Is White Rice a Yellow Light or Red Light Food?


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  • Poses a question in the title, no real answer in the video 😮 So when questions are in the title, we will be left with questions? In a weird way it's an accurate title then 😑

  • Sorry Dr Greger when you saying I become cancer or other illnesses from white rice then you can also say it to the japanese people in theire face especially the okinawaian people. Where there live a healthy life. But you said only rice from india,pakistan and US Non GMO rice and what is the arsenic level of sushirice? The 2nd thing is you dont really explain where the arsenic of hijiki or other toxins comes from. Sure that this study is Not from the low carb compain. The same shit they said was the gluten in bread and pasta!

  • HEB in Texas sells Brown Jasmine Whole Grain Brown Rice Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice. Product of Thailand. I far as I know it's the rice grown in the U.S. on land where cotton was previously grown that has the arsenic.

  • How about giving up the arsenic saga for a while and do a video explaining which is the best form of iodine someone should take to protect yourself from radiation in a nuclear fallout.

  • I eat white rice pretty much everyday.. but ya will still eat it ..I also eat pearl barely and bulgar..will just eat less rice..I buy jasmine rice which is less in arsenic and wash it 5 times before cooking it.

  • I eat 1000 ants per day because ants can lift 8x their bodyweight over their heads, soon I will be strong enough to lift the vegans moral superiority and throw it in the trash.

  • this man single handedly just ended rice, maybe the most popular food on the planet.

    please tell us doctor if we clean the soil is there hope that rice might make sense in the future?

    many thanks

  • Ok…this is getting WAY out of reason. Do I eat rice or not? Do I have to buy it on line from Asia instead of the US? Should I stop eating rice at all? I have been a big fan of Dr. Greger, but he is now confusing the hell out of me. And did someone say the Dr. Gregor puts white potatoes in the RED category now. BB'q Ribs and Beer are sure starting to sound good right about now…..geeeeez! I think if every food is over analyzed it will all cause cancer. And if it it is continually debated with so called facts, it will all come full circle. Where does it all end? Ok Dr. Gregor, just what the hell can we eat that is safe? 😡

  • So stupid. The arsenic comes from the soil that generally (apart from naturally occurring stuff that will be higher or lower in certain areas) was all put there by stupid humans spraying toxic arsenic containing pesticides and toxic chemicals, and giving medications to animals, then spreading their manure everywhere etc etc and has nothing to do with rice. Grow rice where there's no arsenic. No arsenic in the rice. Is the rice the problem or stupid idiot humans?!
    Dr Greger is just trying to prove how open minded he is by trashing the shit out of a plant based product to appease fellow researches/Dr's that accuse him of being biased in my opinion. "Look at me! I'm completely unbiased everyone! I'm trashing the shit out of a plant based food see! Look how unbiased I am! Guys! I'm over here jumping up and down on my treadmill waving my arms about. Can you see me? Well here's another vid just in case you didn't notice" That's why he's overcompensating imo. Yeah a couple of vids so people are aware but 11 in a row?!!!!! WTF? Has DR Greger ever down 11 vids in a row about the dangers of anything?!
    Here's the problem with reductionism Arsenic :no known safe level (that they know of- in other words can't work out whether the danger level is 200micrograms or 20 nanograms)with regards to cancer so therefore any nanogram is maybe cancer causing on some level perhaps, or maybe not? Shit we don't know! Lets just say 0 nanograms cause we can't test for it and don't really know.
    Its all good though, instead of eating some rice and veggies I'm going eat my double cheese bacon burger fries donuts and cakes and biscuits with a can of alcohol in my hand and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. At least I know I won't be getting cancer! Stupid dang vegans!

  • Doc, be careful your IGF-1 levels don't rise, because of you milking this rice subject. I do notice you stopped taking the unnaturally long pauses in your speech, but still I get the feeling you're stretching the subject more than is comfortable. Maybe not time wise, but when you have this large a body of content on a single subject at hand, I think we can handle a video of 15 minutes for once. I suspect the YouTube algorithms encourage you to do it this way, so you reach more of your subscribers. But one more "next" at the end of a rice-video and I think I'll sit this one out until the playlist gets out. Much like the binge-watching I did when I first discovered your channel a couple of years back.

  • Easy Dr. Greger… I get the arsenic issue but what is this talk of white rice causing diabetes when studies have shown that in rural Asia where rice is the staple diseases like diabetes are pretty much non-existent. Seems like something doesn't add up anymore? China Study debunked?

  • white basmati rice is GOD. fuck that yellow light red light. It's vegan, it's a plant. not made in a factory. focusing on problems, creates fear and fear attracts what you resist.

  • Is there anything special in Grains/also Legumes anyway that you can't get from Roots like Potatoes/Pumpkins that also contain Vitamin A+C and stuff?Seems like that would be an even better satieting Starch to have a reliable Energy Source throughout the Day when there's no perfectly ripe Tropical Fruit around which we evolved on

  • besides its not the rice, its the land its grown on and the quality of the water water used. Buy California grown white and brown rice. Lundberg is a good brand.

  • Aren't we really talking about the WATER having arsenic? Come on… it's like over a billion people eating rice for thousands of years with no problems never happened. Wow.

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