Keto Diet Theory Put to the Test


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  • The smarmy delivery makes me question both the information and motivations behind it. Read the WIRED article. Clicked on a link provided in the WIRED article Read that. Noticed side bar links to pubmed and looked over those. Clicked on one Diet study linking obesity possibly to fetal exposure to High Fructose Corn Syrup during pregnancy. I am suspicious of the funding behind this site. Thumbs down.

  • It is already known in low-carb practice that water weight is lost in the first 1 to 2 weeks, BUT, after that, fat loss takes place. It is already known that excessive dietary fat can stall weight loss, BUT, knowledgeable scientists and doctors will tell you to increase protein instead of fat when this occurs. It is already known that muscle mass loss occurs during initial fat adaptation, BUT after that occurs, great strength gains can be made.

    Good job focusing on one study from years ago. The reason people do keto is that they see it work in others.

  • What type of fat was used in the study? What type of carbs? This is the problem with a lot nutrition science. It's oversimplifies food into it's macros, without taking QUALITY into account. High fructose corn syrup is not the same as a sweet potato, and Canola oil or corn oil is not the same as an avocado or grass-finished beef fat. If you conduct a study and give people shitty fat to eat, then yeah, you're probably going to get shitty results. It's so insane. The truth is, you can eat an unhealthy vegan diet, and you can eat an unhealthy Keto diet. Conversely, there are people out there thriving on a vegan diet, and people thriving on a Keto diet, and even a carnivore diet…. Ever wonder that is? Maybe because the importance of QUALITY of food, along with other healthy lifestyle factors (exercise, sleep quality, sunlight, stress levels) supersedes the oversimplification of AMOUNT OF MACROS (protein, fat, carbs)…

  • Such BS, I went from being a type 2 diabetic and a BMI of 44. My a1c was a 14+. In 3 months it went to a 5.4 and in 14 months I lost 55 lb and my BMI is 21. Keto đź’Ş baby. Just like a veganism, you can healthy and you can eat crap.

  • I switched to a keto/carnivore diet 6 months ago. I've had incredible results. I was in good shape before but now my body fat is around 10% while I also managed to add muscle mass. I feel strong and healthy like I'm 25 again (I'm 43). Everything is better now – skin, hair, endurance, strength, sex drive. Everyone I know who actually tried the keto diet has similar success stories. I'm sick of people trying to discredit the keto diet without having actually tried it themselves. I tried a vegan diet for a month once. I felt weak the whole time.

  • Definitely been proven recently that calories in and calories out is not the only factor for losing weight. Hormone production such as leptin is very important. Clearly he doesn’t like to note that. Also it doesn’t say what was the goal weight so couldn’t their body realize they needed to keep on the healthy weight. Interesting.

  • I hope vegan keto is part of this series. I started eating salads with olives, olive oil and vinegar and i did lose some weight. Not permanent unfortunately, but i felt pretty good and was going back on it.

  • Know ya source – this is a vegan channel. So all of us losing fat and gaining muscle with low carb are hallucinating lol. This is capitalism – everyone from the vegans to the carnivores are tyrna sell us someshit and a lot of it is bullshit but as many vegetarians know, raising the carbs regardless of calories makes us balloon up so theres something more complex than just the calorie bullshit and the utopian metaphysical conceptions of the moral vegans

  • keto is great to get a reset after decades of damage done . for example to fix insulin resistance due to years of overeating and binging sugar .

    weight loss is a bonus .

  • So why does it work?

    I'm not saying you're wrong or that your research isn't on point but literally everyone I know who has tried the ketogenic diet has lost significant weight, become healthier (I can only verify myself in this claim) and kept the weight off? I went from 240 to 145lb and ended up becoming a semi pro (cat 3) crit racer all while on vegetarian keto, I almost never get sick and my blood panels I get done regularly for cycling are as perfect as they can be.

    My roommate went from 360 and is now at 240.

    My coworker went from 250 to 180 now.

    My cousin has lost 30lbs in 3 months.

