Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal for Weight Loss?


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  • Spoiler Alert As you’ll see in my next video, Is Skipping Breakfast Better for Weight Loss?, ironically breakfast may indeed be the most important meal for weight loss based on chronobiology, the effects of our circadian rhythms. Hit the bell for notifications when new videos come out.

  • This is an interesting video as always. I think weight loss is more than just eating at efficient windows ( like mentionned in the circadian rythm += calories spent if eaten in the morning). Weight loss is a lot about control / adhesion. Skipping breakfast for a lot (at least around me) is easy since appetite isn't too strong in the morning and can be cut with Coffee. Of course it always depends on your habits and lifestyle. In my case skipping breakfast works well with my schedule but might not work for others. In the end gotta find what allows YOU to adhere to a healthy diet in a caloric deficit if you want lose weight.

  • It has been my assumption that those who skip breakfast have the habit of consuming a mid-morning high calorie but low nutrition snack. Such as pastry & Starbucks style "coffee", which iis more like coffee flavored candy.

  • Unpopular opinion: I prefer the old style of videos where I could focus on the charts/articles without distraction and not have to squint to read them on screen.

  • Given that I get up and exercise first thing in the morning, the question of what constitutes breakfast becomes important. I tend to eat two hours after exercise, which is 8am in the summer, but as late as 11 am in the winter. Obviously, it's breakfast in the summer, but closer to lunch in the winter. And what I eat after exercise can range from a tofu scramble to last night's leftover soup or stew. I just don't label my meals, try to eat a least two of three, and stop eating at 7 pm, except for a bedtime tea with a smidgen of maple syrup. Works for me!

  • "Alternate-Day Fasting Is Beneficial, A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism in August [2014] suggests" (I found it there when I looked for an article that displayed in your video, from Duke Medicine Health News November 2014 about hearing loss.)

    Can you elaborate on this also, please? Thank you. And… I like your videos better without the distraction of watching you. Sorry. I get distracted by your movements and find I'm watching you speak and move instead of reading the highlighted parts of the research as I've done with your other ones. The result is that I'm not comprehending things as well. It would be okay for you to start, and introduce what you're going with, but then go back to just the stats, please, and your narrative. You're more effective that way. Thanks, from a fan of your work.

  • i'm losing weight, i used to skip breakfast but now i eat breakfast and i don't eat after 6pm… that and whole food plant based, i can eat lots more so i'm satiated with what i eat.
    if i want more i just add more veggies, herbs and spices, it's great!

  • If I could impose . I eat what I think is a healthy breakfast (self designed) but…..

    The mix is 700 gms rolled oats, 100 gms Sunflower seeds, 100 gms Pumpkin seeds, 200 gms ground Sesame seeds, 100gms ground Poppy seeds, 200 gms Chia seeds, 200 gms ground flax seeds and 100 gms desiccated coconut.

    I eat about one and a half cups of the mix with 100 gms of frozen Cranberries, moistened with either Soy or Almond milk.

    I prepare it and leave it to stand for an hour so the the Chia seeds can absorb the liquid.

    Eat at around 9:30, dinner is around 17:30. Lunch is only if I fee hungry and if I do it is only fruit.

  • This one was confusing for me.
    So, is eating breakfast better for weight loss or is intermittent fasting ?? ( eating 16 hours apart with about an eating window of 8 hours ie: stop eating by 8pm then don’t eat until around 12 pm the next day)

  • 18 hour fasting is the ONLY thing that keeps my weight from rising by 2 pounds a week. Plates of green leaves don't slim me. Calorie counting didn't work. I am unique. I am one of those people who only needs to smell food to gain weight. Breakfast may work for you but not for others. We're all different!!!

  • My non-scientific and completely guessy hypothesis, is that morning people wake up hungry. Morning people don't live the social jetlag that evening people do. Thus, waking up refreshed, morning people have an overall higher metabolism and less cravings than evening people. Thus leading to less obesity rates.
    As for the evening people, they wake up with an alarm in the middle of their deep sleep, and are thus not hungry. But because of their incomplete sleep, their metabolism is slower, they crave more junk food and their leptin levels get imbalanced – leading to higher obesity rates.
    So, the obesity-breakfast link would be more a sleep issue than a time of meal issue.
    Does it make sense???

  • i had a New Year resolution in goal was to get from 81kgs to 70 until 2020. now it's 2020 and i weight 67 kgs, and i swear idid it by skipping breakfast. now i have a new goal: 60kgs until 2021, abd i adopt the same strategy, because this works for me

  • One never really skips breakfast if they eat at all because, by definition, breakfast is always the first meal of the day regardless of what time one eats it.

  • Very interesting video! I had read portions of this before and I'm glad to see it again. The regular consumer isn't aware of how claims can be manipulative, it's always better to get our information from trusted sources! Thanks for always sharing good nutrition information. Happy new year! 🙂

  • I just don't feel hungry in the morning and it would be against my intuition to eat. I get hungry around 11 and then just have a bigger lunch than other people, so at the end of the day it's not that i missed out on calories

  • the service that you provide is invaluable. thank you very much. i can tell you it has been life altering for me – eg. providing me with the the confidence to follow a plant based diet.

  • Intermittent fasting seems to resolve this issue in that it activates your immune systems faster (and possibly anti-aging) while allowing you to use up all your glycogen stores so that by bedtime you are ready to run off bodyfat while you sleep and during the fast/morning exercise. Naturally you should be significantly raising your plant fiber intake when you do break the "16 hour" fasting period with the Nutrition Facts daily dozen foods.

  • Dr. Gregor is not only one of the most exceptionally smart and Knowledgeable Drs. I've ever seen…but his unique speech pattern and delivery make his delivery of The Truth(he is a Truth seeker… it's what he does) quite hilarious (that's a compliment…although it is obviously to be taken very seriously)… With his unique and seemingly sarcastic tone… It seems as though he is mocking the ridiculousness/stupidity of the lies people are told…(of course he is!)… It's almost like a sharp sarcastic comedian Dr. exposing The Truth with lots of in depth research/studies to back it up…. don't ever change Dr. Gregor…

  • what is a breakfast tho? if I wake up 10am everyday and eat right after would it be a breakfast or a brunch? what's the effect of eating brunch, or eating one or two hours after waking up? personally I found it comfortable to not eat immediately after bed. for the same confusion on definition I found this p value very doubtful!

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