Is Milk Good for Our Bones?


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  • Also, vitamin D levels in nordic regions are lower are they not? Due to sunshine levels. Yes. The populations studied are probably controlled since they all live in the same place and therefore, presumably, can get a subpopulation that receives similar light levels.

    I say this cause other viewers have asked this and state the studies are biased because they don't account for the vitamin D/sunshine levels in nordic countries. And that could explain the higher death and osteoporosis correlations. I don't entirely agree with this statement but don't exactly know how to counter the logic. I would say they are all in the nordic countries on average receiving the same amount of light. The studies in the ideo are correlating death with milk consumption, which in itself could be a false correlation perhaps.

    I would be quick to add that You are what you Eat Eats. Therefore the pesticides in GMO corn consumed by sick, antibiotic, hormone filled cows do logically pose potential stressors on gut flora and other body systems of consumers.

  • PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION….When I google "calcium,dairy" a study from comes up. A cohort study from Calcified Tissue International 2016;98:1-17 It states that dairy is safe and necessary for calcium. Please respond.

  • Yeah…this awakens the sceptic in me. The conclusion of this video was that we don't understand the correlation between milk and heightened fractures or deaths found in the few studies you mentioned. Plus there was no consideration of the other side, reasons why milk is supposed to be good for you. The only way to provide a good controversial video is to explain BOTH sides, not just the one you believe in.

  • I've drunk cows milk for years and never broken a bone and have perfect teeth, but I prefer science to my own experience so have gone completely WFPB, and feel better and stronger for it. WFPB is for the win!

  • 30 years later researchers will discover that milk is good for you again. I hate researchers cuz they are so confident in there research and then years later they are completely proved wrong

  • I don't think we should be drinking milk (for ethical reasons) but all the studies sited were from the bmj which doesn't peer review and has results with low repeatability. Please be careful with this shit

  • Dr Greger or anyone here that may know or able to answer me! I had a heated argument with a friend over the dangers of dairy. I told him most studies that show the benefits of dairy are usually sponsored by the dairy industry. He responded with, "There are peer reviewed studies that show the benefits of dairy." Does anyone know if there have been any such studies? And if so, were they controversial for having been sponsored by the dairy industry?

    Many thanks!

  • So it sounds like if someone is going to consume dairy products that it's better to consume a fermented form of it. I don't think I'll ever go full vegan but I have taken some steps to reduce Animal product intake and increase whole plant food intake. I'm quite Physically Active and try to exercise at least 6 days a week if time and energy permits. I used to use milk as a liquid base for a protein drink but I switched over to almond milk. I still have a good bit of whey protein left but once that's up I'm going to look into pea protein and other vegetable-based protein supplements. I've been having one egg a day as part of my typical diet but once my current carton of eggs is out, I won't be buying eggs anymore. I do still have about a cup of fat-free Greek yogurt everyday, though, and that's one of the things I will probably be holding on to.

  • Thanks for the video! Maybe you should update you website to this topic since the answer there from 2012 seems to contradict this.
    Also, has there been an update to the studies yet? 3 years probably isnt long, but I sure am curious ^^

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