    Then there's literally thousands of people on Reddit or other social media reporting the same success. How am I supposed to look at all that clear evidence that takes 0 research to see and buy into this video? The other thing is that you're getting the reason for keto wrong. Yes people talk about more fat burning but that's not the point. The point is appetite suppression and increased energy. You also don't shovel down fat because you're not eating carbs, because of the suppression of appetite you don't eat as much until you get down to a low BMI like me where I do need to increase my fat intake to maintain weight. But on the weight loss journey I was easily able to just slip right into intermittent fasting.

    Then there's piles of research that say the opposite of what your and your research claim. So in a topic even researchers can't agree on I'll go with what I've seen.

  • Glad you've covered this. I came across taubes and hall and really started thinking…
    Unfortunately the food I have to eat at my placement is full of oil, so I'm worried about combining it with white rice

  • This argument is grossly flawed. Forcing people to eat the same amount of calories on a keto diet as on a high carb diet misses the whole point of ketogenic fat weight loss. It is the satiety that comes from the fat that reduces the craving for food and thereby lowers overall calorie consumption resulting in weight loss. This is basic Keto 101 and this sort of "fake" science promulgated by this video is starting to get on my nerves. Did you ever notice that when a vegan dies early in life such as the president of the Vegan Society, it's always attributed to bad genes or that they were a "bad" vegan. However it a person on a ketogenic diet dies early, it is due to eating animal products. This is the old "heads I win, tails you lose" scenario. If you were to listen to this doctor you would think that all his patients recover when they listen to his advice. Those that don't, he probably accuses of not following his diet properly. Nature in her wisdom made carbohydrates a NON-essential nutrient, yet today we are hearing that carbs are the MOST essential nutrient. When one does an extended water fast, the body lives almost exclusively on saturated animal (human) fat, for weeks and even months. Lipid blood profiles go through the roof as the body metabolizes its fat. You would think with all this fat coursing the through the veins, the faster would die of a heart attack. I spent several weeks at the True North health clinic and fasted along side many whole food plant based advocates who were fighting diabetes, heart disease, cancer, RA, etc. through fasting. By the way ,Dr Goldhamer runs an excellent clinic which is the best place to go when all else fails and you're in need of an extreme low carb diet.

  • Congratulations Dr Greg, you're an expert in misleading the entire world into sickness and death. You're pretty much a mass murdered at this point. Hope that some people realize that this video is complete bullshit.

  • The human body has NO requirement for dietary carbohydrates whatsoever. Also the study you chose has no validity. N=17, there was no control group, it wasn't a double blind random trial of a suitable length of time (ketogenic diets require adaptation) which would be at least 6 months continuously on the diet, whichever diet that study subject was given. If you really want to focus upon the science, get some valid science by choosing a properly conducted, properly designed study with suitable number of subjects and a suitable time line. Also, opinions are worthless. Only the data matters. In fact, just such a valid study has shown that those on a vegan diet do not live longer than a person eating a Standard American Diet. Meaning, there's NO BENEFIT to your veganism. You're welcome. Shame you never actually ever practiced medicine in the real world, but perhaps it was for the best based upon this tawdry hack job you did here.

  • Yay. Another Vegan channel doing another hit piece on keto full of misinformation. Do your own research. Consider your sources. Draw your own conclusions. I've gone from obese to a normal BMI, gained strength & increased lean mass percentage, reduced bodyfat percentage, lowered my blood pressure and improved my bloodwork on keto. Of course, I'm not pushing a vegan agenda and just do what's best for my own health.

  • The Keto diet is absolute bullshit! Severely restricting carbohydrates is the stupidest thing you can do when dieting. Think about it, when it comes to losing fat ALL it comes down to is being in a caloric deficit. Exercise helps you create this deficit. Guess what fuels your workouts? CARBS! Anyone that follows a keto diet is simply ignorant but now I have informed you so do not do keto. Just eat less, exercise consistently, get enough protein, and make sure you are losing about a pound per week until you reach your goal weight.

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