Lead Contamination in Bone Broth


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  • to be honest, its disturbing…. a close friend of mine was swearing by bone broth and drank it religiously throughout her pregnancy. they lost the baby. not to say every single health disorder and disaster is from animal products, but every single link is right there with big red flag saying,"not healthy!"

  • Would cow bones be worse? I know that a diet high in calcium inhibits lead absorption, so how much lead is actually being absorbed by bone broth drinkers and how much calcium are they even getting? Bone broth was the last animal product I was consuming before becoming totally vegan. I'm super happy I switched to collard greens =S

  • Awesome video. Ahh just one question. Is the Lead in a form that the body absorbs? The question is not just exposure it's also whether the form ie structure which impact whether it accumulates. Kind of like those mineral supplements that just ground up rocks. They are barely absorbed. Just because the chicken absorbed it doesn't mean we do. Did the study indicate whether people up take the Lead in the broths?? You need to know that before you know what the real risk is. Clever ending though. Maybe clever by half until we know the absorbtion.

  • I love your videos but , SSSSHHHIIIITTTT! Every time I watch one I have one more food item in my already restricted diet that I have to stop eating! I'm down to amla berries and green tea. Sir, you are the Michael Pollan of YouTube!

  • Those paleolithic dieters are idiots. Just because something was done back in the paleolithic era, doesn't mean it should be done now. The earth was not as polluted with mercury, cadmium, and lead as it is today.

  • Hahahahahaa

    Just try to prove that bone broth is unhealthy. Go ahead, try it. You're in way over your head. This is the same logic coming from the people who tell us not to eat seafood because of the mercury contamination, and yet the longest-lived and healthiest people on earth have the most seafood in their diets.

    It's because the nutritive and healing properties of bone broth (and seafood) far out-weigh any possible contamination in these foods. There are toxins in bone broth? Sure, and there are toxins in the air we breathe, and the water we drink (even bottled 'purified' water), and even the fruits and vegetables we eat. And you'd have to be alot more convincing than this video to tell me that going organic solves that problem.

    The whole point of bone broth and other nutritious animal foods is to provide our bodies with the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and etc that it needs in order to filter and eliminate toxins from our bodies. Unless you live in a bubble, you're exposed to an endless number of toxins everywhere you go every day, and eating a plant-based diet isn't going to give your liver, kidneys, and other organs what they need in order for your immune system to stand a fighting chance against them. So much for 'nutrition facts' dot org.

  • Also the person narrating this video sounds like a pretentious, posturing sophist. God how annoying his voice is and how he's constantly stopping and straining to enunciate at the beginning of a word like he's constipated or something…

  • You can make bone broth w/ beef tendons. Let's be honest, everything is contaminated thanks to our government. If you care so much about lead, stay away from purified, filtered and tap water. Bone broth is very nutritious, everyone needs to add antioxidant in their diet.

  • You should be ashamed of yourself. You must be a paid drone of big pharma……its people like you who think they are doctors, but actually are only glorified "DRUG" dealers. Which is the number one killer in the US today. So you have been weighed and measured and found wanting. How much did you get paid to lie and keep many sick people from getting the real help they need. You make me sick…..but bone broth will fix that "ASSHOLE"

  • Otber research shows that grass fed free range beef broth made with reverse osmosis water and lead-free cookware had no lead. Same for "pastured" chicken broth with RO water & LF cookware. I still don't use it, for ethical reasons, but let's be fair.

  • Bone broth or similar to this used to be the main food of Romans soldiers and Spartans also Massai today they eat something similar to this with lot of blood and still have huge endurance. Even Japanese people have many recipes like this and almost all of them are very healthy and they live till 87 years old!!
    Myself used to have joint problems, i tried many different treatments but all of them was waste of time and money exept bone broth who helped me a lot.

  • what protein powder do you recommend? Whey is dairy, Beef/bone broth are not acceptable as u mentioned and vegan proteins just don't seem to be working for me. Help!!!

  • All those nasty meat-eaters and ex-vegans will die of lead poisoning. You never have to worry about them, ever again. God/karma/universe will take care of them, ironically killing them via their own corpse-munching behavior. Now you can focus all your vitriol for the people who truly deserve it: lacto-ovo vegetarians!

  • I make my own homemade vegetable soup, but I am worried about losing nutrients from the vegetables from cooking! Does anyone know if it is better to cook the soup on low for long hours, not reaching boiling point. Or boiling it straight away so it doesn't cook for long? I want to save as much nutrients as I can!

  • we don't need electron microscope analysis of bone broth.
    it is shit full stop.
    we know this intuitively.
    yet the murderous propaganda continues to guile the gullible.
    people will scoff down a glass of lard if it's dressed up in apparent legitimacy.
    our civilization is a victim of its own systems and processes. satan has many avenues.

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