Is Monsanto’s Roundup Pesticide Glyphosate Safe?


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  • We are living in the most unprecedented conspiracy in the history of  our mother planet Earth.
    Advertising on tv , radio & internet load us everyday with lies without
    And because 'advertising' is the economic source of tv , radio & internet , no one/governement dares obliging these advertisements to include warnings & dangers of those chemicals on living species . 
    Where are we going to ?
    Pesticides , cleaning products , fabrics' waste …etc
    Air pollution & soil contamination is the most eccessive in the last 200 years of history of earth . 
    In the next few milliniums , people will be obliged to use natural products & energy . cancers are killing populations now as a result . what will be the situation in the year 4000 , for example ?

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    What would you recommend? Is it appropriate to conclude from results of these experiments that GM food is harmful?

    Because we do not eat just 1.2% solution of glyphosate but normal food which contains mixture of organic and inorganic compounds. And we do not water our meal on all our cells simultaneously but we do it rather slowly and gradually. And cells which encounter this glyphosate first are epithelial cells which are anyway condemned to death. And also there is СYT P450 system with its detoxifying properties etc.

  • Seralini? Really doc? You should know better. Every GMO study that this guy has been associated with for the last 20 years has been refuted by every reputable scientific and health organization in the world. He has been caught over and over pushing retracted studies, drawing unjustified conclusions and manipulating his study methods to push his own beliefs.

  • Cutting through the jargon, YES, roundup is not safe for human consumption, and Monsanto's interests are only profit based.

    Note, Roundup is NOT a pesticide; it is an herbicide. 

  • Kind of a catch 22. Monsanto (13 of Evil, Inc. w Halliburton & BP) because if they DID do human research, who would be dumb enough to take part if they know anything about Monsanto (who that is, still breathing?)? I'm trying to thing but I'm drawing a blank about what it is and when it was that Monsanto ever produced ANYTHING that wasn't at least controversial or at worst harmful to anything that breathes

  • They sell this poison for driveway use.  But all you have to do to get rid of weeds is mow them or pull them.  To just kill them, use boiling water.  It's that easy, costs you less, and uses no poison.  Same thing with flea and tick soaps, all you need is plain "soap" like Ivory or Dove or Dial etc, water alone drowns them.  Poison is not needed.

  • What he is referring to is POEA (polyethoxylated tallow amine) there are 2 studies involving POEA and human cells. The first one found that it is safe, and the second one (the one he mentions) found that it had acute toxicity in very high doses. Those doses are NOT found on GMO foods.

  •  How about a few more facts on glyphosate: Monsatan always said glyphosate is competely harmless to humans because humans don't have the shikimate pathway plants do and glyphosate kills weeds by attacking this pathway. GMO's are resistant to glyphosate because, bacteria genetic mateial was implanted in the the cells of the plant using a virus. The bacteria protects the pathway in GMO's from glyphosate while weeds die off.

    What Monsatan doesn't tell anyone is that our gut bacteria has the shikimate pathway, and yep Glyphosate that is in the corn or soy we eat will kill our gut bacteria. Our gut bacteria is the first line of defence for our immune system, and glyphosate has no effect on fungi like candida. Candida if unchecked can grow over several years to form cancer.

  • Have you watched all of the Sickness and Health related movies?
    Please search youtube for the following: 

    Forks Over Knives
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  • I can eat pumpernickel bread and rye bread anytime I want, but pasta or white bread makes me physically sick for days. Even a little bit will set me off. I am glad I looked this up and will tell everyone I know the dangers of Glyphosate. It may be in other products also and that may be giving people " celiac symptoms. It is slowly killing our immune systems.

  • It is disingenuous to compare a 1% dose of a chemical in an in vitro experiment where the cells are bathing in a 1% solution to the use of the herbicide in the field at a 1% concentration. If you spray it on crops at 1% then by the time you eat it then the concentration is going to be many orders of magnitude less concentrated.

  • This study already proved GMO and glyphosate a.k.a. Roundup dangers;

    Republished study: long-term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize – Gilles-Eric Séralini

  • No, glyphosate is not safe. It causes pancreatic islet adenoma tumors in rats, as shown by Monsanto's own internal testing. It affects gut bacteria negatively, changing the population balance. Monsanto-science is distortion-science like the tobacco industry did 50 years ago… it's a load of bull crap. And it is collapsing under the weight of its own deceptions.

  • Well fuck. My dad is exposed to a lot of shit as a farmer. Between this, diesel exhaust, and who know what, I'm concerned. His side of the family has a serious history of cancer too. There is so much that makes me think oh shit about his health. I mean, I grew up on the same farm, but I wasn't the one using this.

  • Disapointed to see this, while you tried your best to be fair in summary it presents a false pretense of the toxicity, furthering an unnecessary fear in maybe not GMOs directly but what is sprayed on GMOs which has an equal effect. I wonder if you will look into the toxicity of the pesticides sprayed on traditional and organic crops also. I'm starting to believe there truly is no such thing as non-biased science.

    Your video's were such a deciding factor for my change to a plant-based diet and into nutrition as a science and then further into other subjects such as GMO crops. To see you present an opinion instead of a fact is honestly so disappointing.

  • Seralni studies cant but relied. Most likely GE food dosen't effect us, but the inert ingredients in RoundUp seems to not be good for aquatic animals.

    I'm from GE, just skeptical of any possible HTCs

  • Dr. Greger,

    Please treat any report of glyphosate’s safety the way you would treat reports of animal protein safety that is corrupted by conflicts of interest from the food industry. Look:

    UN/WHO panel in conflict of interest row over glyphosate cancer risk
    Chairman of UN’s joint meeting on pesticide residues co-runs scientific institute which received donation from Monsanto, which uses glyphosate

    EU declared Monsanto weedkiller safe after intervention from controversial US official
    Exclusive: European Food Safety Authority dismissed a study linking glyphosate to cancer following counsel with an EPA official allegedly linked to the company and who figures in more than 20 lawsuits

    EU report on weedkiller safety copied text from Monsanto study
    Exclusive: EU’s food safety watchdog recommended that glyphosate was safe but pages of report were identical to application from pesticide maker

    Today, it was reported that Monsanto has been banned from lobbying the European parliament because of refusing to cooperate while being investigated for influencing studies on the safety of their product:

    Monsanto is evil. Nothing they touch can be trusted. They are so persistent in trying to corrupt any scientific investigation that no study whose findings support their product can be anything but suspect. Their behavior is not the behavior of a company with a benign product. This is the sort of thing you might find from the tobacco industry, perhaps worse than even what big tobacco did.

  • Just ditch soy. It's not worth putting into your body. You don't need tofu or those nasty frozen veggies burgers. There are so many better whole food options.

  • No it's not safe in any level but can folk PLEASE stop confusing pesticides with herbicides…… Glyphosate (roundup) is a herbicide….. It doesn't help legitimacy of activists or to confuse the two….. It makes us seem uneducated.

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