Juicing Removes More Than Just Fiber


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  • Dr. Gregor the adverse health effects of juicing fruits seem obvious, as it only leaves behind sugar (fructose). But what about juicing celery, broccoli or kale? Are there studies showing negative health effects of vegetable-juicing?

  • Obviously Dr. Greger has found yet another way to distort nutritional health practices, however I can't say he's totally wrong about this one.  Eating whole foods is "generally" better than juicing, but Dr. Greger has missed the entire point of juicing.  The point of juicing is to flood the body with an abundance of nutrients for specific purposes.  If we're healthy, and want normal intake of nutrients, then eating whole foods or having "smoothies" is perfect.  But when it comes to juicing, a much higher quantity of veggies and fruits are required to create a glass full of juice than a glass full of smoothie.  Juicing is equivilent to supercharging your nutrient uptake and despite the decrease in the percentage of fiberous content, the juice does contain some degree of fiberous material and those juices "comingle" with other foods and bacteria in our systems, generating great health benefits.  My opinion is to continue juicing and take Dr. Greger with a health grain of salt.

  • oh, you are a slave of the system. dont know how all these studies are manipulated. take a look in the programs of Dr. Gabriel Cousen about CURING diabetes with the juice fast. Off course we know that a lot of fructose increase blood sugar levels, and only a stupid doctor would recomend a lot of apple juice to his diabetic patience. you have to deal with the professional PHD doctors who are guiding the juice fast for the past 30 years, and learn from their experience what is the reality, instead of blindly believe in statistics made by the same people who are making the whole world diabetic by distributing refined sugar to our children.

  • Wow, sure is hard to figure out who's right and who's wrong. I think I will do what Jack Lalanne did. He juiced till he was 96 years old and his health was incredible. As an athlete he was performing things at 80 that most high school kids couldn't do. Yeah, I think the experts can keep there studies and I'll keep my juice 🙂

  • What type of juice are the talking about? the store pasteurized and filtered or for example a fresh whole fruit juiced? The latter one is normally thick and full of fibers.

  • Ok, so we already know store bought commercial juices are not good for you. Not news. This tries to elude that all juice is not as good as the whole thing. Wrong! Many more sources are for juicing than your little video against it…..

  • hahahaha… juicing, blending, eating the whole vegetable/fruit, cooking the vegetables all have their purpose. juicing gives the body a rest during say 1 meal skipped and juice or 1, 2, 3 days only juice. it hydrates the body, gives the jaws a rest from chewing. enjoy juicing, blending, eating the whole fruit/vegetables. people making too big of a dea out of this is making me laugh.

  • JUICING ISN'T BLENDING!!! BLENDING IS GOOD, JUICING IS NOT. So stay away from all the crap they're selling in the stores and make yourself a fruit smoothie full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber instead 🙂

  • I'm a 23 years old woman, who is very small/thin with a small bone structure which I want to increase. Is it too late for someone in my age and can you please do a video about building a bigger and stronger bone structure? 🙂

  • Hey, https://t.co/JjfVlih8SQ I watched your video on juicing and you gave me the final push to get a juicer. I wanted to start eating healthy foods, and I found that juicing helps. My teacher played an episode in class of this man who traveled to the U.S. and only drank juice, he did this for 60 days without any food just juice. He was tired of being lethargic and sick all the time so he started the fasting trip. So that inspired me to eat healthy, or at least try to eat healthy. So I went out to go buy a juicer, I bought the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juicer. I love it! it’s amazing and I love all the combinations of juices I can make, but my one gripe is that it’s very loud so I have to use it when my family is awake. Eventually when I get enough money, I will invest in a better juicer like yours. I would like to thank you for making that video, to give me some insight on how to get started with juicing.

  • crazy, first of all, the whole video is mostly about fruit. I juice veggies not fruit. Too much sugar in the fruit for juicing. second, he talks about the nonextractable polyphenols. My juicer leaves lots of fiber still in the juice!!!! plenty left over for the friendly flora!!! blending whips too much oxygen into the liquid and oxidizes the nutrients and can even turn it acidic.

  • I inject the juice into my veins and become like the hulk. Then I go around and hunt down and beat the polyphenol rich fiber out of nerdy sounding you tube health gurus.

  • Juicing is great just add in what it takes out the importance of juicing is that the nutrients it does extract it multiplies and multiplies it so much that the nutrients you do get from juicing a cup or two you would have to eat baskets of that fruit. The problem with videos like this is juicing does and did cure many things but you can't just juice you need solid you need fiber and what ever else juicing might take away.

    The beautiful thing about juicing is unlike blending it multiplies the nutrients in the greatest way possible it is what made juicing popular anyways when it came out as something healthy. No doubt it takes fiber but no doubt it multiplies the nutrients it does give .

  • Juiced juices still contain enough micro fiber to stimulate the process. Cold pressed juices do not. If you juice; it's best to masticate the fruit first, breaking into soluble fiber, then press. This is why the Gershon institute only recommends juicers that have this two step process.

  • Juicer is one of the greatest thinks human mades, and it's definitely not been made for juicing fruits, which can be eaten quickly and digested easily. I need 1h30 minutes to chew bowl of green salad, anyway I enjoy eating it every day. Yes, I could do it in one third of the time, but how much would I get of it than, and how much would be simply thrown in the toilet, and how much would I stress my body to deal with half chewed food…. And there are veggies with cellulose to though for humans to digest in a raw form, soo you need to cook it instead. If I would not using juicer and blander, I could not been eaten all those veggies in a day. Yes, I could do it in a perfect world.
    This whole video completely misled the juicers purpose. There can not even be a debate about that. What I get from this video is another doctor "glass half full" preaches about some another studies made by some another scientists. Anyway JUICER IS A GIFT FROM GODS IN THIS FASTLIVING, CRAZY WORLD.

  • I am always curious about how studies are conducted. In this case, what type of apple juice was used in the study? Most store bought juices are made from concentrate. Lobbyist have been able to get laws passed where the juice producer can make a concentrate and anything they add doesn’t have to be included on the label. These type of juices are loaded with sugar, corn syrup etc. Basically, they‘re not juice at all.

  • Okay, so the fiber is used, but is it still worth it? It's impossible to eat 4 square meters of wheatgrass, but it is very easy to juice it. You cannot tell me that eating a possible amount of wheatgrass would ever come close to the nutritional benefit of juicing what your capable of drinking.

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