Is pomegranate juice that wonderful?


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  • video says the study contradicts the health claim made by Pom – not necessarily the case. The ad shown states the results of pomegranate juice consumption – WITHOUT comparison to a control. The study the video then shows highlights the results of juice consumption *relative to the control*

    So it's possible the company stated the result without being compared to the control (which would be the same as the placebo effect).

  • What did the heart patient eat hamburger meat still potatoes dairy it wasn't the fruit it was them Doctors who do not know nutrition benefits and do not teach patient to change diet or send to good dietiancian or nutritinist just give med.

  • Is there any easier way to get access to whole pomagranates? They are only in season for 2 months during the year in California—-and I don't know that the juice and/or other extracts would have nearly the same benefits.

  • I swear my back was in so much pain like I had pulled something and couldn't walk so I got on YouTube and it said drink pomegranate juice to help with inflammation and when I say the next morning everything was back to normal

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