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  • Exactly! And primitive people smoked far before that, yet even the WAPF, other than the late Barry Groves, isn't claiming smoking as part of "nourishing(fattening) traditions."

  • Does that include the most saturated vegetable fat, coconut oil? Just wondering if all oils were tested, were they put together, were they done separately? That would require a huge research study. thanks. It is important to understand the strengths and weakness of studies. I would like you to explain them and debunk when necessary like Jeff Novick seems to do. 🙂

  • So … just playing Devil's advocate for a moment, could it be that the people who eat or overeat animal products and get sick – because there are so many of them now are skewing the study so that any animal product ingestion gets correlated with cancer?  I mean, if the link were causative wouldn't vegetarians "never" get cancer?  I'm not sure I really get the whole meaning of this study, looking behind the numbers.  So many statistical studies these days and there are several fallacies of statistics that maybe you ought to do a video on.

  • He said it maybe associated with fish…..wrong it said the opposite, it was inversely associated with fish, his chart didn't illustrate this, there was no fish category, there was a plant category but no fish one. If you look for the study you'll find fish was "INVERSELY" associated with pancreatic cancer risk, let that sink in. Take sugar out, and have a study without any sugar in the diet just meats or vegetables and the correlations will drop, cancer seems hormonal in nature more or less and a deficiency disease, you can develop cancer on a vegan diet, you can also develop cancer even when you eat meats cause when you also consume High amounts of sugars you leech any of the benefits of the meat out of your systems, you can get a deficiency from simply eating too many fruits and sugars. Also gut bacteria play a central role.

  • But, are they considering organic meats vs conventional meats? Organic does not have the things that man puts in the conventional meats that would not be hard to believe would cause cancer.

  • Outside food intake- both animal or plant based- is there any information out there citing a correlation between contracting cancer and the consumption of LSD, Psilocybin mushroom or other such naughty substances?

  • A questionnaire proves nothing. I want to see the lab tests and the forensics behind it.
    They did a 25 million dollar study many many years ago and eliminated 900 diseases which was backed up by thousands of autopsies and solved just about every illness there is with nutrition alone. The research is in the Smithsonian institute.
    Animal fats are healthy and you need them to absorb vitamins and minerals. The only problem is your not suppose to overcook the fats causing them to oxidate which causes cancer. You can have meat but only rare or medium rare and cook it on low heat in butter or lard only. As soon as you overcook it you oxidate it and it causes cancer. Vegetable oil is the worst thing you can eat as it is already oxidated in the bottle and as soon as you heat it it oxidises immediately.
    You should get off the net because your advice is killing people.
    The Inuit eat raw meat and lots of fat their whole lives and don't get cancer until they start eating a western diet.
    Show me a study of the Inuit getting cancer from eating raw meat… you can't.
    Your not a naturopath.. you have no training in nutrition. Stick to your own profession or go back to school and be a naturopath.
    You need cholesterol. As soon as it gets low you become impotent and have a 100% chance of getting Alzheimer's.
    I take cholesterol and saturated fat as a supplement every day and it healed me in months. You let your fat get low and your hair will start falling out. Take a good look in the mirror. Your low in Tin and zinc and selenium and your not absorbing it because your low fat and pro vegetable oil.

  • Steve Jobs, who was Vegan, died of pancreatic cancer. His friend, the other Steve (Wozniak), is a big guy eating the SAD and he is still alive. Some think Jobs' forays into fruitarianism and frequent drinking of fruit juice harmed his pancreas. Anyway, two Steves, similar work environment, 2 very different diets.

  • I stopped drinking milk a while ago and started to feel better. The milk of today is not like it was when I was a kid. We were always taught it was great for us. Also people still smoking these days seems ridiculous to me. I know there's a lot out there that can kill us but why take unnecessary chances. It's scary what these big companies have to do to our food now to keep up with supply and demand of the growing population.

  • kinda sad how you can spot a meat eater's comment by his abundance of denial… its never to late to leave the dark side.. just quit red meat, pork and chicken first…. you still get eggs, cheeeeeeeeese.. yumm. rigght? and fish/seafood… and the more research you do the more murdered living beings you choose to cut from your diet.. Cut the cows milk yesterday.. high quality cheese and ice cream and good butter are my last hangups…. i hear organic eggs and egg shells( to regrow teeth) may not be bad to intake.. good luck!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! but you can kill yourself too.. your choice completely 🙂

  • In my opinion balance in alimentation and plenty of physical exercise is the solution. I do not believe in veganism as "the solution to all evils," and it seems that this Dr Greger became too fundamentalist.Having opinion is not to impose the opinion. I do not eat meat, I eat fresh fish (yes, in my country we have fresh fish and no mercury), I eat some cheese, and eggs, especially the the whites. What I do not eat is sugar, and sugar is what seems to be the major problem. Let's look 300,000 years back, and see what was the alimentation ( gathering and hunting) and the average life expectancy was 80 years, without medicine to help in diseases and accidents. I recommend reading the book Sapiens and have some good sense in the defense of your ideas. And even in food, we have to have some satisfaction.
    Regarding pancreatic cancer, Steve Jobs died with it and was vegan for more than 30 years

  • May I suggest that correlation is not causation (although I think the case against animal products is strengthened). I suspect there are a myriad of factors involved in pancreatic cancer……genetics, and lifestyle ones. I think all of us know of people who eat large amounts of animal products and still remain healthy into their 70's. As a vegan, I feel like I am doing the best I can to reduce my risk of all disease, but I am aware that much is beyond our control, and thus life is a bit of a crap shoot.

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