Is One Egg a Day Too Much?


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  • Agreed. It is getting harder and harder to find good organic real food. Even whole foods not everything is the same top notch quality you'd expect.

    I grow my own and sell a little on the side out front from a picnic table. (fair price too) But you won't find too many people like me around.

  • Eggs are not bad for you. These doctors won't tell you the cholesterol you eat has very little impact on your body's cholesterol level. Our bodies produce 1-2 GRAMS of cholesterol every day (5-10 times the amount in an egg). If you eat more cholesterol, your body produces less, and vice versa. There are no studies that have ever PROVEN eggs are bad for you. Eggs are, in fact, good for you. The yolks are packed with nutrients. These doctors just don't want to admit they were wrong all along.

  • As I tried to point out. There is a huge difference in eggs depending on how the hens are raised. The typical CAFO egg is actually bad for you, as are most CAFO meat products. What you are not being told, the dirty little secret no one, not the CAFOs, not even Vegans, wants to acknowledge, is that it is the nasty filthy inhumane unhealthy CAFO system that is making our food harmful. NOT eggs in general or meat in general, but CAFO eggs and meat in particular.

  • LOLZ So the trolling scum bag who stole my avatar still lives? Any more unethical things you wish to add to your lies?

    Chickens don't have periods, and you already know that. But you are the type of scum that doesn't care about truth anyway. Is there any deception you won't use?

  • i dont buy any of this bullshit now day! you got it all  backwards –eggs lower high blood presser . whole milk drinker are lighter Then 1% drinker are! thay weight less thay do!   then  1 % milk people do!

  • @Red Baron Farm Is it safe to say I'm okay eating eggs daily from my neighbor who has free roaming hens that eat off of his land? They roam into neighboring yards too, but no one ever gets mad. The best thing (since the previous place I lived my neighbors there had chickens & roosters) is that these hens are quiet.

  • Shame on you, that you deliberately lie to your audience. The study you cited was refuted again and again by the scientific community. How can you post this bullshit when you know that the information in it is not accurate.  To be more precise, I invite your audience to read this articles too:

    So what is your position now? You, sir, are a crappy doctor, shame on you.

  • Ok. . .so I looked into this study, and this is what I find suspicious about your conclusion that eggs are bad for us.  According to the study you cited in this video, which can be found here:

    "Frequent consumption of eggs was associated with older age; higher body mass index; higher vegetables and lower breakfast cereal consumption; higher proportions of current DRINKERS, SMOKERS, and multivitamin users; higher prevalence of diabetes and hypertension; and LOWER PREVALENCE OF EXERCISE, hypercholesterolemia, and parental history of premature CAD. . ."

    Emphasis in caps is mine.   So. . .given the fact that egg eaters were more likely to be drinkers, smokers and not exercise. . .how on EARTH can we conclude that eating eggs is bad for us?

    Anecdotally, I must say that I average about 2 free range eggs/day.  I eat the yolk raw and cook the egg white.  I went in to my doctor to have my cholesterol checked after 2-3 years of this amount of egg consumption, and he said my cholesterol was great, if not borderline LOW.

    So. . .again. . .how are you coming to this conclusion?

  • Pero no que el huevo ahora era bueno, pues tenia grasas buenas, Omegas????? comí 4 huevos diarios durante un año debería haber muerto??

  • I've been whole foods vegan the past 5 months and this sounds like a crock of shit. You're all about digging into a study when it opposes veganism and then you present this ridiculously weak argument based on correlation and ask us to just believe you?! You did not remove the other factors that were correlated to mortality so your conclusions are ridiculous

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