Is Coffee Bad For You?


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  • One such chemical used in the coffee industry is glyphosate. Wait a minute! I thought glyphosate was only used in GMO crops – apparently not. Farmers use it to control weeds coffee plantations. Few people are aware of this. Follow this link for some science on this.. Glyphosate spray drift in Coffee arabica – sensitivity of coffee plants and possible use of shikimic acid as a biomarker for glyphosate exposure.
    If you think that is bad, DDT was found in samples in Ethiopia (along with every other pesticide tested). The take home point here is that coffee grown without organic methods and grown in underregulated countries should be scrutinized further for the sake of public health. See the scientific journal article here Journal of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

  • WAKE UP WORLD! conventional coffee is among the most HEAVILY CHEMICALLY TREATED CROPS in the WORLD! It is steeped in SYNTHETIC FERTILIZERS, PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES, FUNGICIDES, and INSECTICIDES –The coffee is grown with only organic fertilizers, like coffeepulp, chicken manure, or compost.Apr 25, 2014

  • AWAKE YET PEOPLE? Most conventionally grown coffee plants are hybrids developed to flourish in open sun. Coffee naturally prefers the shade, but a crop grown in thick forest is more difficult to tend and harvest, and cannot be planted as densely.

    Forests are cleared to make room for open fields in which to grow mass amounts of this sun-loving coffee variety. Production increases, but the wild ecosystem of flora and fauna is demolished. Natural pest-deterrents, like birds and lizards, are left without a habitat – and coffee-ruining insects overpopulate, leading to more pesticide use. And without the natural fertilizer of these ecosystems (bird droppings, leaf litter, and natural decay) the use of chemical fertilizer increases.

  • YES! Coffee is bad, for YOU, the FARMERS and the ENVIRONMENT.
    Tell the truth Greger, go to where they are destroying acres daily instead of staying behind a microphone on YouTube.

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