Is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Safe?

Just because the toothpaste ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate doesn’t cause cancer doesn’t mean it can’t cause problems. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition …


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  • This is intriguing as irritants over time can lead to cancerous cells as the inflammatory response damages some cells. As the cells reproduce, newer cells, if still in the presence of various irritants can potentially mutate. If the cell cycle is disrupted, cancer can indeed be the result.

  • I found that using toothpaste without SLS, there's less foaming, so I can brush longer. The foaming stuff creates so much foam it makes me gag, or stop repeatedly to spit out the foam. SLS free toothpaste is also less drying of the mouth. It's not necessary to have SLS in there!

  • I make mine own paste. I make a year's supply. You can reduce the scale to fit your mix.

    I take 2.5lbs of xylitol and add it in a large bowl for mixing, and also add one full cup of food grade diatomaceous earth (ONLY FOOD GRADE!!!!!!!! – AND DO NOT BREATH IT IF IT GETS IN THE AIR!!). I mix it up and add liquefied coconut oil just enough to make it into a dry-ish paste. Then I add essential peppermint oil a little at a time fully mixing and then tasting the mix so it's altoid strong.

    I then pack it all up into mason jars, and I use a half teaspoon when I brush. I also like to work a bit around my mouth right after eating because the xylitol kills off the bacteria that is reproducing like crazy thanks to the food I just ate – preventing my mouth ph from dropping into cavity producing territory.

    I always had very sensitive teeth, and they would ache periodically on their own throughout the day, but two weeks after using this paste – the aching vanished. My dentist raves about my hygiene, and I've been doing this for around 5 years.

    Thanks to Dr Gregor, I will probably add amla to the mix next time as well. And in my opinion, xylitol is not fit for human consumption, but it's good for killing bacteria and spitting out!

  • Just pull some sesame oil everyday right after you get up and as you sit on your toilet or shower for 5-10 mins. Spit it out, brush teeth and gums with soft brush, rinse and you are good to go!

  • This was incredibly helpful to me. I was waking up every morning with sloughing cheek tissue in my mouth, which would continue to peel off for hours. I tried changing toothpastes, but still had the problem. Apparently, most toothpaste brands have sls. Even the alcohol free mouthwash I was using has sls. After watching this video I went and bought an sls free toothpaste and stopped using the mouthwash. Amazing! No cheek sloughing. Thank you so much!

  • In my studies over the years ..I keep coming back to the fact  that SLS was developed  as an engine degreaser .. So do U  Need an engine degreaser in UR tooth Paste or  shampoo ??   Papa JOHN

  • I use sls toothpaste whole my life since I was a little kid I actually used to swallow it and i never never never ever got that sort of reaction the things that are being said about sls are bullshit the only thing that sls does is stripping your natural protective layer and natural oils so if you are familiar with dry skin or exceem that layer is needed but if you have normal skin theres no.problem using a sls product cause that layer can build up alot of bad bacteria and sls can remove that bacteria, cause the natural oils return back in to your skin in no time but i dont recommend sls if you have dry skin or a rash.
    Try using a sls free body wash if you have some rash or dry skin and when all your rash and dry parts are gone try taking some vitamins so.the blood flow through your body produces normal amounts of natural oils again and then its safe for you to use sls again.
    The best always is to choose voor a natural sls by that I mean a natural product with already alot of natural oils in it like rituals or olay or shea moisture etc.
    The common sls dove body wash can be irritating because it doesnt contain any good oils.
    If you have any further questions I can help you.

    Ps. I have experienced rash and I still do untill this moment the fay I began using sls free products my rash is less irritating and when i use the sls it just gets more dryer but I know when this rash is gone and i have normal skin again its no problem to use sls body wash but dont forget to follow with some skin oils after the shower or a good natural lotion or body cream.

  • Aren't irritants also carcinogens in the long run ? They can't tell you this doesn't cause cancer. This brings to mind the theory that if you quit smoking you'll be fine in a decade and have the same risk of everything as a non smoker. Every single smoker I know who quit decades prior died of either lung cancer, COPD, or emphysema . So , once again bullshit they feed us to give smokers a hope they can one day be well . Question everything !

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