Is Candida Syndrome Real?


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  • Thank you, Doctor G! I've been telling this to friends and clients for a long time. It's great to cut out processed sugars and grains for a number of reasons, BUT I've seen people cutting out fruit too, which I think is really dangerous. No matter how much I preach, though, it does indeed seem to be so deeply ingrained now – this idea that Candida causes so many problems – that many hold onto it as the ultimate excuse. Now I can point them to this video, stat!

  • 9 times out of 10, tiredness is due to low functioning adrenal glands and headaches due to constipation. The adrenals also control the autonomic nervous system which controls the gut where candida overgrowth is found. There is a lot of truth to the saying that disease starts in the gut. If we take care of it by first and foremost, eating a species appropriate diet which as you have pointed out, should be comprised of raw fruit and raw vegetables and use only whole herbs which the body can also easily digest and utilize, there would be little need for drugs. First we have to recognize we've been brainwashed by BIG FOOD and BIG MEDICA about what we are supposed to be eating and in the meantime have become addicted to things that shouldn't be going anywhere near our lips let alone our stomachs.

    A slow metabolism and constipation sounds like an underactive or hypothyroid. Take your basal cell underarm temperature first thing in the morning before you even sit up in bed to make sure.

  • Wow I'm amazed by the clear info here! I want to know if this topic is linked to low stomach acid. I have a worsening skin condition ( severe cystic acne, especially on back, chest and jawline ) and I'm so determined to fix this myself from the inside out! I've gone vegan now for about a month and have seen some improvement

  • Dr Greger! I'm 3 years vegan now and I have had many meat eaters tell me that it's not meat that gives you disease it's the quality of it. Could this be true? I found this study and it's making me so annoyed because it might be true… I can't see if it's funded by the meat industry or not. I would love if you could look into and see if it is true…

  • Maria Takeuchi  Plastic Love was going to blow clouds to this, but too late don't want to mess with the REM's and the lucid dreams.    Iboga tought me the hard way about the gut microbe and immune system.  Imbalance in the gut microbe. Fiber deprivation. "The lesson we’re learning from studying the interaction of fiber, gut microbes and the intestinal barrier system is that if you don’t feed them, they can eat you,”  Eric Martens, Ph.D   anddddd antibiotics fuck wit u, they have known since the 1950's giving antibiotics to animals makes them pack on the pounds check out this article for reference  The fat drug by pagen kennedy march 8 2014peace to nor-cal 106 yesterday in SF shrooms and lsd effect your gut microbe too

  • Doctor Greger, could you make a video talking about the findings that have been all over the news about B12 supplements causing lung cancer in men? They're pretty irritating, I tried reading the study but it doesn't make sense to me

  • Dr Greger, I searched NutritionFacts and couldn't find anything… but do you have any information on lymphedema being controlled by diet? My mother has it and I would like to share some information with her!

  • Hello there friend i am curious if u can research if plant based food effect pineal gland and if it increases its activity or growth ^_^ (its possible that pineal gland degdradation effects aging and its extremely related to it )

  • I battled stomach issues for most of my life, treatment for candidiasis was life changing for me. I WISH I HAD KNOWN EARLIER IN MY LIFE!!! I had excluded every food in my diet, juiced, smoothied, gone vegan, wheat free from paleo to atkins. tested and scoped by doctors repeatedly. Nothing made such a radical effect as a specifically directed round of anti-fungal / anti-microbial treatments directed at candida. was it candida? I dont know but it was the only thing that worked…

    Could you imagine the class-action lawsuit if we could link these auto-immune diseases in our stomachs directly to processed foods? Be smart.

  • And to think there are books entirely written on treating a syndrome that doesn't even exist! It's preposterous! But it sells and oh, how it does sell!

  • I was diagnosed HIV+ in 1987. In the absence of any knowledge to treat this disease, Candida became one of the things that came under scrutiny for what it might be contributing to the illness, especially as Candida growth tended to explode in people with HIV. Some of the now popular and effective vaginal yeast treatments were developed during the 1980s-90s in the course of treating men with Candida overgrowth.

  • Dr. Greger, I think you must stop doing this. It's getting weird, it's starting to be a kind of orthorexic approach to health studies. Please, we are not looking for perfection, we're just looking for a healthy enough diet on which we can rely and stay. Give us that and let some debates for your community of scientists. I feel like not watching your videos anymore and I use to love them. I hope my comment makes you change again your style of approaching.

  • if Candida is true it would not be like an infection in the same way other disease causing organisms would be. Based upon idea, one is not going to test positive or negative for a normal flora. The problem seems to be conditions that promote an over growth. I find this rather easy to believe considering that I have brewed my own hard cider from wild yeast. Its not the culture but the medium which defines the product. If I add wild yeast to a PH of 2.0 it will do poorly. However if stomach PH were to get to a 3.0 or a 3.5 PH , then I could see fermentation as a possibility. I have heard that blood alcohols can be raised in some individuals.

  • Well they are obviously being bothered by something, trying to self diagnose because they aren't getting help or answers from the medical community. I think this idea that people have illnesses just in their head and the bullshit "placebo" effect has been used for a long time to just let patients become dead or disabled because no further true medical discovery was needed, and is the single biggest faupax committed by the medical community in the last century. That and over medicating them for "craziness". Calling people crazy is the most embarrassing thing committed against sick people in recent history. I guess it's better than trepanning, lobotomy and anal dialating but not by very damn much. Not by very damn much at all.

