Kempner Rice Diet: Whipping Us Into Shape


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  • Some of my friends need to be dropped off on a deserted island (not a desert island) without cigarettes/smokes and alcohol and with only rice and fruit and some vegetables to survive on. Then they would surly quit smoking 😉 and quit drinking 😉 and become healthier as a result. I had often figured that if I were rich I'd have them kidnapped and parachuted in, monitored and picked up if they so chose when they reached a healthy state. Now though, I should probably join them and also so they didn't suspect me. 🙂 One can only hope.

    In the mean time I'll just work on myself.

  • The way you get people to stick to such a plant based diet is to educate them about what goes on in the animal agriculture industry. With the documentaries Earthlings, and Conspiracy. And get them to make the ethical connection and go vegan! That's how people stick to eating plants for life.

  • I understand Kempner's frustrations. Sometimes people don't care about their health and it is so frustrating because their families are going to be the ones picking up the pieces when these morons end up disabled or croaking from something preventable.

  • I enjoy most of your videos, but this is too much speculation. These were obese people for whom any restricted calorie diet would have been beneficial. We don't know that this diet would be good for healthy people with ideal weight. It probably would not be health for Olympic athletes, who need different diets based on their sports and who most likely need extra protein. Furthermore, with all the food analysis technology that we have today, one would think that some special chemical in white rice would have been isolated by now.

  • Hi, is the rice diet effective for chronic kidney disease patient on the verge of being placed on dialysis? Also, how long should a person stay on the rice diet before transitioning to a whole food plant based diet?

  • so kempner ided ofa heart attack who practiced the rice died and teddy roosevelt died of a heart disease but then you say the rice diet could of helped teddy roosevelt but obviously not so much then huh thats a slight contradiction isn't it?

  • Too bad my "other half " doesn't believe me about the vegan diet, & he sometimes makes fun of me, & especially in a restaurant where I have super limited choices, or literally there's nothing on the menu for me. 🙁
    Let's just keep in mind that I'm 5'2, 102 pounds, & he's, idk, but his jeans are 38, shirts are a 2xL. My jeans are either 00, 0, & occasionally 1. My shirts are a size XS. Yet he still won't accept the reality.

  • This diet is effective not because it is low fat but because it is low protein. Too much protein is poison. We need 25-35g of protein per day. Just 300g of white bread gives you 25g of protein. The average European or American consumes 100g+ protein everday stressing their livers and kidneys.

  • "The biggest loser" is a reality TV show where they take fat people and help them lose weight through physical and psychological abuse (according to one comedian).
    Or they can just lock them up and feed them the proper diet. I mean what's the difference:
    Parents forcing their kids to go to school… Religious group forcing you to pay 10%… You have no rights to your own euthanasia… More fees because you can't pay your debt… Allow people to die of starvation because they have no money…
    Locking up fat people and feeding them the proper diet sound more ethical than the other shit we do to our society 😛

  • Doesn't the Rice Diet contradict Dr. Greger's stance on sugar? The patients in Kempner's program averaged eating 100 grams of sugar a day and the diet allowed up to 500 grams of sugar per day (over a pound).

  • 'bad arsenic filled grain' . . cures disease . . . because it's low fat !

    Why he didn't use simply fruits , vegetables + some potatoes and some whole grain meals ?!

  • It is most disturbing, how it is common knowledge that you can make people eat meat dairy and eggs through screening short acts of happiness and wellbeing in the media. Nevertheless doctors said to Mr. Esselstyn, that they know of no way to make the person follow any diet. And therefore it is presumed, that it is only possible to treat them pharmaceutically (short therm effort, long time influence), poking them with a needle (short therm physical violence), under threat of illness or death if not treated (psychological violence). These methods are somehow considered more acceptable, than isoliting people (like Dr. Arnoldo Cantani did) or beating them with a whip (like Dr. Kempner did), although I see the same violence but with better results. While stating that it is impossible for a prolonged influence on patients in order for them to stick to the diet – the doctors fail to recognize, that prolonged influence on people is the monopoly of the media. Which is done not only by the food, but also the pharma industry, which are forcing pills and food down into our hands and down our throats through psychological and neurolinguistic trickery. Only difference is, that this trickery is done not in favor of health, but in order for us to buy more food and pills, even if we don't need them. Also the food mostly sold is of a different sort (high fat, high protein, low carb) than a person requires for health. Taking all what I have written into account one may only see two options: an uneven battle of advertisement budgets between the healthy diet promoting doctors and the food industry plus the cardio, cancer and heart associations sponsored by those same industries. Or a new type of video-therapy, where the person is isolated from regular advertisement and given specially designed healthy advertisement by the doctor.

  • Please: Can someone who understands this diet confirm if I have it right? 1. A daily portion of one to one and a half cups of dry white rice. 2. Any amount of fruit of your choice daily. 3. Any amount of fruit juice of your choice daily. 4. Any amount of sugar daily.

    Is this correct? Or did I miss something? Thank you for any help or advice!

  • rice is a staple food in the southern part of India and we have got the highest Diabetes issues in the world.Doctors say Rice is the main reason because they have too much of carbs.Rice is been eaten since ages but the diabetes problem has started since three or two decades,dont know what is the reason for this problem exactly.

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