Is Cheese Really Bad for You?

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  • I am so pissed off at the government and big diary, pharma, meat and others that lie to sell their product with no regard to people's health but only for their bottom line. One would think that they are truthful in their claims about their products but they have been lieing all the time. I hold them responsible for my failed health because of their misinformation. Thank you to the people who are exposing the lies.

  • You keep demonizing saturated fat, do you know that human breastmilk contains saturated fat, even vegan mothers produce milk with saturated fat, you really should focus on the real culprit SUGAR!

  • Notice how every nutritional study says this or that food reduces/increases something 14% or some other teen number %, and that why this or that is good for you?

  • I can't imagine a world without pizza and butter. But it's also disheartening to know what calves and cows have to go through for these products.

  • The dairy industry are full of scumbags that don't give a care about your health nor animals nor the environment. We are now fighting off the indoctrination. Thanks Dr. Greger for exposing these charlatans.

  • Sorry, but your mumbo jumbo science can cheese off! No amount of quality data is going to curb my cognitive dissonance. If it tastes good.. Then its good for your health too!
    Ugh I'm not asking you to join me in artificially inseminating 4 month old kittens, so I can turn their babies into feline sashimi, and sucking on their Mothers nipples until they are infected then killing her and turning her into catburgers.
    I do me, You do you.

    Kindest regards,
    Mr. Knotasykopaf.

  • Its funny how these keto etc. people say that everything has changed, new sciense and all that. And how it was all a conspiracy by the sugar industry. Then they post the new studies, funded by dairy & egg industries. Its hilarious and sad at the same time.

  • Im asking as a favor, please, try going in when it comes to studies such as this with a neutreal or clear frame of mind no matter how you FEEL about the study but to want to find the best info out there as of now and hopefully truth. Try listening to these studies 2,3, maybe even 4 times carefully so you can have a clearer understanding of them and the science behind it. Much respect to the whole staff and yourself Dr. Greger.

  • Good luck with that final sentence Doc. I'm all about people watching TV and staring endlessly at their phones like you are about fat and sugar…

    People in general are unconscious, live autonomically, reactively, to their screens. Choices of what is consumed affects everything, including belief systems. Few think for themselves… but keep up the great work… some of us are inspired by your efforts… and actually can function without some media source pounding our senses.


  • I never eat subway. Rubber mat in bread, fake meat, heavily push cheese.
    Total cancer. Kroger pushing mekong delta polluted fish and other nasty food stufs. People are saturated in corporate manipulation. Gov laps up the money and screws the population as hard as legally possible. Politics exactly the same. We got a trump because the middle class has been destroyed due to both parties screwing them for decades. Problem is msm pumps out fake info all day everyday and a lot of people buy it as if its true. Cnn is on every tv at every corporation. They all mass around it like preying at the alter. Its all a giant matastic cancer. All of it. Trump was a shot across the bow of the political class. Clinton was is a fraud and everyone knew it. 19 years no wage increase. The Population has been begging for border control for 50 years. Yet nothing.
    Trump tries it any oh god look out for the butt hurt liberals kicking and screaming but there are too many jobs. People elect dems now but dems support open borders and corp outsourcing. How do you win? From what i see, embrace living in poverty or choose an outsider. Theres no other option.

  • You say cheese consumption in Europe being associated with positive health outcomes should be ignored because cheese eaters in Europe also are from a higher socio-econpmic group and eat more fruits and vegetables. But you could make the exact opposite argument for ignoring negative health outcomes for cheese consumers in other Western countries. Because cheese consumers in those countries are less likely to eat fruits and vegetables and less likely to exercise.

  • NOBODY in this world cares about your health or has your best interest in mind. This is why every individual needs to be vigilant to take good care of their health by controlling what they put into their mouths.

  • I believed everything Dr. Greger said and went vegan for several years. I ran my meals through Cronometer to make sure I was meeting my daily requirements. For the first 6 months or so it was great – felt wonderful! After that, I started feeling weak and sick and hungry all the time and I developed IBS-D. Long story longer… I quit vegan and did the keto diet. The IBS stopped by day 3 and I wasn't hungry all day long… but then the dreaded keto flu hit and I couldn't handle that so I added some healthy carbs in (potatatoes and brown rice) and the IBS came back. I then went carnivore where I now eat beef, eggs, hard cheeses, ocassionally chicken and chicken broth but not very often… and I salt my food well and drink San Pellegrino water. That's it. No vegetables, no grains, no spices – just salt. Not only do I feel fantastic, but the IBS is completely gone, my blood sugar has finally stabilized, I lost the last stubborn 13 pounds that wouldn't come off when I was vegan, I don't take supplements, all my numbers are good, I don't have any deficiencies… my doctor doesn't understand it but told me to keep doing whatever I'm doing because it's working. Oh and I can finally get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed and have a lot of energy throughout the day – something that's never happened before. So is cheese bad for you? Obviously not. I'm lactose intolerant btw so I can't tolerate liquid milk or soft cheeses but hard cheeses do my body good.

  • Capitalists will always collude with the state and they will also always use their vastly disproportionate wealth to spread propaganda about their product being the best. Capitalism inhibits the propagation of truth when it inhibits profits – and it often does.

  • I love the comparison of the government support/propping up of the dairy industry to the government doing the same thing with the soda /cola industry. Here in central PA, I've seen signs encouraging folks to support/save local dairy farmers. Um, no. I'll support them in getting out of the dairy business and into production of something that more folks want/need, like fruits and veggies!

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