Is Fiber an Effective Anti-Inflammatory?


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  • This is one of the reasons legumes and whole grains are emphasized in my daily dozen checklist of all the healthiest of healthy foods to ideally fit into your daily routine. Available (for free of course!) as an app (Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen) on iPhone and Android. I just relaunched the Daily Dozen Challenge where I challenge YOU to get all of the boxes checked in one day. Read more about it here and get in on the fun:

  • I was vegan for over 5 years, I did it specifically for the animals. I ate almost nothing but a variety of organic whole plant foods. Once I started incorporating high quality meat into my diet, I couldn’t ignore how much better I felt. I’m definitely absorbing certain nutrients a lot better now. I didn’t feel terrible as a vegan, I felt decent, but not at all at my best. And since I had some blood on my hands as a vegan, I figured the most logical decision was to feel at my best while having a little bit more blood on my hands. I’m sorry but my health comes first, then the animals. I wish it wasn’t true, I wish I could feel at my best as a vegan, I would love to continue representing the movement.

  • Common sense talk from Dr. Morse on Legumes including they are loaded with phytic acid and sulfur and hard to digest. What is so great about them he asks?..

  • I just throw a $1.50 can of mixed beans in almost everything. Stir fry? Tin of beans. Pasta? Tin of beans. Salad? Tin of beans. Cereal? Tin of beans. I also chuck in some frozen vegies while I'm at it. Getting everything you need is totally achievable and it's frustrating that people have this attitude that veganism is too expensive, restrictive, and time consuming. Cue head explosion from some of my overweight friends who think I'M unhealthy.
    My whole life I've had bowel issues like constipation, bloating, and a lot of flatulence but since I went vegan, or rather since I became a 'healthy vegan' as opposed to 'overflowing freezer' vegan, that's all changed. BO almost every day, no random bloating, no bum related embarrassment. My point is that the app is awesome and since I started using it my dietary habits have improved and I feel great. It's literally changed my life 😀

  • When I think of all those years wasted suffering… Now, I notice that when I consciously 'clean up' my food intake, I wake up in the morning with less aches and pains; and the go is much better. Must be a glutton for punishment cause I eventually want to sample the vegan junk food and it starts all over again. Plus the weight gain… ooooh! Now, I'm off to the store to stock up on some good fibre foods. Love my beans and brown rice, to start. Has anyone noticed that Fred Meyer (Kroger) has a frozen mixture called, 'fiesta vegetables' or something like that… It's great to heat up with some brown rice (or?) It has broccoli, and other vegis, carrots, peppers, etc, and lots of beans. It's probably meant as a side dish, but I just heat it up with a fiber full starch, and whatever added herbs/spices, onion/garlic, etc… voila. Dinner. Just my 2 cents.

  • Whole-food plant based diet has personally helped a lot in this regard and trips to the bathroom are a joy now. Absolutely no strain required. My stools flow like water down a stream.

  • Women are not hysterical at all when they're on their period? I love you, doc, but… You cannot be serious with this one. I know women who cry if their boyfriends do not buy them stuff like chocolate, pads (I buy pads every month if my sanitary needs are paid for lol) and new clothes/panties. Like, there is so much you can buy every month fam…
    Also, one person in my family has to be out of work and socially isolate herself because she is hostile and hysteric when she's on her period.

    Note; I am a transguy. I know what periods feel like, nothing for me. So woman up and stop whining if you can't bear the stigma of being labeled hysteric.

  • Keep it up! Valuable information, well presented as always. One thing, nitpicking and immaterial perhaps. About 4:10 the cited study involves the Valsalva maneuver and you describe it as something like “bearing down” as if trying to move stool. I think that description is inaccurate. A Valsalva balances the pressure in the ears by forcing open whatever valves close them off. Pinch your nose, close your mouth, now attempt to blow out of your nose. Feel your ears pop? You just did a Valsalva maneuver.

  • Ive read Hippocrates and I have not found him to be wrong in anything. And I found it amazing that he was able to know the things and not have technology

  • When we were in college, many of my friends had part time jobs in super markets. One guy, barley 20, thin, athletic, non smoker, had hemorrhoid issues. Yeah, certainly unusual. He worked in the produce dept. The man spent all of working time stacking fruits and vegetables. Oh, the irony…

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