algae were dangerous. A vegetable omega 3 is extracted from microalgae in the form of oil. In that case, is that oil dangerous too?

  • I'm bored with this channel its narrow focused agenda. He leaves too much important info out, like hes afraid to mention Monsanto's herbicide on food. The treadmill walking might be funny, but its dizzying to watch.

  • Dr. Gregor, My mother used to give me nutritional yeast to ward off mosquitoes in the summer do you know if there’s any research that supports nutritional yeast or brewers yeast to ward off mosquitoes?

  • thank you so much dude. you helped change my life for the better. im just like two months in and I can't tell how much better I feel. Question for for somebody or the doctor. are flaxseed oil capsules sufficient for my Omega-3?

  • Hi! I understand lemon is an acid and makes that you absorb iron better on meals. But si also heard that lemon inhibit the prodution of an enzyme called ptilina which helps to make the full digestion of carbs (found in grains & legumes). I used to add lemon juice on my meals until I heard this as I want to have a good digestion as I still having some issues with gases. By the way, I’ve been vegan for 9 months (increased the amount of legumes). THANKS 💚

  • I´m on an "evil" HFLC diet, (fish, eggs, cheese, avocados, extra virgin olive oil and green vegetables but not that much grain, legumes or fruit obviously) Despite being two years older than Greger, I have to say that Greger looks much older than me (he looks mid fifties soz)….Add healthy fat to your life, you´ll look much younger and full of energy….Btw, I´m 6.3 (191cm) and weigh 14 stone (85kgs)

  • Can someone explain why multivitamins are not helpful?
    Say you're not quite sure that you're reaching 100% RDA of all the nutrients, is a multivitamin not beneficial to close the potential gap?

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