Is Fish “Brain Food” for Older Adults?


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  • It's ironic that the next YouTube recommended video is "Doctor Reviews Fish Oil is the Best Food for Brain, Heart, and Joint Health". Why is getting human nutrition guidance so damn confusing? Black is white, up is down, and good is bad. There is no consensus, just polar opposites. Yes, I'm frustrated.

  • Bill Gates said chicken is healthy. He is also the one who said based on his funded studies people need more fruit. I think you need to include a study of the postiive effects of meats. Argue the other side. Or not cherry pick studies.

  • Good Day, Uh… what about Molecularly Distilled Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements ? That would be Long-Chain Omega-3 without any heavy metals. I understand that it is way too hard for the elderly to convert Short-Chain Omega-3 from plant sources to the usable Long-Chain Omega-3 format for health needs. Please kindly advise. Thanks!

  • Wait, didn't you do a lecture recommending that vegans consume omega-3 from flax seeds because of some studies showing cognitive decline in some vegans who were low in omega-3?

  • Not fish but Essential fatty acids. We can get from all from plants and in much more bio-available form too 🙂
    Marine Phytoplankton, Hemp seeds, flax, chia, and many many more.

  • Dr. Greger, since I've read your book, I've changed my diet and now, a lot of people tell me, that I might have orthorexia nervosa. That's when you care too much about eating healthfully. What do you think about it?
    It's true that I care a lot about what I am eating and I often chose NOT to eat some things because they are unhealthy. But maybe this can be too much? But on the other hand, why shouldn't I care about my diet? Why is it wrong NOT to chose candy? That doesn't make sense to me.
    Another thing is, that I started to judge other people, when I see them eating unhealthy.. I don't tell them, but I just tell myself: "they're going to get a heart attack" :/

  • Excuse me can someone please explain me how you measure executive function in an individual. Some of these studies results are purely pulled out of someones ass. I love fish though. Eat it 5x a week and never felt better than I do today.

  • Hmm, so the REAL culprit is actually MERCURY intoxication, right ?!

    Correlation does not equate to causality, don't be stupid: blaming the fish would be equal to blame veggies when they actually are "treated" with toxic poisons such as glyphosfate.

    I'll keep eating my sardines that are not loaded with mercury, since unfortunelly most of other big fishes are either farmed or/and contaminated.

    Fish oil suplements are also trash most of time since they are contaminated and oxidated; the one doctor Mercola sells is mercury free and fresh, or, just use cold extracted krill oil wich is even better in many aspects.

    I hope this was helpful. Have a nice day.

  • Sardines don't have those issues. Tried vegan diet but then developed allergies to gluten and high FODMAP foods. Very challenging to get enough protein when you eliminate all those food groups without eating animal proteins.

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  • Sounds interesting but how can you objectively determine a 5% drop. How as the drop quantified? I'm a little skeptical because of the amount of fish Japanese ad Koreans eat and they're some of smartest people living. "Me thinks" your study is flawed

  • Question. When taking fish oil such as Cod Liver Oil. Will that have the same negative affect as the sea food intake to cause cognitive disfunction? ?? Please get back to me. Should I throw out my Cod Liver Oil Suppliments ?..

  • Is there a fish without mercury? As mercury is not inherent in a fish's makeup, but rather a byproduct of environmental pollution wouldn't an easy fix be fish that is farm raised in a controlled facility free of mercury?

  • Love your channel, but I'm sad to see the harsh bias you got against seafood altogether. You didn't say anything about smaller fish, sardines for example, and how they are extremly low in mercury, and they are very high in B12, DHA and AA fatty acids, selenium, vitamin D, and are completely safe to eat. The fact that you went in on the subject of seafood, but only cared to mention the most high-content mercury-filled fish, and nothing about all the lower-chain seafoods such as shellfish, is disappointing.

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