Is Kombucha Tea Good For You?


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  • It'd be wonderful if you could post it to this specific video on nutritionfacts. org. This way more people benefit from the response, and I can actually provide you with links (which I can't do on Youtube). Thanks!

  • The narrator sounds constipated – he needs Kombucha
    I have a serious problem with people who read verbatim from 'journals of science' in their best alarmist tone – when they themselves have no idea what 'lactic acidosis' is – youre acting like a politican of sorts – fack off

  • Haters gonna hate….We're here to educate!
    If you haven't even tried it and know nothing about it, what are you doing here commenting? Get to the store, give it a try, do a little reading and find out for yourself. Kombucha is not a cure all and if you visit my site you will see that's EXACTLY WHAT WE SAY. You are angry but it's misplaced, you should be angry with all the misinformation you are getting when it comes to diet and health. Check out Kombucha, you'll see what we're talking about.

  • You keep saying "spiked" which is weird. Kombucha is fermented tea, you don't add it to coffee or tea and it doesn't "spike" anything. Educate yourself at our site FOR FREE (so angry that people sell things they believe in? strange). Kombucha is a FOOD. Just like other foods such as probiotic foods or things like turmeric, they are very healthy for a body in good shape. If your body is broken, make sure you can eat certain foods. I don't hear you ranting against turmeric or sauerkraut! Relax.

  • I love some of the Kombucha flavors like Trilogy and Gingerade but the floating yeast chunks creep me out. Brian Clement thinks it's a big scam too. I'll stick with water.

  • Kombucha is as harmful as sushi… If it's prepared wrong or dirty it will in fact harm you.. If it's prepared well, in a clean place, with the exact speficications given in the recepie then… Bon Appettit… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I'm convinced that kombucha is unhealthy on the basis of personal experience. In the late 70's it became the rage and many of my griends were making it. Each mushroom makes anther mushroom wvery day, so it's very easy to make plenty of the carbonated "tea." So all my friends were drinking it, then we all started feeling weird, decided there was something not so great about the stuff and all abandoned it. People are making millions of dollars selling kombucha on the basis of dubious claims.

  • I guess if you drink a gallon or two per day, you might have problems. Or if you drink less but it's been fermenting for a couple of months and is mostly vinegar.

  • That's one case. There needs to be more research done on it. I started drinking kombucha over a year ago but not regularly. Now I drink it about 3-4 times a week. It's good sh*t, except for the sugar content, but it's a helluva lot less than soda. Water (mostly), kefir, kombucha and regular tea…works for me.

  • this is a really bad video. Problems with health food stores? What about physicians using their clout to manipulate others. and he has a .ORG, this guy must be legit, probably advises the FDA.

  • I know you're trying to keep people safe from dubious substances, but this video seems a little fear-based. I'd like to know more about the acid blood case, but I'd also like to see more studies about kombucha. It obviously isn't going to extend human life to ridiculous lengths, but it seems like a good non-dairy probiotic. How is it different from eating sauerkraut?

  • Usually you give more data. I wish you had because so many lay people shout its benefits. Many make it themselves. Is it like Hibiscus episodes it depends on how much and how often you drink ig?

  • I'm mad because this gets a red light, but wine gets green and yellow; even though you can get all the health benefits with zero of the negatives of wine, just by eating grapes! ๐Ÿ™

  • Well I've been drinking the staff for almost all my life and never had any problem, as a matter of fact I don't even have a so called Dr as I'm generally never sick… I'm extremely active, fly paragliding, run marathons and triathlon, climb mountains, do scuba diving, do martial arts and pretty much everything that most of the people at my age is avoiding as I'm a 52 years old guy. If this is true what this study said in this video, the Chinese and the Japanese community would disappear from this planet as they drink this tea all their lives… Commonsense tells me if the longest living humans on this planet are living healthy lives for so long, and if me at my age don't even remember when I've paid a visit to the doctors, it must be because they a I must be doing something right! I'm also a vegan and I do believe this is part of my healthy life style… Is this medical report financed by any pepsico companies or the corrupt FDA? Is this study done independently? Where can I find this report Dr Greger? Thanks

  • I also vote for another video about Kombucha. I've been hearing lots of good things about it and it seems like an easy way to get some more probiotics. Would you say the risks outweigh the benefits or what?

  • Dr. Greger,

    please, could you update the information about kombucha, there is lot of people believing in the fermented drinks are good for us, so would be great to have a new uptake on the topic from you.

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