  • Yea but who did the candida study? We already know one can pay for whatever result one wishes. Also pharmecutical companies profit from people feeling ill so their intrest is clear. Not saying i believe in candia. Just putting some more information to consider out here.

  • I understand if someone thinks they have this and they do not, however, what then does the real diagnostic blood tests indicate? Why does the CDC have "Invasive Candidiasis" on their web site? Is that something different? My sister suffered with an unknown disease for a long time before my mom read about Candida, and her doctor ordered the blood test for it. The test indicated she had it. She went on a strict diet for a long time, and got much better.

  • I have a mucus in my mouth that when I spit into a glass of water it streaks to the bottom of the glass, this started just after a course of antibiotics, I was treated for candida by my GP as the swab test shown candida, it did not clear up the mucus, it has never got any better, my doctor is stumped, further tests haven't turned up anything but still I have this mucus and running sinuses, what should I do, I feel there is nowhere to turn.

  • I had problems with candida causing severe stomach acid, headaches, fatigue, heart palpitations, etc. Diet changes (no carbs except a very small amount of whole grains) and natural anti-fungal products like Caprylic Acid made me better, that is enough evidence for me. It was tough going with die off symptoms but well worth being off prescription antacids. It is caused by too many antibiotics over the years.

  • Meagan Collins- I used to stop yeast infections making a tampon putting a carefully peeled clove of garlic wrapped around cheese cloth and tied closed with a piece of string or dental floss long enough to pull to easily remove the garlic tampon. Replace with a fresh one each morning and before bed. Use as needed. I never needed it for more than a few days at a time. You'll never need to buy anymore over the counter yeast infection creams after you try this.

  • I don't have an animal and had no idea why in the morning after eating a half of a clove of garlic and then a bowl of oatmeal I would get some small bumps on my arm. I pulled two of them out, put under magnifying glass and then went online and low and behold found a very similar image to…yep, you got it, Candida. Would someone please help me with the most natural of treatments???? All of my Dr's just seem to blow it off. I did a parasite cleanse for two weeks but I still have them popping up on my arms where the skin is so thin. I do a yogurt probiotic daily and because I also have Hemochromatosis I have to watch what veggies I eat. I really don't want to do the"turpintine" treatment so with that CAN ANYONE POINT ME TO THE BEST TREATMENT? I'm certainly not getting it from my Dr's. Email: [email protected]

  • My tongue has been white and painful for months that dr. gave me Troche and said I had candida overgrowth….I am to take for 10 days and do a candida diet for 6 weeks. Any thoughts?

  • I will give you a 100% effective cure for candida. Eating spicy chilis. Burns it right out of you! Avoid sugar and eat spicy 😉 have been on antibiotics for 3 years for Folliculitis Decalvans. I stopped them now due to Candida growing all over my tongue. gone now

  • The people trust candida doctors as much as others trust a YouTube medic. It's other face of the same coin. The people bias and ego get involved and always tend to trust what would fit better they believes.

  • So frustrating! Fungal infections are real. Autobrewery syndrome is real! I have had had it. Fungus turn the carbs I eat into alcohol and it makes me drunk. Crazy I know. Look it up.

  • Mycotoxins and aflatoxins in Beans, Corn, Coffee, Nuts, especially PEANUTS, apple cider vinegar, mushrooms, grains and dried dates, prunes and raisins would make a great video. Also mold poisoning and detoxing of the cytoxins that cause CIRS chronic inflammatory response syndrome.

  • It is now two weeks since I started out making use of this “fimfim comely network” (Google it) and I must say that it is gradually curing my reoccurring issues with yeast infection. I feel cleaner and healthy because of not having a yeast infection. After a month I`ll be posting an update about my condition so we could see if it will totally kill my yeast infection.

  • I'm not sure about this. I had my first yeast infection ever recently. It didn't produce the usual disgusting discharge but DID have the unbearable itching. I had to go through two courses of Diflucan and reduce my diet to nothing but vegetables, low-sugar fruits, and protein (as in grass-fed meat) in order to get through it. I know this because the night before my second dose I had my normal vegan rice and beans bowl at Chipotle and the next morning I was ready to remove my skin with a blow torch because of the severity of itchiness. Had I not gone low-carb for the duration of the treatment and several days afterward with lots of probiotics, I can only imagine that I'd still be suffering. Now, this was only for the duration of the treatment until I was able to again eat plant-based and increase my intake of starchy carbs and veggies to pre-infection levels, but I would happily eat nothing but meat for a month if it meant no infection.

  • Hes not very informed on this topic. You won't even see candida in your stool until it starts to die off, which is hard to make that happen. I literally have passed bowel movements where its almost all candida. There are pictures of it on the net.

    Candida is normal in human body, just not in a progressed form. Yeast form is normal, but it grows into a hyphae form that spreads and infects you. Its also not suppose to be on your tongue. A thin white coating on tongue is normal but if you can scrape it off and literally see small chunks of yeast that is not normal.

    He seems uneducated on the topic, but most people are until they have really suffered from it. DO NOT listen to this video just because hes a doctor and has done some research on the topic. You just don't get it unless you have experienced it. It took me years and years to understand this issue.

  • I'm a huge fan of yours, but just bumping up my artificial sugar intake 40 grams is enough to make my tongue break out in thrush and makes my eczema get much worse. I noticed fruit does not do the same thing, it actually helps regulate the amount of whiteness and furriness on my tongue.

  • Go tell that to Savely Yurkovsky then. He treats people tautaopathically for it and tests for it with bio resonance testing and he gets good results.

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