Is Monk Fruit Sweetener Safe?


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  • This is so weird and shocking that I would like to see the results of this same exact study done again by different people with different funding.

  • It's ignored, but interesting as well, the glucose on the sweeteners did drop a little bit. That means there was a small insulin release. Not caused by the sweeteners, but a normal response because you're drinking something. It brings the glucose levels down a little bit because there is no new sugar entering the blood.

    Now here is the problem. This situation isn't realistic. Just one light coke and then nothing until you eat? Give these people another light coke just before eating and then see how much they eat.

    The way these studies are set up it is already clear what result they are hoping for.

  • As a type 1 diabetic I do not consume any “sugar free” stuff as you’ve advised most of them are not safe or affect the gut. I find these studies interesting but wondering how these would affect my sugars as I manually give myself insulin.. probably won’t test it out though.

  • Is eating tons of carbs safe???????? Y'all motherfuckers are twisted.I'm creating a anti vegan antidote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The vegan cult is gonna end. I'm turning to a cannibal I can use some vegans to eliminate my constipation.

  • 2:08 – "you could pee in a Petri disk and kill off cancer cells"

    Funny, I cannot tell you how many videos from Dr. Greger I remember where he extols the virtues of apple juice or berries juices dripped on cancer cells. What gives?

  • Am I the only one who finds all 0 calorie sweeteners disgusting? They have a weird aftertaste and it's like my brain can tell the difference. They're sweet on the tongue but repulsive, my body wants to reject them. Some of them even make me retch.

  • The root cause of this problem is the body's "demand" is artificially high because in eating the food that has become normal for us to eat we have cranked up our appetites and cravings. If you get to a normal diet of natural food with fiber and no artificial sweetners I bet these sweeteners would work fine because you don't need to eat more later.

    In other words the flaw in the study is the whole premise that feeding someone a sweetener and appealing to their bad habits does not interfere with their body's homeostasis.

  • I have a question! What if they all had the same lunch? Then, wouldn't we see that the NNS group have lower average blood sugar levels than the table sugar group?

    Also, why did they eat more? Does NNS cause hunger? Or cravings for actual sugar maybe?

    Thirdly, is there is no ill direct effect of those natural sweatners (beside hunger and/or craving)?

    If I understand this correctly, if you already have set portions to eat, then snacking on natural sweatners is actually better

  • Isn't this more-so an issue of people having a diet drink then deciding because they had that diet drink they can over-eat later on? Also what food were they eating after the fact? Obviously a piece of chicken breast won't spike your blood sugar the same way a doughnut would.

  • What monk fruit sweetener they use? From real fruit or factory already made Luo Han Guo cubes? I think this research hiding something.. 😁😁 and the amazing thing is artificial sweeteners more healthy than natural one.. good job.. 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • It’s different sweeter and the result shouldn’t be the same one is natural and table sugars is not natural.. I been drinking monk fruit most of my life.

  • Noooooooo! Not my beloved stevia!!! And I just tried monk fruit sweetener today- delicious. If they are all the same, might as well go back to sugar.

  • Disappointed (but grateful) to learn this about natural sweeteners. You recently recommended Erythritol, unfortunately omitted from these studies. But it seems likely that it would have the same effect. Are you updating your post on Erythritol pending more info or is it chemically different enough to possibly escape these gotchas? Thanks for all the great videos and books!

  • Youre joking right? Splenda has dextrose and maltodextrin as additives of course it will spike blood sugar! How about doing a study on liquid sucralose like found in all those water enhancers which i have been using religiously everyday for the last 8 months on a keto diet and yet somehow I have managed to lose 70 lbs…

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