Is It the Diet, the Exercise, or Both?


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    Don't follow three groups "required for the study."

    For "this: study? Why not a BETTER study?

    Why not SIX (6) different populations?

    1. Couch Potato VEGAN population
    2 Couch Potato SAD diet people
    3 Moderate exercising VEGAN group
    4 Moderate exercising SAD diet group
    5 Hsrd Core Jocks on a VEGAN diet
    6 Hard Core Jocks on a SAD diet

  • Thank you! We need to be responsible in managing our health. Information like this is invaluable. The evidence is strong, don't need to take the study apart. Take the lesson and run with it. Thanks for your hard work Dr. Gregger. Keep up the good work!

  • Well.. thanks for the news.

    Again, it depends on the actual individual, age, sex, race, health etc. and even sometimes environmental factors.

    but for the most part balance with a steady flow is key.

  • Also, why did they ignore diets including superior animal products? A hamburger from McDonalds is NOT the same thing as a whey protein smoothie with fresh mint leaves and berries (like I make). A chicken nugget is not an egg, etc.
    Also, one of the "plant based" studies Greger cites includes cod liver oil!! What a joke!!!

  • The BMI is a useless measure, as it doesn't distinguish between the fat and the muscle.

    Informative video, though the conclusions aren't anything new, particularly in regard to plant-based lifestyle and exercise.

  • BMI is bullshit though, because it doesn't take into acount if the weight comes from fat, muscle mass, bone density, etc… The heavy excercise, especially if musculation, would have increased their muscle mass…

  • Even insurance companies are finally giving discounts for vegan diet and vigorous exercise. Anyone who has not been doing these things for decades already has really missed the bus.

  • The study has a design flaw. You have one group doing moderate exercise and the other doing strenuous exercise. Right there you're comparing apples and oranges. What they should've done is have those two groups but also include two more groups: (1) strenuous exercise + vegan diet, and (2) moderate exercise + standard American diet.

    Also, BMI is out the window for anyone with any noticeably developed muscle mass. Every single body builder (doesn't even have to be the largest ones) will have BMI's that suggest they are overweight or obese.

  • Well what about diet only? I'm not so sure it would be such a big deal. There's some kind of reductionism in this way to compare, something I also experienced on myself, that plant-based diet + exercise amplify the effects, is not a sum, is a magnification of effects. More so if you add fasting to the equation, a very powerful triad. I've always exercised a lot and done 16-18 fasts during the day but while on high-animal food the stress of exercise was even deleterious up to an extent that I had to stop or risked to go to hospital, the same stress together with the "good stress" of fasting when you can nourish yourself with micronutrient-dense foods, well that's completely another story. I fear this idea to eat plant based and be lazy, that's exactly the kind of trick the low-carb high animal fat ketocrazy people suggest. Eat eat..even by mimicking a fast (what on long run makes you fat and starved, after the first weight lost). If you eat a lot every day and every hour and do not move a muscle, it will make you fat and not that healthy, even if less dangerous than on SAD. That said, the plant based diet, if it is whole plants no oil no packed food, will bring you to naturally reduce calories, it's inevitable, satiation is huge.

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