Is it Worth Getting Annual Health Check-Ups?


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  • Ignorance can be bliss but I do think someone should know about an adverse health disease whether there is a pharmaceutical cure or not. That way they can make lifestyle changes to fix the problem or make is less dangerous to their health.

  • Checkups for what? My cholesterol is 120, BP 110/70, exercise regularly, lift weights and walk/run/cycle/row, no symptoms of anything. I look great, I feel great. I know for a FACT my diet is at least in the 99th percentile of quality. Why in THE HELL would I want to go to a sick-maker?

  • I was talking to a friend and he said that he was healthy cause his checkup was "good". But then he said that he has high blood, pressure type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol so I told him " So your not healthy?" But then he told me that yes he is still healthy cause he has medicine he takes. And that everyone else is like that and its normal.
    The idea of "health" has been so distorted that as long as your not breathing through a tube and can stand up longer then two minutes some people think your automatically " healthy".

  • Everybody so scared of dying; as if they can live forever. It's funny how conditioned we are; go to the doctor to prevent this, to prevent that. One can really get caught up in the system, particularly when insurance offers to pay for the initial scanning as part of a "wellness visit." Be careful. Don't get caught up. Lung cancer screening is a great one to read up on, for example, over 90% are false positives during the covered first visit. Then you become part of the for profit system. Ride your bike or go for walk instead of giving yourself and your money to the system. Best way to die a good death ;).

  • The comment at the end is pretty sad. How long is it going to take for people to realize they need to eat a healthy, whole food, plant based diet if they don't want to suffer from the standard western diseases? Also, the part at the beginning showing the negative impact of previously touted "common sense" procedures was quite telling. Thanks as always for an informative video Dr. Greger & team!

  • What about the benefits of Blood letting and Leaches? They have a history of 1000's of years of medical use and were recommended by all the best Greek and Roman Doctors such as Erasistratus and Archagathus, How about the benefits of X Ray treatment for ear infections in the 1950s or the use of thalidomide? Is not Modern medicine wonderful?

  • Dr. Greger could you explain to me how come cholesterol is so dangerous for us? I know that from what you’re saying it’s found in plagues in our arteries however on the other hand it’s not the main factor of it as 90% of a plague is made of calcium. It’s literally a bone that’s created in our arteries. Cholesterol is there but is not the main cause.
    Could you clarify please?

  • I checked out the website. I don't understand why I would hold food companies responsible for what I eat or what I buy at the grocery store. I'm in complete agreement with exposing bad food for what it is, and for informing the gen pop of the benefits of good nutrition.

  • I go to the doctor every year, but not for just a "general" checkup. All they do at those are check your weight, height and blood pressure. I can do that myself. I want a full comprehensive blood test since I can't do that myself. Then on top of that, I check my urine every month at home with test strips I buy online. This is very important because you can actually have a number of diseases without experiencing any symptoms. I actually diagnosed myself with kidney disease since the doctors were clueless. I don't take their drugs, I treat myself with herbs and every time I go back, they're always shocked that I'm not on any drugs. Doctors are great if you can "use" them for your needs, but terrible at treating (and even diagnosing) disease since all they know how to do is prescribe toxic medicines. You really have to become almost a doctor yourself and get them to do the tests you want and know what they mean and how to interpret them. I have spent the last 15 years doing this. I'm not a doctor, but I know how to interpret every test I've ever had done, and then I do hundreds of hours of research to figure out how to heal myself, because believe me, they don't know how to do it.

  • Ignorance in the medical field is costly and unnecessary. To get a discount on my health insurance through my place of employment I am required to get an annual physical which includes the usual blood work. It’s a waste of money because I eat a whole food plant-based diet and my numbers are always good. They should be using that money for those people who are at greater risk of developing obesity related diseases.

  • Hah! Thanks for giving evidence that I'm making a thoughtful, prudent decision to forgo the annual checkup. I went in this year ONLY because my doctor wouldn't renew my Valtrex rx without a visit. (That stuff should be OTC, anyways) I got major scare tactics thrown at me when I said I'm not getting a mammogram or colonoscopy. In the future, I won't be allowing the physical breast exam or pap smear, either. Stay healthy and stay out of the doctor's office!

  • I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard at the last quote in the video. YES! For the love of all that is cherished in this world, STOP TELL ME THAT I'M FAT! I KNOW THAT! I don't need it shoved in my face every time I see the doctor. It makes NOT WANT to see the doctor, even when I'm sick. If you can't help me, just "shut up" about it.

  • I like to do check ups just to get blood work done, if I could get blood work without a doc visit, that would be greatly preferred. The blood work can tell you important things like your lipid profile, fasting glucose, inflammation, white blood cell counts and breakdowns, liver enzymes which could indicate a problem with some food item you’ve been eating, PSAs may be important for older men (if you have prostate cancer you may need to remove it to prevent premature death) etc. A good doc might also do a mole check for melanoma, and test your hearing and vision. Recent research says untreated hearing loss is a major contributor to dementia.

  • Thanks for your posting, it supports my suspicion that the "medical community" doesn't actually know anything about how to preserve health.

    BTW, this YT channel is using your name and likeness as click-bait, "


  • my buddy felt the same way. then he found out if he they had caught his cancer sooner it would have been treatable. he died last year. being plant based is wonderful but it won't save you if you develop a real problem. been plant based for years and i still do common sense check ups. if your Dr. sucks go find a good one. they aren't all idiots, after all this video has someone in with a Dr. before his name. 😉 just my two cents…

  • I can't believe people really fall for these cults.. in some years we'll start to see the terrible aftermath of this anti medicine craze.

    I only feel sorry for the kids raised by these freaks, who not only won't get a chance to fully develop mentally but also will be denied to get the consequences of such abuse diagnosed and taken care of..

  • my doctor has no problem giving me annual checkups, but when i asked to have my bloodwork done for my own basic knowledge and prevention he argued vehemently that it wasn't necessary…..

  • While Dr Greger is in Arizona, can he provide a list of Arizona doctors who are vegan friendly? I'm in south eastern AZ and the one physician recommended to me by several people is retired. Healthy vegan seeks doctor who understands plant based/vegan lifestyle. Thanks!

  • Go to your local blood bank and donate blood. They will test the blood give you a cholesterol level. Check blood pressure and pulse. I have been donating for years.

  • A yearly examine is how Steve Job's cancer was found. Too bad he tried to heal it with food when he should have just had it cut out. I guess that is a bad example to promote vegan lifestyle.

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