Is Cheese Healthy? Compared to What?


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  • It is unhealthy in absolute terms, at the very least because it stimulates IGF-1 production and directly contributes to cancer risk (in addition to the saturated fat), as well as in relative terms compared to whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
    Sure, a scoop of organic cottage cheese is healthier than a hot dog, but then again, a handful of gravel is healthier than a pound of hemlock roots. Doesn't mean it's good for you to eat it.

  • These videos are great examples of how important it is to look at nutritional studies critically as Dr. Greger does, rather than taking them at face value as much of the media tends to do!

  • I now know that cheese does cause cardiovascular disease because my fiance was eating a vegetarian diet with no meat at all. But he did include cheese and fruits and vegetables and he passed away of Cardiovascular disease a year ago. So I now truly know the truth. I was 95% vegan. SIDE NOTE, HE HAD A VERY PHYSICALLY ACTIVE JOB OF LANDSCAPING AND THAT DID NOT STOP THE AFFECTS OF THE CHEESE… : (


    Jeri Zerr
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  • I love vegans! The more of them there are, the more meat and dairy there is for me.

    Cheese products are 'healthy' if your genetics allow for it. If the gene pool you belong to made it to Europe, you will likely get benefits from eating fermented dairy products. If your forbears didn't make it out of Africa, or they traveled toward or to Asia, there is a good chance you will have difficulty even digesting dairy products.

    The growing evidence from observational studies is that some people can even benefit from a carnivorous diet. Growing evidence from observational studies indicate that some people are unable to excrete the calcium compounds formed from ingesting oxalates efficiently enough to maintain a diet including mostly vegetables without becoming very ill. These studies that rely on people to accurately fill out questionnaires about their dietary practices retroactively for large periods of time are no longer producing accurate outcomes in my eyes. Sure, observational double-blind studies studies are the most costly, but they are the gold standard. When so many people are cutting out vegetables and fruits completely and getting their blood work done to ensure they are not doing themselves harm, we are becoming more aware that the human species is not uniform in dietary requirements.

  • I love your channel. But you sound like George W Bush lol!!! He’s a dumb ass and it is β€œbad” for your cause to teach smart stuff with a dumb ass voice – no offense. Consider a voice model to read in your stead.

  • You defend one of these fictional stories:
    Theoretical Science – Space (Big Bang) ATOM, remove Electron create Explosion
    The Jesuits, invented Big Bang, Spaceballs and you an Ape like creature who requires the consumption of Flesh and Blood.

    Creation Science – Heaven (Holy Spirit) ADAM, remove Rib create Women
    The Jesuits, instruct you to obey God in Heaven for HE has given you every Clean and Unclean animal to be your food.

  • Vegans are plant based however plant based does not mean vegan. There is a difference.

    VEGANISM is a Philosophy that alters life choices such as, yet not limited to, the foods one consumes.

  • i consider cheese to be an okayish food
    not "really" great, too salty — and pasteurized cheese digests just "slightly better" than grains/legumes
    on a 1(gluten pasta) to a 10 (wheatgrass scale) cheese would be a 3 to 5

  • peanut butter is similarly tasty like cheese
    but its super hard to digest
    i know u faggats do everything in moderation, but try eating 700g of cheese and 700g of peanut butter
    the cheese digests better and doesnt make ur belly hurt the next day

  • good luck getting proper levels of protein on a vegan diet without superfoods like spirulina
    there is a reason why most countries eat "hard to obtain" animal products, and no its not just because of the taste

  • πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸŒ±πŸŒ±πŸŒ±πŸŒ±
    Cue the Keto/paleo/LCHF fans with little to no actual credible science based sources to offer compared to the thousands of studies going back decades now cited by WHO, increasing large teaching universities, ACA, etc. On his website Dr Greger provides lists of every study and source he cites below each video/article and encourages reading them and learning tell good from bad ones. His arm chair critics should do the same. There are multiple forums where you can debate him so go for it.

  • saturated fat really isnt that bad
    im not sure if id call it good but it doesnt make my heart sting (and ive eaten a lot of cocoa and coconut oil at times…like a looot)
    only transfat and cholesterol do that
    satfat raises blood cholesterols a bit but i dont feel the negative effect tbh, and my body is sensitive af

  • Fermentation byproducts?

    Achaar, Kimchi, other fermented and pickled…

    Terpenes, Dr. Greger.

    Cover all the physiologic pathways including those further downstream and intracellular/intraorganellar pathways and receptors INCLUDING those for sugars, amino acids, lipids…

    The terpenes from the cattles' feeds [can include tierral vegetation] are one excuse dairy entities utilize to progress their objectives [you are what you…?].

    … so, spaceports are opening, Dr. Greger.

    Stool is less-welcomed, now.

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