Is Stevia Good For You?


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  • "In a review by Brusick et al.4, it was reported that several studies have not been able to reproduce the results of Nunes et al.3, due to inconsistences in methodology and questions regarding the levels of stevia consumed.  An earlier investigation examined the ingestion of steviol (250-2,000mg/kg body weight) and found no DNA damage in the stomach, colon, liver, kidney or testis.5 The majority of studies reviewed by Brusick et al. concluded stevioside, reb A, and steviol do not induce genotoxicity or mutagenicity. The few in vitro assays that have reported mutagenic properties have not been able to be reproduced in bacteria that possess (like humans) normal reparative DNA processes4." From what I have read just about anything we eat can be carcinogenic likely half of what we consume daily contains carcinogens, coffee has about 14 possible carcinogens, but it likely has other artifacts that might offset that or prevent the damage.

  • I have been using this product for about 10 months now 
    and i was sold on the natural stevia steeped in water as on the box
    i thought it would be helpful to cut down my sugar as i was told that i have got diabetes NOW 
    i am mad as hell to find out that this is not what i had thought it was 
    i am so thankfull to you for this exposure of the TRUTH
    i am so angry i have been tricked into consuming a GMO PRODUCT
    MADE FROM GMO CORN like this 

  • Good, because Stevia's nasty tasting! When did a little sugar become toxic? Except the fact that its GMO now I think, a half teaspoon of sugar in my morning coffee once a day won't kill me. As for the rest of day, no added sugars allowed! Just whole fruit.

  • I know this is an old video but can you answer this question. What if you have a Stevie plant. You take leaves, wash them, and grind them up to powdered form. It looks green and is much more mild than store bought. Is it still harmful to our body?

  • I can't believe it. I drink around 4-5 cups of tea a day each sweetened with 12-15 drops of Now stevia extract. I love stevia so much and I don't want to give it up. Am I fucked?

  • Thank you for the info! I've been doing research on Stevia and Erythritol for about a year now – sine I quit sugar (for the most part) last year and went low carb. Fortunately I don't use Stevia a ton – not even every day. I will make sweets here and there with it (usually a product called "Swerve" that uses both of those sweeteners in powdered form) – but I eat what I make very sparingly (i.e. one baked treat a day, if even that).

    So I guess Stevia – along with most everything else – is ok, but only in small quantities.

  • What about the method of ingestion? The herb stevia was originally used as a whole fresh or dried supplement (much like other herbs used as a tea) with other herbs like Yerba Mate… Could it be that the unnatural methods of refinery that lead to this extra toxicity? My question is unnatural refinery vs natural steeping in cold or hot water.

  • For 3 days I put it in my morning coffee, but my gut hurt and I felt increasingly sick, until I could not get out of bed. So back to small amount of sugar.

  • I was putting a packet of Stevia in my morning coffee every day for over a year, with no ill effects—until…one day I developed horrible explosive diarrhea, and I was away from home. It was beyond embarrassing—I had to throw out my underwear—and I haven't used stevia since for anything; after all, it doesn't even taste that good.

  • Please. What is 4 grams per kilogram? Is it a daily intake? It is not enough data to be scientific. I calculated: for my 100 kg I can have 400 mg of stivia. I bought it in tablets. Each contains 21% of sweeter out of 60mg, where 60mg is equal to a tee spoon of sugar. It gave me around 10 mg per tea spoon sugar equivalent. Meaning the dose for me 400mg of stevia making up to 40 tea spoons of sugar. It is basically 2 times more than I can take in one go. It means that even based on half scientific data Stevia is safe for me.

  • All I gotta say is stevia sweetened soft drinks, even if they still have a good amount of sugar just doesn't taste right. Its almost as if it takes the 'fun' out of soft drinks giving it like an odd/off or bland sort of sweetened taste, and it is certainly not a mental thing.

    I hadn't had sprite in probably over a year and after drinking one the other week for the first time, I could immediately tell something wasn't right and that something had definitely changed in the formula giving it a sort of flat, bland sweetened taste. I immediately turned the bottle around and read that it was now sweetened with sugar AND stevia. I was so dissapointed as it was probably going to be the last time I would be drinking sprite.

    I know I know, first world problems. But still.. people have always known and expected that when your drink soft drinks that they are obviously not healthy and not good for you. Why they purposely had to change the formula just to save on that little sugar is beyond me and such a terrible decision!

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