Is Fish Oil Just Snake Oil?


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  • The only problem with this is the imbalance of omega6 to omega3 in modern western diets. Too much omega6 in comparison to omega3 causes inflammatory problems that often lead to cardiovascular illness.

    It's fine to say to stop omega3 supplementation, but only if you first determine that the ratio of omega6 to omega3 will be in the correct proportion, which for most people it wont be.

    In most people, they will already be getting too much omega6 and telling them to cut out omega3 supplements will only make their 6:3 ratio worse and result in a higher chance of informatory illness.

  • Eating whole seafood is probably more effective than smoked seafood and oils, altho seafood now comes with tons of pollution and radiation like from fukushima which has been releasing radioactive water daily since 2011. Hopefully, Dr Ornish will stop recommending fish oil soon.

  • How the fish oil (& others such as flax for those looking for good essential fatty acid sources) is extracted and processed would be good for a future video along with discussion of how bad they can be. This along with letting viewers know that dumping of radioactive material at Fukushima has been ongoing since 2011 and adding to all the other toxics that came before.
    In likely a vain attempt to minimize exposure we quit all ocean source foods since that time & occasionally eat freshwater fish that we buy or catch (and you can't beat the fresh taste of those you catch yourself!)

  • In a talk you've given elsewhere, you say that the benefits of a vegan diet are only truly seen when you're getting plenty of omega 3 in your diet, bring the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 closer to 1:1. So what does this mean about that theory?

  • Plant-based omega-3 sources like flax, hemp and chia seeds are high in ALA, but low in EPA and DHA. Although ALA is an essential nutrient, the key point to remember is that the conversion of ALA to the far more essential EPA and DHA is typically quite inhibited by impaired delta 6 desaturase, an enzyme necessary for you to convert the ALA into the longer chain EPA and DHA. Because of this, it is important to include animal-based sources of omega-3 fats

  • then tell the drug companies to stop making doctors push there bullshit drugs with all those fucked up side effects. This video is ment to stop people from using a natural alternatives that the drug administration can't control. Fuck them

  • In "Plant Based Omega 3 Supplements", you recommended that every one take plant based Omega 3 supplements.  In light of the studies cited in this video, do you still believe that's important?  Thanks!

  • we really need different languages captions!! (such as mandarin!!!!)
    This is so useful but few people in Taiwan can sit through an all english video and understand everything

  • Their fish oil study is fishy: How did they separate out the people whose cardiovascular systems had been poisoned with pharmaceuticals and pesticides from those whose weren't? These studies attacking alternative medicine, including nutritional science, are not necessarily disinterested. We are all caught between one moneyed interest and its opposing money interest, fighting over billions of dollars in "scraps."

  • Not good for your heart,but good for Business..
    They make people worry to much,and that is why they get a heart attack!
    I know so many people that run to the doctor for a sneeze!
    Don't read all the nonsense on the internet,don't waste ya hard earned money on supplements!

  • did you exclude all the trials where the fish or the fish or was high in mercury high in pcb's or rancid or where the were not tested. can you provide the level of mercury pcb's and level of oxidation found in the fish oil supplements used in the trials

  • A very narrow video, but still thanks for the info. I was of the understanding fish oil was good for many aspects of the body including brain, joints etc. Its sad that doctors can now prove everything is good or bad depending on the day and the finance behind them. I can literally search just about anything and have a doc say its bad, then next article say its good, both with research and proof. You guys need to get your shit together.

  • Gotta say, Ive had a couple of periods in my life where I was taking fish oil, and really I felt no difference from 6 months on to 6 months off.

  • unfortunately you're not a scientist and you have a logic deficit disorder. a scientist would ask why the first trial shows a benefit and the second trial didn't. obviously there is a benefit in some cases. one possibility is that if you eat poor quality fish or take poor quality rancid fish oil contaminated with Mercury and PCB then there is no benefit. you need to find a randomised controlled trial that uses very high quality fish oil with knowing levels of rancidity Mercury and PCB. until this happens all you can conclude is it low quality fish oil is not worth a cent where is high quality fish oil is very beneficial. you also forgot to mention that high quality fish oil was found to be beneficial for the brain. so to improve your memory I recommend take some high quality fish oil.

  • Thanks for proving you are just as contradictory as every other piece of health information. Good luck earning your dollar mate chow.

  • What was the quality of fish oil and fish used in these studies? Rancid oil is not the same as unspoiled oil, and highly contaminated fish are not the same as fish with low levels of contaminants. The role of doctors should be to point out to their patients that not all supplements are created equally and to consult with a naturalpathic doctor or nutritionist when seeking direction in that area.

  • So, people were advised to eat more "oily fish or take fish oil capsules. So you could eat farm raised salmon and buy your fish oils from Walmart, and so of what use was this so called meta analysis? It seems there should be a specific study done with high quality fish oils only, with a control group who took none. And further, it would be helpful for us vegans if the study confined itself to vegans, and maybe ovo lacto vegetarians. Still, I would hardly call any conclusions made of any great significance because there are a lot of variables. Were the participants also eating a lot of leafy greens, or were they gorging on steaks and potatoes and hamburgers? I appreciate what Dr. Greger is doing for all of us, but the conclusions may not be worth a dam.

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