Is the Fiber Theory Wrong?


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  • Morally the Vegan theory is right nutritionally the Vegan theory is wrong… Humans are omnivores (Not Herbivores, Nor Carnivores)
    that derive our energy and nutrients from a diet consisting of a variety of sources that may include plants, animals, algae and fungi' We are able to both tolerate and fully extract nutrients from most plant and animal sources. Exceptions include cellulose and chitin. we can, as omnivores, Now that we no longer NEED to hunt and kill animals for our food, choose and thrive on a plant-based diet if we wish.

  • 75% of Native Hawaiians are Obese.
    75% of Mexican-Americans are Obese.
    75% of Native American Indians are Obese.
    75% of Black Women within North America are Obese.

    The current state of Humanity is reflected by those who survived through Virus and Plague, created through the ignorance of Carnivorism. Human is a refuge of disease not natural selection.

  • Scurvy was a horrific problem among pirates and sailors hundreds of years ago.  The saying "you scurvy dog" came from how horrific pirates looked after contracting scurvy, which bursts holes in your arteries and veins (Google some images of scurvy).  Scurvy is solely caused by a lack of vitamin c !!!   Pirates and Sailors starting taking limes with them on long ocean voyages, and became nicknamed "Limeys".  You've probably heard the saying "blimey mate", (which is actually limey).   Therefore, a strong healthy heart and veins may be attributed to the combination of vitamin c AND fiber.  For the record, supplements do NOT work!  Vitamin C must be taken in whole food/fruit form.  Supplements say "vitamin c – ascorbic acid".  However, ascorbic acid is only part of the vitamin c cell !!!  Unbelievable!!!  Nutrient companies have been selling us 'ascorbic acid' and saying that ascorbic acid is vitamin c, when it is only the shell of the vitamin c cell/molecule.  You've been lied to.  It's the same as them selling you the shell of a walnut and telling you you're getting a walnut!  You can just throw all your vitamin c supplements in the trash!  Eat whole fiber from DARK green vegetables and eats lots of sweet potatoes for it's many nutrients including fiber, potassium and vitamin c. I sometimes wonder if a law firm will one day sue vitamin c manufacturers for BILLIONS of dollars for lying to the public for over 50 years now, KNOWING that ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin c, but claiming that it is and putting 'vitamin c' on the label.Now go look up scurvy, then grab an orange or lime!

  • People can eat meat all they want if they think its tasty and enjoy it, but to believe that its necessary and good for you is what kinda bothers me (the ignorance)

  • Does anyone know if it is bad to mix a lot of carbs (from rice, potatoes, fruits) and fats (from nuts and seeds) at the same meal? I heard that it is bad, but am still not sure about that.

  • I could (to my surprise) not find any information on your site about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and hyper mobility. I have a good friend that suffers from this and would love to get some information how to treat it.

  • according to vegans and vegetarians, if you stop eating meat you'll never get chronic diseases and you will live forever. What do you think that vegans die off? Old age? Old age is not a thing that kills you, you'll get chronic disease, heart attacks, cancer and diabeties like everyone else, no matter how well you eat so stop chugging those avacados like they are some sort of miracle drug that will make you immortal dumbass.

  • Boy, this page is full of foul-mouthed, vulgar creeps who explain away bad behavior because it's about the animals! Maybe live a little drama free for awhile? Some of us live nice vegan lives for decades without getting in other peoples faces when they're just trying to watch a nice video. I'd hate to see what you're like at family occasions, etc.

  • Hey did you ever do an episode on whole grains?!!??!??!?! I want to know which whole grain is best. Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, Quinoa, Brown rice, Millet or Corn?

  • Are there any Ugandans here who can tell us what people used to eat at the time the article refers to? What did a typical meal (or day's/week's worth of meals) look like?

  • Can someone please answer this question. How much fibre is recommended daily on a vegan diet? I feel like i might be getting too much bevause some of my stools are loose(although not all) but i don't have any stomach cramps

  • Love your content and the fact that you give us all of your sources. Recently started the transition to veganism due to ethical reasons, but I instantly began to worry about my nutritional needs. Seeing your name all over the web, I went to YouTube to see what the deal was. Awesome content. Thanks.

  • What about too much Fiber? I read that it can give one side effects like
    bloating, constipation and stomach cramps, and that it can disrupt
    hormonal balance especially in men.

  • I am 75 years old, and I don't know exactly how much fiber I am eating.  In a normal day I have 2-3 pounds of raw fruits and vegetables. I also consume 8 tablets of psyllium each day, spread out during the day.  I should tell the reader I have 3-4 good BMs per day.  The last time I was constipated was probably 30 years ago.  I also work out in gym 7 days per week, for a full hour, and when I leave there, I am not every breathing hard, but I am soaked in sweat.  I am following my dads way of living, and he made it to 97 !  Dr Greger's way of living gives one a choice.  Want a long life with no problems, and no poisonous medications ?   If so, do as he suggests.  It works.  My Doctor tells me he wishes he had my cholesterol.  It is not rocket science.  It is common sense basically.  Eat they way they did, 50 years ago. and live to an age we can in the U.S.  The choice is the reader's.

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