Is Coconut Oil Good For You?


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  • cholesterol is not harmfull..thats why your liver makes it all d time..high cholesterol is protective.. breakdown the data from the world health organisation.. you will actually see that higher cholesterol is healthier then low…

  • saturated fats are the onez our body makes himself using carbs and protein if needed.. so dietry saturated fats like coconut ot butter just make our body breakdown carbs/sugars to make its own saturated fats.. the need of em however does vary from person to person..

  • His position on coconut oil — in many videos — has been consistently negative despite contrary points of view. Additionally his views on cholesterol have seemed "old-school".  I'm wondering if he ever reviews contrasting/opposing studies/reports.

  • Are natural, organic source substances good for you (even one that can be taken introveinously) or processed, GMO manufactured (best bits taken OUT [fiber, nutrients, color] and sugar, polyunsaturated oils, plus whatever proprietary, added) substances? Thanks Doc, I'll avoid NutFacts in the future.

  • This is complete BS, bad science, and a biased opinion. This guy also thinks Avocados "rip our healthy cells limb from limb".  I hate to break it to you, but Saturated Fat is REALLY HEALTHY. Do your research.  Your low-fat, high carb diet is the core of our health crisis (well that, and all of the chemically modified food and additives/preservatives/artificial colors and sweeteners).

  • interesting viewpoint… i just wonder why you don't say why coconut butter is harmful???… i actually agree, based on intuition and eating coconuts of all stages for years…. i noticed the marketing increase in hype about coconut butter recently, read some of the reviews and information… one question i have is they say half of the saturated fat in coconut oil or butter is healthy because it contains short chain fatty acids, that are easy for the body to digest….. but so far can't find any info on the other half of the saturated fats in coconut oil…. is that other half harder to digest long chain fatty acids???…. assuming i am accurately describing what i am reading???… personally, i have tried all stages of coconuts for years, and intuitively feel it best to drink the younger water, and eat just the earlier jelly meat stage, and never felt good about eating rubber meat or mature hard meat, they seem heavier, harder to digest, and sometimes combine poorly with other foods…. any feedback on this would be appreciated…. 

  • This is a subject that needs more studies reviewed in order to determine  ( helpful or harmful )   Dr. Esselstyn has found that Oil is bad for the heart – but i wonder if Coconut Oil is good for the brain

  • All things in moderation, for me fish, cheese, eggs, fruit and veg. No bread, butter or margarine. If we listened to everything everybody said we wouldn't eat anything!!

  • Dr Gregor's advice, should you decide to take it, is as harmful as chemotherapy milkshake.
      Just make sure your coconut oil is centrifuge extracted and organic and your good to go with it.  Research oil pulling

  • DON'T MESS WITH MY COCONUTS! LOL, some people sure can't handle info that conflicts with their beliefs. Dr. G's just citing the evidence; if you don't like it, put your torches down and go eat some coconut butter. Otherwise, just steer away from the stuff. It's that simple.

  • "It is as harmful as butter." – Shows a blurred out study that contradicts his statement. Yeah, I will definitely not listen to anything this guy has to say, ever again.

  • interisting points, if enyone else wants to uncover for eating healthy try Corbandy Coconut Crusher (should be on google have a look)? I've heard some decent things about it and my friend got exellent results with it.

  • This bozo is an idiot. Coconut oil is great !
    A stupid Medical Dr like most of them !
    Cholesterol is made in your liver.
    I have every day a teaspoon of coco oil and butter also. Saturated fats are ok !
    Based in what this comedian says that coco oil is bad ?

  • People are too lazy to open actual coconuts because it requires actual effort to source them and crack the shell in order to get the flesh… Therefore, it's much easier to consume the processed oil (100% concentrated coconut fat – where the hell do you find such stuff in nature)? and channel their anger here… Bottoms up, keep cooking with your coconut oil, I'll enjoy some fresh young coconut smoothie instead.

  • If you read the study that the guy puts in the video, it actually said that LDL cholesterol was significantly lower with coconut oil than butter, but he still says that it is as harmful?

  • What Dr. Greger says is correct.  In terms of cholesterol, coconut oil is as harmful as butter.  That's true.  Since cholesterol is an essential part of the body and butter is good for you, so coconut oil is also good for you.  That's what Dr. Greger is really saying, however his spin and attitude may lead you to think differently.  So the real question is: Is Dr. Greger harmful, harmless, or helpful?  I would say harmful is the correct answer due to his evasive and manipulative manner.

  • You coconut oil fanatics are out of touch with reality, numerous studies have proven it's bad for you(raises cholesterol, emits toxic fumes when heated, etc). I believe Dr Greger over any coconut oil quack, his opinion is based on scientific studies while the online quacks don't back up their claims.

  • He didn't differentiate between refined processed coconut oil and 'virgin' coconut oil. This video seems very short; 'is coconut oil bad for you? Yes. The end. I would have preferred a more in-depth video than this.

  • Dr. Grenger says, "[Coconut oil] is as harmful as butter." Which I take it to mean that it is as good for your health as butter. Thanks for convincing me that coconut oil is good.

  • All information I get from orthedox acamdemic studies show that coconut oil is bad for health. Meanwhile, I get all information from coconut oil traders offer me that coconut oil is good for health. You see the fact?
    You can pick out few of advantages for coconut oil but it cannot deduce coconut oil is good for health. Base on the same logic, you can pick out few of advantages for smoking, drinking, cannibis, sexual abusive…… Is it really good for your health?

  • For those in denial, you can try this experiment for yourself:

    Go whole foods vegan for one month, no oil (animal fat acts the same as oil, so it needs to be removed as well to see results). Then go back to eating oil. You will instantly feel the effects of it. Every time I eat a food that contains oil, even just a little bit, after not consuming it at all for weeks, I feel pains in my upper chest like that shit is clogging my arteries. I always have longer, painful periods too.

    Oil is extremely unhealthy and should be a treat, no matter what variety.

  • I see no evidende in this video. The conclusion of the study at the end of the video
    These data suggest that cholesterol synthesis is lower during diets rich in coconut fat and safflower oil compared with diets rich in butter and might be associated with lower production rates of apoB-containing lipoproteins"

  • Urdoinitwrong or some strange handle……anyway…..I, millions of others still around, was born in the 1950's. We were bought up on butter, cooking Bacon in the pan, then dipping a slice of bread in there, soaking it with fat. According to so very knowledgeable people like you, we should have all been dead of heart attack by 1961. er….I had my NHS medical two weeks ago, heart, bmi, and cholesterol were in the "I'm alright jack".. Column, I've been having two teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil a day for about 14 months now. You carry on with your processed grass mate, it must be good for you.

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